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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 45)

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Episode 45.

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“You have the authority to stamp on serpents and scorpions and all over the power that the enemy possesses.”
Tiya really walked fast to the station, she couldn’t wait to get home, she wanted to be reunited with her siblings plus she didn’t want Ivy or her father to catch up with her, what she had endured in their house was hell, she could never wish such cruelty on another person not even her worst enemy.
She kept her head down and walked straight to the station. Thank God she reached it early.
The station was crowded with people and she was feeling very uncomfortable because everyone was watching her.
She wasn’t wearing any clothes but had a white bed sheet wrapped around her and she wasn’t wearing any shoes on her feet. Tiya didn’t even have any money for her bus fare but she would figure something out, one way or the other.
She stood at the station the bus was there though it wouldn’t be there longer it was almost full. Shortly after, the bus left.
She looked around nervously one woman who was sitting on the bench caught her eye, she hadn’t noticed her before but now, she was light in complexion and had long hair with long legs that were crossed at the knee, her arm casually resting along the back of the bench.
When she looked up at her and they locked eyes, Tiya quickly lowered her head, embarrassed at being caught staring. There was something about the woman in question that made Tiya a little uncomfortable.
A few minutes later, there were more buses at the station as people were going in, Tiya waited, she waited until there were a few people at the station so she could ask for assistance.
‘Alo mwaiche iwe uyenda kuti?’ one of the conductors asked
Tiya cleared my throat, ‘Niyenda ku Avondale.’
He gestured towards the Avondale bus but Tiya didn’t move, she stood frozen in her spot. Then he asked why I wasn’t moving, I explained that I had no money but needed help to get home.
He burst out laughing and said ‘this is not an orphanage, you have to pay and it will show, no money no bus. Nga ulibe ndrama yenda che ma mendo mwaiche.’
Tiya asked for help from three more conductors but they responded so harshly, frustrated she turned ready to walk out but before that she glanced back at that women only to find her gaze focused on her.
The woman raised her hand and signaled for her to walk over to her, at first Tiya was hesitant but because she needed help to get home, she followed the strange woman.
‘Hello,’ the woman said
‘I have been watching you for a few minutes now, are you okay?’
Tears flooded her eyes, ‘I am not okay,’ she said
‘What is wrong?’
‘I want to go home but I don’t have any money on me.’
‘Where is home?’
‘But where are you coming from? Where are your clothes and shoes?’ she asked with a voice filled with concern.
Tiya wiped her face with the palm of her hand, ‘I was attacked,’ she said
‘I see. I won’t ask you any further questions because I can see that you are traumatized.’
She opened her bag and removed a k 50 note and handed it to her, ‘Will this be enough for you to get home?’ she asked
‘Thank you very much,’ Tiya got down on her knees besides the woman.
‘Please stand up and you are welcome.’
Tiya stood up, ‘I will be on my way thank you so much.’
She got onto the bus and found an empty seat at the back and hurriedly sat there, the woman next to her shot her a serious look she wasn’t so pleased about sitting next to Tiya.
In her mind she thought Tiya was a street kid.
As the bus started going her way Tiya closed her eyes and tried to keep her nerves calm, she was finally going home, ‘Lord let me get home safely,’ she said a silent prayer.
Some minutes into the drive, the driver suddenly saw a man dressed in black appear out of nowhere, terrified he slammed on the brakes and swerved to a stop, he turned the car around and started direction.
But the black man appeared again right in front of him, this time he lost control and went careening off the road, screams and cries where heard as the bus flipped over twice and landed right side up.
The black man stood next to the bus and laughed then he turned and faded into nothing.
“Jesus!’ Ganizani screamed as he stared at the snakes, he turned his face and looked at Pastor Denise who apparently wasn’t concerned with the creatures around them.
‘Fear not,’ Pastor Denise said in a loud voice, ‘For God has not given anyone of you the spirit of fear but of power.’
All of a sudden, Celine heard a breathy sound like someone was sleeping, she turned her head and caught sight of a long huge snake the snake was bigger than all the snakes around.
The sight was so shocking she moved towards Ganizani and held him close.
‘I said fear not,’ the pastor said again. ‘And do not scream, be still and watch God do his thing.’
‘I will not fear, I am a conqueror,’ Celine tried to tell herself.
And just then the creature sprang upon her and bit her arm and she screamed in pain as the fangs pieced into her flesh. At her scream the snake pulled back and fell back to the floor.
Celine’s arm began throbbing with pain, then she felt hot and dizzy, everything around her began to spin and before she could realise what was going on, she fell to the ground with a loud thud.
‘Devil your time is up,’ she spoke in a calm but authoritative voice. Then she started praising God for his mercy and goodness.
It was like a battle field, as she was praying, the snakes were spitting fire.
‘Lord Jesus, I am calling out to you, I need you now more than ever, the enemy has formed weapons against your children we need your protection from the evil forces that rise up against us. Manifest your power Holy Spirit and let your name be glorified oh lord, move like never before,’ she said
The snakes which were trying to attack the other members were knocked down by the spirit of God and they fell flat, it wasn’t long before they transformed into human beings.
“Hallelujah!’ Pastor Denise said as we they stood up and praised God for his mighty power.
‘Why do you torment me Denise?’ the old man asked
‘You persecute God’s children.’
‘This is not over yet.’
He stood up and pointed at her, ‘Let the fire of darkness blind you,’ he said and suddenly flames of fire appeared in the room.
‘In the blood of Jesus I send back that fire to you.’
“Aw! The old man and his people including Stella started screaming in pain as they rolled on the ground.’
‘It is done,’ she said
When they finally stopped screaming, the members are bruises all over their bodies and their clothes were burnt.
“Hack! Hack! Hack!’ Mr. Phiri began to cough as his body shook violently. Pastor Denise and everyone else turned their attention to him.
She walked over to him and placed her hand on his head then she prayed for him, it wasn’t long after that that he opened his eyes. Confused, he looked around the room and gazed at the strange faces in his room.
‘What is going on?’ He asked in a soft voice. His body was in pain, he had no idea what had been going on with him.
“It’s a long story,’ the pastor said, ‘your wife and her colleagues will have to tell you about it before they leave.”
“Please!’ Stella pleaded with the pastor.
‘You must confess your sins and after that you will all give your life to Christ, it is done and sealed, victory is ours,’ she said.
After the loud screams there was total silence, Tiya didn’t understand what had just happened but for a minute there, she thought she was already dead.
All of a sudden, someone smashed the window next to where she was lying and reached in then pulled her out, her hands were shaking, when she was finally out, a lot of people rushed by to see what happened and to check if they were more survivors.
Ken was sitting on the floor in his hospital room staring into space when he suddenly his stomach tightened and convulsed. There was also a rush of sensation and pain to his head and the room tilted.
He placed his hand on his stomach trying to understand what was going on when bile rose to his throat and his stomach forcefully emptied itself. His body convulsed as stream of vomit spewed on to the floor. His head pounded from the pressure and beads of sweat began to form on his forehead.
Just when he thought it was over, he started vomiting again, he vomited so hard that for a minute he thought he was gonna pass out.
“Are you okay?’ The doctor asked when she walked in and found him throwing up.
He shook his head.
After a few minutes later he stopped vomiting and instead of feeling sick, he felt a whole lot better, it was like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

To be continued…….

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