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Episode 01.

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It was a half past two in the afternoon while I was still on my my way to the burial away from home.
I arrived a little late when everyone had seated but I was in position to trace a Free chair amidst the very many people that were comfortably attending to the final prayer from the priest. I comfortably collected myself in the seat but my heart was not at peace; for I had seen an angel in human clothings besides me!
“Good evening’, I whispered and her response gave me a ‘go ahead’ with the talk. The conversation went on amidst the speeches and she told me she was Vickie.
“Nice to meet you Vickie” was my proceeding statement as I didn’t hesitate asking for her contact since the burial arrangements were coming to the end, and some people were retreating to their homes. She waved at me as her mother beckoned her perhaps to go back home.
“Good evening dear” was a message on my halla with Vickie as the sender and that made me first put aside all I was doing to talk to sweet Vickie.
After a long conversation we plotted to meet on Friday when her mother would be off for an overnight at the cathedral.
On Friday late in the evening I started organising to go to Vickie’s mother’s house. I dressed up in blue jeans, a black t-shirt, Black jacket and an off-white sneaker thereby winning a combination like any other sniper on a deadly mission.
By 8 o’clock I was “Tayali” in Vicki’s mother’s sofas while she swiftly paced up and down serving supper to little siblings.

After sometime she joined me in the sofas as the little ones went on with their supper. She took them to their bedroom and ensured that they were all asleep and the whole sitting room remained ours (me and Vickie).
We tuned to capital fm where romantic songs were played and she asked me to join her in simple dance. I didn’t wait for her to end the statement, in the next microsecond we were tight in that no one could tell the figure we formed out of us.
My hands were running all over her smooth body and by then I don’t know to which song we were dancing because we were in a ‘static motion’.

A current possibly a love current was passing through me as every part of me went calm apart from my cock which was getting harder and harder. In the next minute we were on the floor with my lips stuck on hers as if I was pumping into her the last Buble of oxygen.
Off were our clothes as my hand went on exploring through all the gentle slopes of her garden till it was stuck in a rift valley of life in the middle of the garden.
I inserted my middle finger to to check if oil was sufficient and it was full tank. My tongue was now moving at an estimated speed of 10 inches per second through the valley between two hills on her chest till it displaced the finger from the pot of nature oil.

The magazine was introduced in it’s supposed to be position as I was gently and carefully moving it back and forth as she looked like she was on another planet other than Earth.
” Vickie! ” Her mother’s voice was heard on the door calling her to open.
“My mom is back” , she stammered.

To be continued…

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