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Episode 33.

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Madam Stella: nobody will see the video, c’mon! start stripping, I don’t have time *she order smiling*
I no come understand how I was intimidate by a mere woman, I already signed for it the choice of going back is like being more stupid for coming.
Slowly slowly I removed my clothe and that lustful hungry look appeared on her face, the one a lady has whenever she wants to devour you.
Madam Stella: nice six packs, c’mon hurry up with the trouser *she order with irritation*
My hands fastened on the belt and I unbuckled it, pulled it down before her. My d*ck was just relaxing in my boxer.
Madam Stella: c’mon remove that trash on your waist *she chuckle with air of authority*
I seem to be working like robot, I pulled down my boxer and my d*ick length come into view, she was shocked at my black mamba. It is thick long, about 8inches with lots of veins making it to stand like an assassin.
Madam Stella: you got a big di*ck baby to worship, now shake and wiggle your sleeping co*ck boy!
The way she orders and wanted to control me turns me on, it was a dark part of me I was oblivious of, money don dey control me like suckling.
She was watching at me as my di*ck rose slowly slowly and she wore a satisfactory grin on her beautiful rounded face, she pulled of her gown and remained only on a very expensive pan*t and bra*. That is like gold or something like.

Madam Stella: now turn and shake that ass for me! start naughty boy!!
The dehumanizing treatment has started getting into me, I turned and started shaking my strong butts the way I can… I heard her roar in laughter and I turned sharply.
She unclasp her bra and full rounded flawless twins popped out with thick ni*pples, her bre*asts looks so sweet and alluring.
Madam Stella: come here! crawl to mama and pull off her pant with your teeth, now! *she snap with anger flashing in her eyes*
She knows the act of manipulation very well and knows how to use it to make her lordship know, I quickly crawled on the marbled floor on four. She nodded approvingly as I got to her legs, she lifted my chin up.
Madam Stella: call me master! *she sneer at me*
Me: *I become scared* master!
Madam Stella: now, do what I ask you, my slave! *she thunder*
I knelt before her and crunched her pan*t line with my teeth, I started pulling it down slowly.
Madam Stella: yes, you are such a good slave that makes his master to be a ho*rny bitc*h *she mouthed those words*
I pulled it down her waist regardless of her big a*ss giving me hard time, she crutched the back of my head and pulled it back to her unclad neatly shaved pu*ssy.
Madam: now, lick me up like dog! *she order her eyes close*


I did exactly what she wanted and satisfactory mo*ans escaped occasional “ohhs” and “ahhs”
My har*d d*ick was raging as it stood like pole in betwixt my legs without obstacle, I pulled down her pa*nt and to her toes. She stepped out of it and walked to a long bench that has a soft foam on but covered with a clean and sparking white bedsheet, she lay on it and I automatically know wetin she want. A message when my d*ick dey pepper like say if I no chuk am there I go give.
Madam Stella: come here! Slave.
My feet scampered on their own wills and I got over the table pouring amount of oil on her back, I got to work messaging her back slowly and moulding her flesh softly, she turned and I did the same thing. She allowed me to touch and message her bre*asts and pu*ssy, I was turned on and I wanted to suckl*e her bre*asts.
One slap landed on my face.
Madam Stella: slaves only what their master desired, now jer*k on me. I will feel hot c*um on my body and mouth.
Her order came as relieve to me as I started running my palm up and down, deep throaty mo*ans escaped my mouth.
Madam Stella: cu*m for mommy, she wants to lick your c*um, now pour those sticky ho*t c*um on me, now! *busy messaging my balls and looking at me like horn*y bi*tch*
Me: ahhh! Aaahhh!
I felt my raging di*ck about to burst, she opened her mouth and the first loop of c*um landing in her mouth. It was pouring zigzag landing on her bare bre*asts and parts of her face. After the huge release, I exhaled with relief.
Madam Stella: now, come and kiss mama.
I was skeptical about it, but she urged me on and I landed my lips on her’s. She dragged me by the neck and lowered my face vomiting all my c*um from her mouth to mine.
I nearly ran mad as I have my own c*um in my mouth, I ran into the bathroom and rinsed my mouth. Also bath to end the madness, as I dey come out na to wear my clothes bounce.

I came out to she her resting in same position, she threw a cheque to me. I quickly picked it up with surprise, I saw one hundred thousand naira and marvelled.
Madam Stella: get out!! *she yell with fire in her eyes*
I quickly wore my clothe and got lost from the room, na the same time mikel too come out dey happy, I complain to Mikel.
Mikel: guy, na your first time no reason am, na the money and power you dey do am for. Look to the brighter side.
I come dey wonder if any bright side dey the path I dey walk on.
I got to the yard late in the night, immediately I settled pulling my clothes, a knock landed on my door.
Me: who be that na?
Voice: na me, Akpan!
Fear hold me like say no tomorrow, I asked him to enter and he did, wearing a smirk face.
Akpan: oga landlord, you enjoy my wife bah!?
Em come be like say electric wire fall enter my body, I was shocked like say no tomorrow.


To Be Continued….. . . …

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