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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 42)

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Episode 42.

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Light was streaming in around the edges of the dark curtains i slowly opened my eyes and looked around at my surroundings, trying to make sense of where i was, confusion raked through me when i realized i was lying in my bed.
I grabbed my phone to look at the time and it was 6: 30 confusion raked over me as I tried to recall the events of the previous day with much difficulty. The last thing I remembered was preparing food for Ganizani and Thoko. I remembered getting angry and barging into mum’s room.
And then I remembered the strange old man holding mum’s forearms. How on earth did I lose track of time? It was 13 in the afternoon when all this transpired, how come it’s 6: 30 in the morning?
Have I been sleeping for more than 24 hours? Who brought me to bed? How did I sleep? For a minute I wondered if that had really happened but I could tell that it wasn’t a dream it seemed so real.
A million thoughts were circling my mind as I sat there.
‘There’s got to be a logical explanation to all this,’ I thought.
Soon the door creaked open and mum walked in, she held a tray in her hands with food in it. I gave her a questioning look there was something about her that kind of made me uncomfortable.
‘Morning darling,’ she placed the tray on the small stool next to my bed.
I didn’t respond.
“Are you alright?’ she asked as she sat on my bed
I began to speak but found my voice resistant to the effort and cleared my throat, pausing a moment to catch my confused bearings before I tried again.
‘Celine is anything the matter?’ she asked concern filling her voice.
‘What happened to your husband?’ I asked
Mum clasped her hands together a bit tighter, ‘He fell sick at work a few months ago,’ she said
‘Why haven’t you taken him to the hospital? Why are you keeping him in your room? What exactly is wrong with him?’ I asked
‘He was taken to the hospital and they ran some tests but we were told he is perfectly healthy.’
I laughed, ‘Does he look healthy to you? That man could be dead? Why haven’t you taken him for prayers?’
She shot me a deadly stare when I mentioned prayer.
‘I am just concerned,’ I shrugged
‘He is my husband and not yours,’ she said
I cleared my throat, ‘The old man in your room, you on the floor naked. Does that ring a bell?’
‘What old man? What are you talking about?’
‘Maybe I was just dreaming,’ I said, I didn’t want to argue with her over this.
‘I am sure.’
‘I took a deep breath, ‘You are a wicked woman mummy,’ I said
Her eyes widened, ‘I am wicked? How? Why? Where is this coming from?’ she stood up
‘Ganizani and Thoko need to start going to school again, you need to stop treating them like dogs in their father’s house. And Tiya has been missing for a long time now, have you been making follow ups on her case?’
Mum closed her eyes lightly turning her head completely the other direction, I could see she was fuming with anger. A moment later she turned and looked at me. She took a deep and held it for a moment before she let it out.
‘Thank God you are my only child otherwise I would have killed you this very moment,’ she said in a deep voice I couldn’t recognize. Suddenly I felt a cold chill of fear sweep through me.
In my mind i began to panic, there was definitely something wrong with my mother.
‘I brought you breakfast darling, thought I could spoil you,’ she said with a smile playing on her lips.
‘Thanks,’ I said almost immediately.
‘I will be going to the hospital to see my mother in law, when I get back we can go out and do some shopping,’ she said
‘I love you,’ she leaned in and kissed my forehead.
I didn’t respond. I just felt this nagging at the pit of my stomach.
‘No I love you too mummy?’ she enquired
‘I love you,’ I said
She smiled, ‘See you later.’
She walked out of the door, as soon as the door was closed, I sighed feeling the anxiety of everything relentlessly tugging at my thoughts. Swinging my legs over the edge of the bed, my feet tapped the cold tiled floor sending a chill shudder through me.
Standing, I headed for the bathroom, I undressed and took a shower. After an exhilarating hot shower, I felt more awake and alive. I exited the bathroom and went back to my room.
Thirty minutes later, I was fully dressed, grabbing my purse I walked out of my room and walked straight to Ganizani’s room, I knocked and he asked me in instantly.
He was sitting on the bed with Tiya teaching her how to read I stood there for a minute and just envied their relationship, they have been through tough times but what amazes me is how they always have each other’s back.
‘Hey!’ I said
‘Can we talk?’ I asked
We left Tiya in his room and walked out.
‘Would you mind telling me about what happened to your father?’ I asked
He cleared his throat, ‘My father’s illness is still a mystery,’ he began, ‘He fell ill at work, they took him to the hospital where the doctors ran some tests but couldn’t find anything wrong so they brought him back.’
‘That is really sad.’
‘Yes it is, I don’t even know why your mother keeps locking him up in her room, I wish she could take him to another hospital and seek their opinion or even to a man of God,’ he said.
‘I don’t think his case needs a doctor, that case must be spiritual,’ I responded.
‘You think so?’
‘Yes and I think I know who can help us.’
Unlike my mother, my father’s girlfriend is a deep woman of God, she is has been mentoring me spiritually the past few weeks, I even gave my life to Christ and I have been attending her church.
‘You do?’
Unlocking my phone, I dialed her number and she picked on the first ring.
‘Hey sweetheart,’ she answered happily
‘Hey there, how is the vacation going?’
‘Fine, how are you? How is your mum?’
‘She is okay, how is dad?’
‘He is fine.’
‘I have a little situation here.’
‘My mother’s husband has been very ill for the past few months, he can’t talk neither can he walk,’ I said narrating his ordeal.
‘Oh that’s sad.’
‘Yes, a lot of strange things have been going on here, I just feel this whole place needs prayers.’
‘I will call Pastor Denise, she will be able to assist you,’ she said
‘I will really appreciate.’
‘I will give her a call just now then I will also send her your line so she can call you, I think she can come over if she is free so she can pray with you.’
‘Thank you very much.’
‘You are welcome baby.’
‘Say hi to dad and pinch him for me.’
‘I will.’
‘Later,’ I ended the call.
‘Let’s keep our fingers crossed, someone might come and help us.’
‘Will your mother agree?’
‘Will see what I can do.’


To Be Continued…. . . .

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