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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 41)

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Episode 41.

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The state in which I found Thoko and Ganizani made my heart break, I can’t believe my mother could be this heartless, she has been starving these children and has refused to pay their school fees.
Like who does that? Who is this woman? I can hardly recognize what she has turned herself into.
I have always held my mother in high esteem but today I must say I have lost all the respect for her.
I went back to the kitchen and prepared some food, I didn’t cook anything complicated, just rice some potatoes and chicken, afterwards I set the table and invited Thoko and Ganizani.
As soon as I finished saying grace, they started eating as fast as they could as if they were scared of being caught. I looked at them one more time and felt sick, no child deserves to be treated like this.
I swallowed a lump that formed in my throat I didn’t want to break down in front of them.
‘Excuse me,’ I rose to my feet. I walked up the stairs to my mother’s room & barged in without knocking.
My heart stopped for a moment and I froze to the spot at the sight of my mother unable to believe my eyes. She was kneeling on the floor, leaning forward with her neck bowed and forearms on the floor. She was totally naked and there was an old man on his knees in front of her holding her forearms to the floor.
“Mummy!’ I screamed out loud startling her and the old man.
Her mouth gaped open and she raised an eyebrow but didn’t say anything.
‘What is this?’ I asked
When she didn’t respond, my gaze shifted towards the old man, he looked straight at me with his piercing red eyes, I noticed suddenly that I felt differently, I felt a cold chill on my back and goose bumps developed all over my body.
I looked away and my eyes landed on Mr. Phiri, he was lying on the other bed in their room, his whole body had turned black, he looked so different I wondered if he was still alive.
I swallowed the bile that rose in my throat as I looked at him.
The old man walked closer to me, I wanted to run from him but I stood frozen to the ground, he stood in front of me and touched my face with the back of his fingers.
At that moment, the room became hazy and everything seemed far away, there was a loud ringing in my ears and everything began to spin round and round. I felt light headed and my eyes hurt.
My heart began to thump and I got an overwhelming feeling that something was wrong.
‘Mummy!’ I called out, my voice was barely audible and mum seemed to be so far away.
The old man blew some air in my face and my legs instantly turned to jelly, I fell to the ground with a loud thud and it was lights out for me.



As soon as my daughter fell I rushed towards her and knelt beside her.
‘She is going to be fine but be careful next time you must always lock your door when you summon me. Your daughter might not be this lucky next time.’
‘Thank you wise one.’
‘She is a beautiful girl we wouldn’t want anything happening to her.’
I smiled at his complement.
‘The Black Arms family is happy that you didn’t fail us, your first assignment was a test to see how strong enough you are. For your next assignment, you must finish off your mother law,’ he said
‘My mother in law?’ I asked.
‘Her death will bring you more power and honour. You always wanted to be a figure of influence around the world, well this is your chance, kill that woman and see how we will uplift you,’ he said
I was hesitant at first, I didn’t know how to respond my mother law doesn’t love me but is that enough reason to kill her?
‘Yes, it’s enough reason to kill her, her hatred towards you will be your downfall if you let her leave,’ he said
‘I will kill her,’ I responded confidently
‘Bravo,’ he clapped his hands twice.
‘You will be equipped for your next assignment.’
And with that, lightening struck at the corner of the room and he disappeared. I quickly got dressed then pushed the sack of money under the bed and carried Celine to her room.


I don’t know how long I have been in this room, I think I lost count at some point but the days I have been locked up have been the worst days of my life.
I still can’t believe what my life has come to never in my whole life did I think my life would come to this. I had a stable life before this I had loving siblings and a comfortable home but my foolishness got me this far.
I thought Ivy was my friend, oh how naïve I was, she sold me to the devil- her father, he comes to this room almost every time to rape me. He has forced himself on me so many times I lost track.
The only time I get to leave this chair is when he walks into the room and touches my arm, after that he makes sure to place me back on the chair and I remain glued till the next time.
How am I gonna get out of this place? Will I leave this place alive or this is where I am destined to die? Why has God forsaken me? Can’t he see the plea of an orphan? Have I sinned so much that he can’t save me?
The door creaks open startling me from my thoughts, Mr. Bwalya walks in with a huge smile on his face, as usual he touches my arm and my body becomes active again.
He hands me a glass of red water and I take it from him I take a large gulp and hand it back to him, I don’t fight him anymore, the last time I refused to drink from the cup, he flogged me.
Afterwards he gives me some food and I quickly eat, I haven’t eaten in days. The food he gives me to eat is a little weird, I only it because I have no choice.
‘Bed,’ he says when I am done.
Too afraid to protest, I walk towards the bed and lay on it, I wish I could run for the door and leave this place but the last time I tried that I didn’t get far, he just called my name and my body froze, my legs refused to move I think this man is using some sort of juju to control me.
He drops the towel around his waist, he gets on top of me roughly pushes my legs apart and penetrated me forcefully. I cried out in pain, it never gets better it is always painful.
When he finally finished, I was exhausted, he rolls over and shots me a dark penetrating stare. Suddenly some strange force grabs me and before I know what’s happening I was back on the chair with the pot on my head.


To be continued………

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