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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 35)

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Episode 35.

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“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places,” Ephesians 6:12


Ivy was standing naked in the middle of the room, she was silent. Her head was thrown back, her throat showing and her face turned heavenwards as though she was praying.
A few minutes later, the room was filled with lighting & something touched Tiya’s hands before she vanished.
The next place she saw herself was a big hall with a large group of people sitting on their knees in a line.
In that room, Tiya saw familiar faces; her step mother, one of her teachers from school, an elder from church, Ivy and her father.
What in the blood hell just happened? She thought to herself.
She opened her mouth as if to speak but her voice came out low, barely audible and raspy. She cleared her throat and tried to speak again, ‘Where am i?’ she asked her voice was still very low.

No one responded, they all kept staring at her devilishly.
A few minutes passed before an old man with the longest beard she had ever seen appeared into the room and light flashed around the hall.
‘Great one, oh great leader of the Black Arms family, may you live long,’ they chanted.
He clapped his hands continuously for a few minutes before he strode towards Tiyamike.
‘Great one?’ Ivy got down on her knees, ‘I present to you Tiyamike, our virgin sacrifice.’

The crowd cheered.
The old man walked towards Tiya and stood in front of her then he stared at her intently, his gaze was dark and penetrating, she felt exposed. He could see through her fear.

“Sacarkarcidita!’ he hissed in a language that Tiya couldn’t understand.
‘We can start,’ he said
Ivy’s father grabbed a small bottle from the table and walked towards Tiya then he forcefully opened her mouth and poured the potion that was in the bottle into her mouth.
‘You must swallow,’ he said in a serious tone.
Tiya could feel her heart weighing down in the pit of her stomach as Ivy’s father rubbed her throat until she swallowed the potion.

‘Brothers and sisters of the Black Arms Family, we are here for our 25th Virgin Sacrifice,’ Mr. Bwalya said.
Throwing their arms in the air, everyone made a few incarnations and they started dancing.
Ivy’s father grabbed a cup from the table and took a large sip from it before he stripped out of his robe and tossed it on the floor.
And he got on top of Tiya. Tiya was frightened, the pit of her stomach turned ice cold from panic. Somehow she sensed what he was about to do and she wasn’t ready, atleast not yet.


Then he forced himself into her and a sharp pain shot up at the entrance of her womanhood, it was so intense and worse than anything she had ever experienced.

She screamed and screamed but to no avail.
The more she screamed, the louder the chanting and ululating got so she decided to shut up and accept her fate.

She was numb, her mind had disconnected from what was happening, she wanted just wanted him to finish and get it over and done with.
He pushed inside of her harder and harder before he finally exploded into her.

‘There is no turning back from this point, turning back means death,’ Ivy said
They all cheered then someone walked over to her and wiped her blood with a white cloth. The cloth went round the room, each one sniffed it and passed it on to the next and finally it was placed in a small black pot which was on the table.
She was lying on the floor and looking up at the ceiling as she fought through the tears which were pouring from her eyes when a snake crawled on top of her.
She began to shake her head and screaming no but they all ignored her pleas, the snake gilded on her private parts and began to harshly suck on her.
As all this was going on, she began feeling extremely weak it was as if the snake was draining all of her energy, eventually pain flooded through her pushing her to the edge of her unconsciousness.

When she opened her eyes, she was back in the room where she had first being held captive but this time around she was sitting on the stool holding a pot in her hands, she couldn’t move any part of her body no matter how much she tried, it was as if she had been glued to that stool.
She opened her mouth to speak but no sound came out. Whatever she wanted to say remained frozen in her throat.
Her heart was slamming hard against her chest, she needed a miracle to get out of this, whatever they had done to her was not human she could feel some strange forces controlling her body.



He woke up chained to a hospital bed, Knew he was in bad place ever since he tried to have sex with Tiya but never in his life had he expected to end up in a mental hospital.
The past few days had been rough on him, he couldn’t stop seeing strange things it felt like someone was calling him but when he looked around there was no one.
The other day he had seen a snake crawling all over his body but when he screamed and the doctor rushed into the room they claimed they couldn’t see it.
They had to sedate him to keep him calm.

A knock on the door made his heart beat faster than usual but he calmed down when he saw the nurse walk into the room.
‘Hey Ken!’ he said smilingly
‘I am here to give you your medicine,’ he said
Ken sighed -he hated the taste of the medicine, this medicine also made him drowsy. He didn’t know if the medicine was helping him to get better or if it was making him worse.


The nurse handed her some pills and a glass of water to swallow them down.
He quickly took the medicine without protesting and handed the glass back to the nurse.
‘How are you feeling?’ the nurse asked
‘Okay,’ he shrugged
‘Any strange dreams last night?’
‘Will you even believe me if I told you about them?’
‘You can always trust me.’
‘I will have to pass on that one.’
‘You all think I am crazy.’
‘We don’t think you are crazy we just want to help you.’
‘Because you are sick.’
‘I am not sick,’ she angrily screamed
‘Please leave me alone.’
‘Okay,’ he stood up.
‘I will see you later,’ he said before closing the door behind him.
He lay back on his bed and closed his eyes, just as he was about to doze off, a loud laughter erupted from the room and he snapped his eyes open. He looked around the room but saw no one.
‘It’s just a figment of my imagination,’ he said to himself.
He closed his eyes again and opened them but what he saw next scared him to the core.

To be continued…….

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