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Episode 03.

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Tasha online…

We chatted for almost 3 hours and we agreed on staying friends because that’s all she wanted. I agreed because I really did not want to lose her, she looked a responsible lady and I really felt great love for her. I could not easily give up on her because I still believed that some day, she would make up her mind and accept me as her lover.

On one weekend she told me she was coming with her friend to visit me in my room. She came with Jolly one of our coursemates and we really had fun.
This time round we did not buy lunch, they came early enough and they prepared lunch. They cooked as we were watching “ISABELLA“. She was a horror lover.

After eating, Jolly left claiming to be going to meet her friends somewhere. I really did not understand what they had planned. I remained in the room with Tasha alone. She was no longer concentrating on the movie. She was busy with my phone and I did not mind what She was doing with it because I knew it was clean from any harm.
On realising, she had set her picture as my wallpaper and she cautioned me never to remove it. I developed a feeling that it was high time I did something. I joined her on the bed where she was seated, and started a jazz that was somewhat directed to romance. She showed a go ahead; in the next minute I was on her lips kissing her tenderly. She kissed me too with a do something look in my eyes. We undressed each other and I was now on top holding my gun to shoot the target but before I could do it, she pushed me away.

“Ronnie we shouldn’t be doing this!” She said.
She dressed up picked her bag and immediately left my room.
I was left confused, I did not know what was wrong with her.
I did not mind so much but I was worried of losing her.

I asked to go with her to white sand beach Entebe to have some fun. She did not refuse. We went, entered the water holding each other and everyone who saw us thought we were in deep love but I knew the truth.
We even kissed while in water and at around 6 o’clock we rode back to my apartment. She told me she wanted to have supper with me.

As we were still having supper I asked her one thing, ” Tasha, what went wrong the other day”
” Ronnie, you have a girlfriend, right? Have you realised that you normally call me your girlfriend’s name. Did you realize it when you called me ‘Aidah’?”
I did not answer

“Another thing I don’t want to infect you, I am positive. That’s why I told you that I have a dark room inside me.” She added.
I could not afford losing Tasha at any cost and I told her that I would still love her even though she was positive. I added that despite the fact that she was positive, she still needed comfort and I was there to give her that comfort.
All my words did not change her but I really wanted her in any condition she was.

She started telling me things which were heartbreaking but I thought she was testing me. One day she told me that I was good but not good for her mental health among other things.


As I was scrolling through people’s status updates on WhatsApp, my friend kigundu had posted his pic with his workmates and among them there was a beautiful lady.
When I asked about her, kigundu told me she was called Clare a church a girl. He gave me her number and I believe she was the right person for me.
She did not give me hard time. After meeting her she accepted to be in true love with me.
She was really developmental. I just realized that I was wasting time with Tasha. We started real love and her love was unconditional. She was so careful with the words she used unlike Tasha but see how I receive a message from Tasha,
” Heiii love, I think I am ready for you. Let’s try it out and see” texted Tasha

To be continued..

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