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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 33)

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Episode 33.

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The sky was dark and the wind was blowing violently making my scarf & shirt to also flutter. We had just stepped out of the car and were heading towards the woods where the initiation would be taking place.
Mr. Bwalya was walking behind me. Never look back. Never turn around. Just keep going forward. Those were the rues.
We walked into the depths of the trees going further inside till I saw some lights up ahead, we walked towards them and saw that it was a house, as we got closer I realized that it wasn’t a mare house but a mansion. I could also see a lot of shadows passing in front of the windows.
When we got to the front door, the door instantly opened and Mr. Bwalya instructed me to enter backwards. I entered with my back and he also did the same.
We got to a large room which had several windows side by side all around the room and at the top of each window was a symbol of a black sun.
Several people in the room where seated on the floor, they were dressed in white robes with black crosses designed on them, seated at the center of the room was the old man with the long beard.
Mr. Bwalya sat next to a beautiful young light woman with long hair, he asked me to sit too.
A moment later, everyone in the room except the old man got down on their knees and started chanting some strange things, while doing that they were swaying, bending forward and backward & turning their heads from right to left. This went on for about ten minutes.
Then the old man gave a deep laugh and everyone got back into their sitting positions.
Afterwards, someone stood up and asked all new members to walk to the front, I stood up alongside five other people, three were men and two were women.
We were then instructed to kneel before the old man and we did just that.
‘Do you know what you are about to get yourselves into?’
‘Yes,’ we nodded our heads.
‘Is there anyone who has changed their mind about being initiated into the family? Speak now or forever hold your peace?’
No one responded, I guess everyone had been told that at this stage going back would be fatal & disastrous you would either get mad or be struck by an incurable disease.
‘Then we can go on,’ he said, ‘Please answer the following with audible Yes.’
‘Do you promise to abide by the rules of the Black- Arms Family? Do you vow to follow all the commandments and are you ready to make the sacrifices required by the family?’
‘Yes,’ we answered loudly at the same time.
‘Everyone in the room clapped their hands and ululated a lilting screech.
Afterwards we were asked to undress then some of the members rubbed some reddish stuff all over our bodies, we were then each given a glass of blood to drink and some powder was rubbed on our heads.
A moment later, a shrill hissing sound echoed around the room and I noticed a strange glow emanating from a nearby room.
‘This is the last & final part of the initiation. It is also the most important,’ he announced.
They handed each of us some sharp red knives and places a huge bow of water in the center of the room.
‘You will get down on your knees in front of the bow and strike the knife in it. Whatever you see in there, do not scream or hesitate to strike, just do it bodily and walk away.’
The first person went then the second, the third & fourth, when the fourth person looked into the bowl, she screamed her lungs out dropping her knife to the ground.
All of a sudden a long hissing sound echoed in the room and the woman in question was lifted by an unknown force, she screamed as she hit the wall with a thud before falling unconscious to the ground.
My heart was beating hard and fast against my chest as all this was going on, for a minute I wished I had not come here, what was in the bow that made her scream like that? Was she dead just like that? Would her family ever find her? Would I be strong enough to stab into the bowl?
All kinds of questions ran through my mind and I shivered in fear. Nevertheless I pushed the thoughts from my mind, resuming back to the task at hand.
I walked towards the bowl and knelt down in front of it then I stared into the bowl and my husband’s face appeared, I carefully stuck my knife into the bowl and the face disappeared then I stood up.
Everyone in the room applauded after this and we were handed our own robes similar to the ones they were wearing.
‘Welcome to the family,’ they said before they all went round shaking our hands.
A moment later we all sat down on the floor again.
‘Being a part of this family gives you a privilege to have money in excess, you will never be broke again and you will have powers to strike those who provoke you but sacrifices have to be made.’
‘Okay,’ we replied
‘We have sacrificial ceremonies every after three months so be ready to sacrifice something or someone special or important to you.’
We were also told to be waking up at 2 am every Wednesday for a special ceremony this would give us more powers and strengthen the bond of the family.
‘More instructions will given to you all since you have to spend a few days here and learn about some of the rules of the family.’
‘Thank you,’ we said
‘Are we ready for our meal?’ one old woman asked
‘Yes,’ everyone excitedly answered
She stood up, walked towards the body of the woman who had collapsed and slaughtered her to pieces, this was the most horrific thing I had ever witnessed, I could feel bile rising up in my throat but I kept swallowing it back, afraid I would break a rule if I threw up.
There was blood all over the place and this seemed to excite everyone.
When she was done, she put the flesh on the tray and asked us to each pick a piece, I was hesitant at first but after everyone had gone, I grabbed a piece as well and started chewing the meat.
‘It is done and dusted!’ he said and they all clapped.

To be continued……..

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