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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 36)

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Episode 36.

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“There is a way that seems right to a man but its end is the way of death.” Proverbs 14:12


A ball of fire appeared in the middle of the room and thick smoke filled the room up. The room began to heat up & beads of sweat started falling down her face, Ken was losing his mind. Where had the fire suddenly come from? What was happening? Was he the only one witnessing this fire?
The fire soon surrounded him and he began to scream.
‘Help! Help!’
After a few minutes the flames began to die down and an old man appeared at the center of the flames.
‘Hahahahahaha!’ he let out a devilish laugh as the fire completely disappeared.
‘Who are you? What do you want?’ he asked, trembling.
He was paralyzed with fear and his legs felt like lead.
‘Ken!’ he said, ‘Your time is nearly up, be ready to face the wrath of the gods for trying to mess with the sacrificial lamb.’
Ken didn’t understand what the old man was saying, he was confused, the old man had appeared to him in a ball of fire and he knew his name.
‘I don’t know what you are talking about.’
‘You will know when the time comes,’ he laughed.
He laughed out so loud, his laughter pierced through her ears.
‘No stop!’ he screamed at the top of his lungs, ‘Leave me alone.’
A moment later, the doctor came through the door and the old man turned into a snake and began crawling towards the door.
‘Ken! Are you okay?’
‘They are here to get me, they want to get me,’ he said
‘No one wants to get you.’
‘Can’t you see the snake over there? He pointed towards the door, the doctor and the nurse exchanged glances and the nurse rushed out of the room.
‘You need to calm down,’ the doctor said
The snake disappeared too and then he felt a soft touch on his forehead and a voice began whispering softly to him though he could not understand a thing.
‘No!’ he screamed
The nurse walked into the room a few minutes later with a syringe in her hand and some medicine.
‘Please don’t,’ he pleaded.
She plunged the needle into the bottle of medicine. The doctor held him down and the nurse quickly pushed the needled into his arm.
Two minutes later, Ken’s panic level was receding and his heart rate was starting to return to normal.
Finally he lay back on the bed and closed his eyes.
‘I thought he was making some improvement,’ the nurse said as she stared at him.
‘I thought so too, such a young man,’ he shook his head.
‘It’s a shame.’
They covered him with a blanket and walked out.


“My son, what sort of misfortune is this?’ she asked tears streaming down her face. Who have you wronged that they should repay you in such a manner? Who have I offended? What sort of bad omen is this?’ she cried.
She was sitting on the couch staring at her son who was lying on the mat in the living room.
He had been discharged from the hospital the previous day because they couldn’t do anything for him.
‘This isn’t a medical condition, I am sorry we can’t help you. You take him home and find other means of help,’ the doctor had said before discharging him.
Mr. Phiri’s body had turned severely black and his ears completely red. At the corner of his mouth was fresh blood and he had strange bruises all over his body.
‘Mother! You have to stop crying,’ her eldest daughter Tina who had just arrived said.
‘Look at your brother Tina,’ she cried
‘We need to think of a solution,’ she said
‘You have something in mind?’
‘I know a man who can help us out,’ she said
‘He is a herbalist and deals with such cases, he will help my brother and tell us who did this to him.’
‘I know who did it,’ she said
‘You do?’
‘Isn’t it that wife of his? I warned you people but you wouldn’t listen,’ she said
‘Mum, Stella is a good woman and she loves my brother, she would never ever do this to him.’
‘I can feel it, this is her fault.’
‘Tomorrow we must visit that man and he will help cure my brother.’
‘If you say so.’


‘Stella walked into the house carrying her suitcase in her hands.’
‘Rita!’ she called out, ‘Rita I am back,’ but there was no response.
When she walked into the living room, she locked eyes with her angry mother in law and her sister in law. Her husband was lying on the mat.
‘See what the cat dragged in,’ her mother in law said
Stella got down on her knees, ‘Good evening mother.’
‘Who is your mother?’ she asked
‘Welcome back,’ her sister in law said
‘Thank you Tina.’
She walked closer and took a look at her husband.
‘What happened?’ she asked
‘You are even asking?’ Her mother in law replied
‘Mother!’ Tina shot her a serious look.
‘What happened to him?’ she asked Tina tears streaming down her face.
Tina took a deep breath before she narrated what happened to her brother.
‘My enemies have succeeded,’ she screamed
‘Crocodile tears,’ her mother in law clicked her tongue.
A moment later, Stella got her bag and marched off to her room, she had not expected to find her mother in law in her house and what happened to her husband? Is this what they meant when they said she would find her husband sick?
Locking the door to her room, she instantly stripped out of her clothes and rubbed the lotion she had been given all over her body then she took a sip from the oil like liquid she had been given.
She then got down on her knees, closed her eyes and raised her face heavenward.
‘Great one oh great on!’ she said softly. ‘I humbled myself to you great one make yourself visible to me,’ she said
Suddenly a bolt of lightning struck the corner of the room and old man appeared.
‘What can I do for you?’
‘Oh great one may you live long,’ she said
He patted her back gently and encouraged her to continue.
‘I got home and found my husband terribly ill it seems he has been stuck by a strange illness.’
The old man gave her a questioning look before he let out a loud laughter. ‘You sacrificed him, he is your charm of wealth,’ he said
‘What?’ her eyes widened
‘Yes, that man will bring you a lot of wealth. Make sure you have sex with him every night at 01.’
‘But how? He seems lifeless.’
He burst out laughing again before he handed her a small stick.
She grabbed it from him.
‘Every night before you have sex with him, strike his body with this three times while calling out his name, he will be active.’
‘Anything else?’
‘My mother in law, she doesn’t like me and she might bring destruction for me.’
‘What do you want us to do with her?’
‘Punish her for questioning me.’
‘It is done,’ she said.
‘Thank you oh great one.’
The old man disappeared and Stella stood up, she walked towards the bathroom so she could shower.
Ever since she became a full member of the cult, she had started having strange feelings she was changed and could no longer control herself. It was like another person was living inside of her.


To Be Continued….. . . .

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