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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 39)

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Episode 39.

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‘Stella! Stella! Stella!’ A deep voice awakened me from a deep slumber, I snapped my eyes open and looked around the room but saw no one except my husband who was lying on the other bed.
Yawning loudly I closed my eyes and was about to go back to sleep when a loud voice called my name again, this time louder.
As soon as I recognized the voice, I climbed out of bed and knelt down.
‘Speak wise one, your servant is listening,’ I respond
Loud cracking laughter echoed around the room as a bright light suddenly appeared. It flew around like crazy until it stopped and the wise one stood in its place.
‘Oh wise one, great are you among all kings, may you live forever,’ I said
He patted my back gently and asked me to sit up. I stood up and sat on the edge of the bed.
‘To what do I owe this visit my god?’I asked
‘I have a mission for you,’ he said in a loud voice.
‘I am all ears.’
‘You have to kill a baby tomorrow,’ he said
My heart slammed hard against my chest, ‘Kill?’ I asked
‘But I have never killed before,’ I said ‘and why do you want this child dead?’
‘The child is still in the womb and you are going to kill it, we don’t want this child to leave,’ he said
‘How am I gonna do that?’
‘One of the cult members is a nurse at the same clinic, you will go to her tomorrow and she will help you out with this assignment.’
He went on to give me details about the clinic and the same nurse who would help me. This was going to be my first assignment and if I failed, they would be consequences to my actions.
‘If you successfully manage to kill that baby then you will promoted and your money will multiply,’ he said
‘I will do what I have to do wise one,’ I said
Throwing back his head, he let out a loud laughter, ‘You must do it,’ he screamed before he disappeared into thin air.
I couldn’t go back to sleep after that encounter with the wise man, I was restless his words kept ringing in my mind, killing an unborn child? How possible would that even be? I wondered.
As soon as the sun penetrated through my window, I crawled out of bed and marched to the bathroom taking a cold shower.
I stepped out of the bathroom several minutes later and quickly got dressed. I wore a pair of black underwear and a black dress. When I was done, I grabbed my bag walked out of the room and locked it behind my back.
I was having breakfast when my daughter walked in she has been staying at her father’s house for the past few weeks.
‘Hey sweetheart,’ I smiled
‘Hey Ma,’ she responded.
‘To what do I owe this visit?’
‘Is it wrong to visit my mother?’ she asked placing her bag on the table.
‘No it’s not,’ I said
‘Well dad is leaving for Livingstone with his girlfriend so he asked me to stay here till her gets back.’
‘Eh, what is in Livingstone?’
‘She will be celebrating her birthday plus dad wants to utilize this time to propose.’
‘You mean your father wants to marry that girl?’
‘And you are okay with it?’
‘She is nice,’ she shrugged
I frowned, ‘I will not allow it,’ I mumbled under my breath
‘I am happy for them,’ I lied
‘Ya you should be, you left him remember and you moved on even when he begged you to give you guys a second chance,’ she said
‘I had my reasons.’
‘Of course you did.’
I didn’t finish having my breakfast, I lost my appetite when Celine told me about her father’s plans, so he was planning to marry that beautiful young lady, well I am not gonna allow it, that man made me go through hell, there is no way I will allow him to be happy with another.
‘Are you okay?’ Celine asked
‘Yes,’ I responded startled
I stood up and grabbed my handbag, ‘I have an important appointment I will see you later.’
‘And how is your husband?’
‘So so,’ I said
‘Okay, so I saw you got some new cars,’ she said
‘Oh ya.’
‘I find it strange that you have become a billionaire overnight,’ she said.
‘My husband has money, he gave me some and since he is in a bad state I have decided to use the money to better our lives.’
‘I see.’
‘Okay, have a great day mummy.’
‘Sure hun,’ I kissed her forehead and walked out of the house.
I got into my car and started it, driving straight to the clinic, it was a small private clinic situated in the outskirts of town. As soon as I pulled into the drive way, I called Sharon the nurse who would be helping me.

‘Hey,’ she said when she found me leaning against my car.
‘Hello,’ I said, i know her I saw her last time at the function organized by the black Arms Family.
‘You are welcome,’ she said
‘Thank you.’
She led me into one of the offices at the clinic and gave me some instructions afterwards she gave me some lotion to apply on my face to protect me against anyone who might be praying against me.
I had been introduced to the hospital as a woman of God who prayed for people who were in difficult situations.

Afterwards she took me to a small room in the maternity wing where a woman was about to give birth, from what I have been told, it had been almost a full twenty four hours since she checked into labour and delivery but she wasn’t dilating.
Sharon pushed the door open and we walked in.

The woman lay in a hospital bed with a woman sitting on the left side, her stomach was still distended and she was silently crying. The baby hadn’t been born yet.
I walked over to her and greeted her.
‘This is the woman of God I said I would help you find Ma,’ Sharon said apparently they are related in some way.
‘Thank you,’ she said
‘Good morning,’ I said
‘Good morning.’
‘Please pray for my child I don’t want her undergoing a cesarean section,’ she said
‘It is well,’ I responded.
Getting down on my knees I held the pregnant woman’s hand and started praying while chanting inside, finally I held her tummy and pretended to pray for her while transferring the medicine in my hands to the baby.
‘Amen,’ I finally said
‘Amen,’ they responded
‘She will be fine,’ I assured them before I left.
An hour later, the woman went into labour, after pushing for what seemed like forever, she gave birth but the baby was still born.
You should have seen how excited I was, I had been worried about failing my first assignment. Sharon managed to wipe the woman’s blood with a white cloth which she handed to me before I left the clinic without being noticed.

To be continued……

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