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[STORY] MOTHER-IN-LAW (Episode 04)

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Episode 04.

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The Wedding
Since Janet and Emanuel wanted a show stopper for a wedding, they took into consideration much of the plans and ideas their friends provided for them. Though some of them were going to cost lots of money, they did not give a hoot. They were in love and wanted the wedding of their lives; that was what mattered to them. So they went to work implementing the wedding ideas.
One of their plans for the wedding was to keep their guests comfortable all day by thinking ahead. They planned to surprise their out-of-town guests with custom scented soap so they won’t have to rely on the standard hotel samples. Because they planned on dancing until the next morning, they planned to put out baskets of flip-flops (in their wedding colours) so guests could take their shoes off.

To make their guests feel like VIPs, they provided them with welcome bags that went beyond a map and with a few snacks. The personalized tote bags were stuffed with mini bottles of bubbly, a gift certificate to their favorite local shop and an individual “Welcome!” note from the couple.

With lots of cash to spend at their disposal, they planned to send their guests home feeling taken care of by having their valets place small end-of-the-night snacks in guests’ cars before handing over the keys.

They made their toast time delicious by letting guests customize their champagne. Dishes full of fruit purees, lavender sprigs, citrus twists and flavored ice cubes that could be spooned into glasses of bubbly were made available to make the toast much more fun.

For a fresh twist on the hot photo booth trend, they rented a video booth where guests could record a quick on-screen message for them. The plan was to have the videographer edit some of the best clips into their wedding video. For their other favorite video “confessions”, they had them posted on their wedding website and encouraged their guests to check them out in their thank-you notes.

That night, just before Janet and Emanuel left for their hotel room, Mrs. Asibong pulled Janet side and gave her a small box. “There is a ribbon in this box, tonight when he comes to make love to you, find a way to put the ribbon around his male organ…” Mrs. Asibong was saying. “What if he wants to know what it is?” Janet interjected, looking uncomfortable with the idea. “You are a woman Janet, finding a good reason to explain the ribbon away should not be hard for you. Make no mistakes about it, you must put the ribbon on him to ensure that his organ never fails you in sex,” Mrs. Asibong said. There was a lot of sternness in her face which Janet had not seen before. She mistook that for a mother’s determination to protect her son. “Okay, I will do it.” “Good, now go have fun with your brand new husband,” she said patting Janet on the back. In a jiffy she was out of the bar where they hosted the after wedding bash. For a few seconds, Janet’s eyes followed her till she left the bar and disappeared into the darkness outside.

Janet was worried that her mother in-law was still avoiding Emanuel. She could feel something was wrong but was not able to place her hands on what it was. Outside, Mrs. Asibong placed a call to Udo, “It will be done to night. Before morning his male strength will be deposited in our account. However, his body will not fail him until some weeks after tonight. His wife must never know about what I had her help me do tonight.” “We are proud of you Eme Asibong. Your reward for what you have done tonight will be great.” “I don’t care about your reward, Udo. I have a request to make.” “Eme you don’t make requests through me. You know how this works. In case you have forgotten; when you have a request to make, you go to our chapel and speak to the powers above.” “Udo, I don’t have the time to go down to Ogun State any time soon. Please make the request on my behalf. By tomorrow I will be out of the country to hold meetings with five African presidents and some business executives in Asia, I will not be back for weeks.”
“What is your request Mrs. Asibong?” “I want my son’s male strength returned after three years and my life take in place of his male strength.” “Are you sure about this Eme?” “I am certain of it.” “You are precious to us; I can’t see the lords accepting your request.” “Since it is not in your power to refuse or accept my request, leave that to the lords and present my request to them.” “Okay Eme, I will do that.” “Thank you.” She dropped the call, walked back to her car and asked her driver to take her to an old friend of hers in Lekki.

To be continued……

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