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Episode 02.

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“Mom is back” she repeated in a faint tone as she pulled herself away from from my semi-hard cock, tiptoing back to her room while leaving me alone in the sitting room.
The mom tried opening the door but Vickie had left her key in the keyhole so the door couldn’t open so she decided to use the back door of the house.

She had come along with a man who kept at the other door as if they knew what was taking place inside the house.
The room was so dark and in the the process of moving through different unfamiliar rooms, I knocked a stool which fell on cemented floor making a strang noise that made Vickie’s mother to suspect a thief in the house.
I was now struggling with the key to open the door but all was in vain yet an old lady was now making a deafening alarm, “thief! thief! thief!” Which awakened the whole neighborhood. “Thief in my house; help!” she added.
At the eleventh hour, the door shut open and I ejected at an average speed of of 80km/hr, entered a plantation with a man at my bumper as if he was hired to get me dead or alive, one would think that I had stolen the Covid19 vaccine from the old lady’s house

We sped through the compound of the neighboring home which awakened the three dogs that were lying near the kitchen which took after the two of us because they were not sure of who the thief was but to my dismay, I heard the man calling the dogs by their names, “simba get him”.He was the owner of the dogs.
Un expectingly I crossed the highway at a terrible speed that the fast moving Fuso which I dodged by 7cm hit the dog that was about to get me by the heels in the next 2 seconds to death, and that scared away the man and the other two dogs who retreated in fear, giving me a way to continue with the marathon this time round with no competitors.
On my home I went retrieving everything but what hurt me most was that Vickie was also shouting ‘thief’ ,perhaps with a mingling stick in her hands behind me.
After along struggle of walking a long distance, I was now l almost in our compound and now the hardest task was how to enter the house with my dad inside. The entire family slept in the same house though in different rooms.
I first stood for minutes while hatching a plan of how to enter the house and that’s when I realized that ‘prison break’ was but just a fiction cos things were not applicable in my situation.
I tiptoed towards the window of my bed room but alas! it was tightly locked. I decided to check for my phone and call my younger brother to open for me and to my disappointment the phone was in the jacket that I forgot in Vicki’s mother’s sofas!!!!!
“Wouldn’t it be used to search for the thief?”, I fearfully thought.
I decided to climb the tree and spend the rest of the hours there because it was 3:47am by my watch; for it never left my hand.
No sooner had I reached the first branch of the tall spruce tree than when I heard a fierce male’s voice call my name in a disgusted and rather melancholic tone, “BEN-JA-MIN!!!”
An impulse of agoraphobia struck me and I don’t know what encouraged me to ‘disorganizedly’ fall from the tree like a rotten jackfruit to the ground! “kppwa”.

“Was it a ghost?’ , ‘my dad?’ ,, or ‘had the man quietly and stealthily followed me up to my destination???” ,,Were the unanswered questions in my coconut head.

To be continued…

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