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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 44)

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Episode 44.

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“That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth.” Philippians 2:10


I prayed for myself and I prayed for my family, I put my fate in God’s hands. I prayed long and hard with tears running down my face. I prayed for God’s help, I commanded him to intervene in my situation. I pleaded for his mercy and protection, I prayed for deliverance from evil.
By the time I finished praying I was exhausted, my voice was weak and I was crying so hard. As I tried to stand up, the room was suddenly flooded with a brilliant white light.
Confused, i looked around the room wondering what was going on, it was at that moment that i felt a gentle wind around me and a deep sense of love. As I tried to process what was happening, a warm breeze blew against me and I felt like someone was holding me.
As the presence of this unknown source enveloped me even stronger, I felt peace like never before. The kind of peace that swept through me is indescribable, I felt like all my problems were gone. It was like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I was free again.
A moment later, the door in the far right corner of the room suddenly swung open and Mr. Bwalya entered. From the look in his eyes I could see he was furious.
‘What have you done?’ he screamed
I didn’t respond, oddly I wasn’t even afraid of him or what he was gonna do.
He walked closer to me and tried to touch me but his hand couldn’t reach me, he moved even closer and tried to touch me again, the light grew brighter and stronger then he started screaming out loud.
‘Fire! Fire!’ He screamed
I stood there and watched as he screamed in pain, then I felt a strong hold on my hand and I was led out of the room, into the living room then finally outside.
As I walked out, there was this path of light ahead of me. I followed the light till I was finally made it out. Taking a deep breath, tears rolled down my cheeks, I was free to go home.
This was a dream come true.
‘Thank you Jesus,’ I said before I started walking towards the station.


I was writing notes in class when all of a sudden I had severe fever, the heat that came out of my body was so high I felt like I was gonna faint, a minute later my body was on fire, sweat trickled down my face and I started crying.
‘Are you okay?’ My classmate Tamara asked
I opened my mouth to respond but no words came out.
She touched my arm and gasped in surprise, ‘Your face is turning red and your body is very hot, what’s happening to you?’ she worriedly asked.
The teacher wasn’t in class at that time. With her shirt, she wiped away some beads of sweat rolling from my head.
‘Someone please call Mrs. Kandeya,’ she loudly screamed out.
The heat rushed violently through every part of my body. I gasped for air and gulped in stale heat. I have never felt this vulnerable my whole life, what I felt I couldn’t even describe in words.
Shortly after Mrs. Kandeya and the deputy teacher rushed in, the heat became too much, I collapsed. The next thing I knew I was in the staff room and there were teachers surrounding me.
“Are you okay?’ Mrs. Kandeya asked
‘I want to go home.’
‘We can’t let you go home in this condition, your body is burning up,’ she said
‘I said I want to go home?’ I yelled much to everyone’s surprise.
‘I have been trying to call your father but his line is off.’
‘I stood up.’
‘We must take her to the hospital,’ the deputy head teacher said
‘No,’ I growled
My body was still burning up I had felt like someone had set it on fire. ‘I want to leave,’ I cried.
‘Calm down,’ the teacher said
I ran for the door but someone caught up with me before I could rush out.
‘This could be a spiritual problem, someone call Tr. Veronica.’
Tr. Veronica is the school pastor, she even the one in charge of scripture union at our school.
‘You are not going anywhere,’ Mrs. Kandeya tightened her grip on my arm.
‘I am doomed, wise one I desperately need your help,’ I said


There was confusion in the Black Arms Family Mansion. Most of the members were gathered there when suddenly they smelled smoke and the walls of the mansion began spinning.
Some of the members screamed in horrible pain as the fire surrounded them.
‘Wise one oh wise one, what shall we do?’
The wise one instantly appeared and he laughed out loud, his laughter echoed around the room.
He blew out some air from his mouth and the fire ceased.
‘They have declared war, we have to fight back,’ he said his eyes blazing red.
‘You,’ he said pointing at a short black man who had been a member of the family for close to twenty years, ‘Organize your group and follow that girl make sure, she doesn’t get home kill her if you have to.’
‘Yes wise on.’
‘And you,’ he pointed to some other members, ‘you must go to Ivy’s school and rescue her.
Then he assigned some people to go to Ivy’s house so they could help her father.
‘As for me and the rest of you,’ he began, ‘We are heading over to Stella’s house, it’s about time I brought down Denise,’ he said.


I pulled my car in the driveway and instantly stepped out, as I walked towards the door, I heard people singing and praying inside my house, that’s when I understood the wise one’s words.
‘Go and sort out the mess at your house,’ he has said
I shook my head and rushed into the house, I followed the voices and they led me to my room.
The minute I stepped into my bedroom, one of the women looked deeply into my eyes for a minute and I felt uncomfortable, I felt exposed it was as if she could see through me.
I extended my hand towards her so I could silence her but my hand couldn’t reach her.
‘Get behind me Satan,’ she said
‘Get out of my house,’ I screamed
‘In the mighty name of Jesus I command the evil spirit in you to let you lose,’ she said in a soft calm voice.
At the mention of the name Jesus, I heard a bang inside of me and I fell on the floor.
“May your name be glorified because you are God and you make all unknown things known,’ she said. Then she touched my head and began to pray in a language I couldn’t understand.

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I watched in horror as my mother began screaming on top of her lungs and thrashing, her screams were screams of pure terror as if a violation was happening.
“Leave me alone,’ she said as Pastor Denise touched her hand, her voice was rough and hoarse.
‘In the might name of Jesus I command you spirit of snake to leave,’ Pastor Denise said
“Ahhhhh,’ she screamed as she started wriggling like a snake.
‘You have no right to cast me out,’ she said
‘This is not your body this is not your house you must leave in Jesus name.’
My mother was acting strange, her voice kept changing I had no doubt she was possessed by demons. After praying for what seemed like an eternity, she slowly began vomiting something out.
Finally she puked it all out, it was a large snake.
‘Blood of Jesus Ganizani and I shouted in Unison.
After that she fell flat on her face and collapsed.
Just when we thought the worst was over, the floor started moving.
‘What is going on?’ I asked
‘The war is just beginning, we all need to stand our ground and pray like never before,’ Pastor Denise said.
She pointed towards the door my eyes widened at the realization of what she was talking about.
There were snakes everywhere.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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