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[STORY] A NARROW ESCAPE (Final Episode 03)




Episode 03. (Last Episode)

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With my itching ass, I turned to see who had called my name and it was my father with a spear in his hands as if he expected me to come back with a leopard escorting me.
“See me at 7 o’clock” was the only remark he made as he headed to the house without adding any word.
By 7:30 in the morning I was in the cattle farm demolishing the ant-hills as my punishment not for fucking someone’s daughter but for moving in the night without telling anyone at home.
After two weeks of no communication with Vickie I was in the compound slashing when I saw her with my jacket on her shoulder smilingly approaching me step by step.
Filled with joy, I dropped the slasher and dashed towards her with my arms wide open to hag her, for it was unbelievable on her side for how I got rid of the fast running villagers and their dogs and on my side for how she managed to hide the jacket and the phone from her mother’s sniff.
“Something is not fine Benji!!!” She mumbled with a tear rolling in her left eye.
“Was the phone confiscated?” I impatiently asked. ‘No, it’s here” she replied handing me my phone from her wallet.
She was gathering the strength to tell me what the matter was when I heard my father from the right corner of the house shouting with excitement mixed with agony,,, “Ohhh, Vickie my daughter” “I am glad that you have finally discovered your family” he growled.
Vickie was my distant step sister whom my dad had always told us about but had never told us where she stayed. I had fucked with my father’s side daughter unknowingly!
Like any other super lady she was able to change her tears into tears of joy after setting eyes on her father!!!
I did not find another chance to talk to her alone and late in the evening my father decided to push her to her home since it was late and none of us new Vickie’s home’,, my father wrongly believed.
That very night we had a conversation using text messages:
Me : hlo dia ops u reached well..
Vickie : yeah buh now things are getting fuckin ugly!!!
Me ; yeah I fucked up with ma sister..
Vickie ; Benji I am pregnant!!!!!!!!!!
That made me faint in thoughts thought I didn’t physically collapse.

Time went by as we were without success planning impossibilities and on the forth week she insisted that she was coming to tell my father about the pregnancy. I promised her heaven on Earth not to tell my father about it.

I was in my room one evening, looking through the window when Vickie appeared in the compound coming to my home; luckily enough the rest of the people at home were at the kitchen side. I moved out very fast rushed to the compound to meet Vickie and bar her from meeting my father.
I was still on my knees pleading to Vickie to go back when I heard my dad bidding farewell to the people at home. He was heading to the trading center to join his friends in drinking and he had to the compound route.
No sooner had he appeared from back of the house than when I jumped out of a deep sleep and realized that all along I was dreaming!!!!!!!

It was an Omen Dream!!!


Creativity will kill me one day

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