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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 37)

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Episode 37.

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She awoke to the sound of her alarm clock after hitting the off switch, she climbed out of bed. It was one in the morning.
She had requested for her husband to be moved to her room, even though her mother in law had been against it, her sister in law had persuaded her. He was her husband after all and the right place to be in was their room.
He had been placed on the spare bed in their room.
She undressed quickly and rubbed the lotion all over her body then she grabbed the stick and walked towards him.
‘Sam!’ she called his name and struck him thrice, his eyes snapped open and he looked at her though he couldn’t talk and neither could he understand what was going on.
She climbed on top of him then she carefully inserted him into her and lowered herself onto him. Their bodies pressed against one another as she rode him till he finally he shot his seed into her.
She rolled out of bed and walked to the bathroom, she sprinkled some bath minerals into the bath before she lowered herself into the hot bath water.
Within moments of sitting down, she could feel the minerals working on her body- her muscles were loosening.
The bath was so warm and relaxing she could not help but fall asleep in it. When she finally awakened, it was almost four in the morning.
She wrapped a towel around her waist and went back to her room. In her room, she walked over to her dresser and quickly put on some undergarments.
Afterwards she pulled her robe on, went to the kitchen and brewed some coffee. After she poured coffee for herself, she went to the living room and turned on the television.
Grabbing the remote she flipped through the channels and settled for a romantic comedy, by the time the movie finished it was 5.

At around 7they carried her husband to the car outside, her mother and sister in law apparently had a solution to his problem.
‘Can I go with you?’ Stella asked
He mother in law shot Stella an evil eye and clicked her tongue.
‘Yes, you may go with us,’ her sister in law said.
‘And if you know you are not clean, you better stay back because the man we are going to see is powerful,’ said her mother in law.
‘Why do you always assume the worst about me mother?’ Stella asked
‘I am not your mother Stella and I will never be your mother. I can never ever give birth to someone this evil,’ she responded rudely.
‘My God will vindicate me,’ Stella said
‘What God are you talking about? You are a wicked woman who has turned my son against his children, now one of them is missing and my son is lying here lifeless.’
‘Mother this is not the time to argue about this,’ Tina said
‘Anyway, let’s get going, if this man is as powerful as they say he is then he will tell us this woman is the cause of my son’s misfortune.’
Stella got in the backseat of the car and put her husband’s head on her laps, her sister in law was the one driving them. The drive was silent and quiet uncomfortable, Stella had not even wanted to go with them but the great leader of the Black Arms family had appeared to her and advised her to tag along.
They pulled up right in front of a shrine and stepped out of the car.
They were welcomed by a tall dark man he was a good two feet taller than all of them. Stella smiled as her eyes trailed along his lean form. Something about him seemed familiar.
Taking a step towards him, they all bowed their heads in respect.
‘I have been expecting you,’ he finally said
‘Wise one, oh wise one, you need to help us,’ Tina said
‘Bring your brother out of the car,’ he commanded
They quickly went back to the car and carried him out they followed the man into the shrine and put him on the map.
The wise man as they called him got down on his knees beside the body and closed his eyes. As he was consulting the gods, he was warned against revealing anything to Tina and her mother.
‘You will die if you dare say anything,’ the voice clearly spoke in his mind.
When he opened his eyes, he looked at Stella and fear washed over him, he knew what he was dealing with was stronger than him
‘Wise one!’ Tina said
He looked at her startled, ‘What?’
‘You look as if you have seen a ghost.’
‘I saw something in the spirit realm,’ he said
‘What is wrong with my son? Please tell us what you saw,’ her mother pleaded.
‘You need to go back home, the one behind this misfortune is one of your daughters.’
‘My daughters?’
‘Yes,’ he responded
‘Wise one, I have three daughters and three sons, i know my children better than they know themselves I don’t think they are capable of such evil.’
He burst out laughing, ‘The spirit has spoken, go back home and talk to your daughters before they are hit by lightening.’
‘This is absurd, you don’t know what you are talking about,’ she stood up.
‘Mother,’ Tina cautioned
‘Let’s go.’
They carried his body back to the car and drove back home. No one said anything on the way home. Mr. Phiri’s mother was angry, she was sure the wise man was fake he just wanted to destroy her family.
They had just gotten home when Tina received a call, her younger sister had been struck by lightning and she had died on the spot.
Dropping the phone, Tina wailed in pain.
‘What is wrong?’ her mother asked
She cried some more.
‘Tina what is wrong?’
‘It’s Mercy,’ she finally managed to say between sobs.
‘What happened?’
‘Mildred is dead mummy,’ Tina said
Her mother looked at her unable to believe what she had just been told.
‘Ati?’ she asked
‘Mildred is dead.’
‘She was struck by lightning, it struck her in the midst of her friends and everyone who was around has seriously been wounded.’
Her mother felt a sharp pain penetrate her heart her vision became blurry and she fell to the ground.
While all this was happening, Stella was silently smiling she loved the taste of power, now no one would ever step on her, she would kill or deform anyone intruding in her plans.

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To be continued…..

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