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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 40)

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Episode 40.

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I was driving to Harry’s house in a good mood, I had my stereo blasting some African Jams and I was singing along, competing with the volume of the stereo.
When I get to his house, I reduced the volume I park the car and honked my horn thrice. Harry appears instantly, he opens the gate wide and I drove in.
I parked in his driveway and step out of my car, locking the doors I walk towards him.
‘Darling,’ he opens his arms wide and I step into them. He kisses me lightly before he holds my hand and leads me into the house.
‘How are you?’ I ask throwing myself on the couch
‘Well I am surviving,’ he responds, ‘Can I get you something to drink?’ he asks
He disappears into the kitchen and returns with two glasses of wine handing me one.
‘You are welcome.’
I take a sip, ‘How is Ken?’ I ask
‘Ken is getting worse by the day, I don’t even know what to think about his situation,’ he responds
‘I strongly believe that Tiya girl had something to do with his misfortune,’ I say
‘I believe so to.’
‘Don’t give up hope, God will vindicate him,’ I comfort him.
‘Thank you for being here during this trying moment,’ he responds, ‘I just hope and pray Ken gets better soon this house is not the same without him.’
‘When do you plan on visiting him? I would like to see him.’
‘We could go there even today.’
‘That’s awesome, ‘I exclaim
I stood up and walked over to where he was sitting then I knelt down next to him and kissed him, ‘Let me make you feel better before we go and see him,’ I whisper
‘I would like that,’ he growls taking over the kiss
We sit there for a long time just kissing until he finally carries me up the stairs to his room.
We get to the bedroom and he undresses me then he lays me down, he looks at me taking in all of my beautiful curves, I think Harry is obsessed with me, well who wouldn’t ? With the powder that the wise one gives me any man is bound to lose his mind over me.

Harry thinks he is in love with me but deep down he isn’t, I control his mind and he does anything I want, his weakness is sex and that’s what I have been using to get to him all this while.
Harry is my ultimate sacrifice, the more I have sex with him, the more powerful I become.
‘You are beautiful,’ he says when he finishes undressing himself
‘Thank you,’ I whispered
He gets on top of me and starts kissing me roughly, I kiss him back all of a sudden he thrusts into me as far as he can. I let out a soft moan.
He continues to t—-t in me as hard as he can like a wild beast. He isn’t actually having sex with me but the beast in me- (The snake). Finally he explodes and he lies on top of me for a minute to catch his breath.
‘That was good,’ I say
He smiles as he rolls over to his side of the bed.

I excuse myself and retire to the bathroom, returning a minute later with a warm wet towel and thoroughly wiped him down there then I grab my things and rush towards the bathroom, I put the towel in the plastic in my bag before I get dressed and join him.
He gets dressed too and we get ready to leave the house.
‘I will drive,’ I say
We get into my car I start the car and drive off. I got this car after Tiya’s initiation it was one of the rewards I got.
Getting to the hospital, I park the car in the driveway and he steps out first, he opens the door for me and I step out too. We walk towards the entrance and as he is talking to the receptionist I rush back to the car and grab my lotion rubbing it all over my hands for protection.
‘Why did you rush back?’ he asks
‘I forgot my phone.’
A few minutes later, we are led towards Ken’s room. The woman escorting us unlocks the door and we walk in, he is bound in chains like a criminal on the bed and his eyes are closed.
‘You need to be careful, he gets aggressive sometimes, I will be at door if you need me,’ she says
Harry walks over to him and shakes him, when he opens his eyes and sees Harry, there is a huge smile on his face then he turns and we lock eyes.
‘No,’ he starts screaming
‘Ken!’ it’s me and Ivy, why are you screaming?’ Harry asks
He is screams louder and louder as I keep staring at him, my stare is burning him, I have to finish him.
‘No!’ he screams pointing at me.
‘Ken calm down.’ Harry says
He keeps struggling with the chains but they seem to be too strong. I continue staring at him I can see through him, his soul is on fire.
The door opens before I can finish him off, ‘What’s wrong? She asks
‘He just started screaming.’
‘I think you should leave.’
‘But we just got here,’ Ken says
‘Just step out for a minute so I can try and stabilize him.
I shot him one last evil look before we walk out.
‘Are you sure he wasn’t on drugs before this?’ she asks
‘He was clean.’
‘That doesn’t look like a clean man.’
‘He is clean,’ he snaps at me.
I shot him a serious look.
‘Sorry baby,’ he says, ‘I am just under pressure I want him to get better.’
‘And he will get better.’


I got home feeling excited, I just passed my first assignment and we are going to have a huge celebration on Saturday, I will be promoted, more power will be given to me and my money will double.
I park my car and walk into the house, Thoko is lying on couch in the living room watching television.
‘What the hell are you doing on my couch?’ I yell
‘How many times have I told you not to sleep on mu couch? Do you even know how much they cost me?’ I am about to push her out of the couch when Celine walks into the living room.
‘I put her there,’ she says
‘And why is that?’
‘This girl has been sick and you haven’t taken her to the hospital.’
‘She is not my child,’ I
‘I have a step mother too, would you be okay with her treating me the way you treat these?’
‘She wouldn’t dare.’
‘What has gotten into you?’
‘I saw how Dad’s girlfriend treats me and I realized you are being unfair to these children,’ she shots back
‘Celine, this is my house, I make the rules.’
‘It’s their father’s house,’ she yells
‘I don’t want to argue with you right no, I hope you get back to your sense by the time I get out of my room,’ and with that said I march off to my room.

To Be Continued….. . . 

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