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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 29)

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Episode 29.

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‘Ken!’ I screamed. I shook him vigorously. ‘Please wake up,’ I said but there was no response.
Tears started trickling down from my eyes and a hard, aching lump started throbbing in my throat, I found it hard to swallow. My heart was beating fast and hard.
‘Please Ken wake up, wake up,’ i yelled trying desperately to wake him up.
What just happened to him? Is he dead? What should I do? Should I just get dressed and get out of this place? My mind was in full blown panic mode as these thoughts run through my head.
I stood up, picked up my clothes from the floor and started getting dressed while tears continued to pour down my face. When I was fully dressed, I squatted down in front of him and took a long lingering look at him. His lips were turning white and a thin line of drool was sliding from his mouth.
‘Please God let him awaken,’ I prayed quietly, making the sign of the cross.
Suddenly he arched and his chest lifted several inches into the air, for a moment he looked chocked then his body flopped to the floor.
‘Please wake up,’ I whispered while pressing my hand on his chest.
After a few minutes, he sat up in a state of shock & I looked at him.
He didn’t look like my Ken but some confused creature staring at me accusingly.
‘What happened?’ he asked
‘You are alive?’ I gave out a sigh of relief but my relief was only for an instant, Ken instantly started panting and his eyes stared blankly ahead.
I looked at where his eyes were staring at but there was nothing. Confused, I extended my hand towards him so I could hold him but he began to growl like a dog.
The growl sent a thrill of panic down my spine and I stiffened scrambling backwards.
‘Ken,’ I said shakily, my eyes wide.
He looked at me, his dark eyes bore into mine I shuddered, the little hairs on the back on my neck prickling. What in God’s name was happening? Did he have some sort of mental illness?
‘Ken what is going on?’ I worriedly asked, wondering what could have happened to him.
Instead of responding, he quietly grabbed his shorts and quickly put them on.
He growled again, this time louder before he started charging towards me. I felt terror and fright. Now I am going to die, I thought as I turned and ran for the door.
He began to chase me while growling, I ran down the stairs and towards the front door. All the time I was thinking of what he would do if he caught up with me, he didn’t look normal, it seemed as though he possessed by some evil spirit.
I got to the front door and opened it then ran towards the gate, at some point I looked behind me to see how close he was, he was closer than I thought. He tried to catch me but I quickly opened the gate and ran down the street. He ran out of the gate and continued to chase me.
I was screaming and asking for help, he kept on running after me.
After running for what seemed like forever, I looked behind and noticed he was nowhere to be seen. Panting heavily, I sank to the ground and closed my eyes.
‘What just happened?’ I wondered.
After resting for a few minutes, I stood up and started walking, since I had left my bag behind and I didn’t have any money on me, I trekked home.
By the time I got home, it was dark and my body was feeling sore and achy all over.
I took a deep breath and walked into the house knowing hell was about to break loose.
When i entered the living room, father and Auntie Stella were watching television.
I got down on my knees and said, ‘Good evening!’
‘Where have you been?’ Father asked in an angry tone.
‘I went to see a friend,’ I responded
‘And where is your school bag?’
‘I told you,’ Auntie Stella began, ‘this girl is sleeping around, a man drops her off from school every day I am sure, that’s where she went after school.’
I shot Auntie Stella a quizzical look, what did she have against me?
‘Is that true?’ Father asked
‘No,’ I shook my head
‘It is true,’ Auntie Stella argued, ‘I know what I am talking about.’
‘Just shut the f–k up,’ I snapped at Auntie Stella
‘Did you just say that to my wife?’ Father asked
I chose to be quiet.
‘Where have you been?,’ he angrily asked again before he got up and reached for his belt so he could hit me with it.
I wasn’t in the mood for any of his drama so I quickly got up and ran to the bedroom locking the door from the inside.
‘Tiya!’ said, the noise must have woken her up.
‘Go back to sleep,’ I said
Father started banging at the door telling me to open the door, his voice was loud and I could hear the anger in his voice.
‘What’s wrong?’ Thoko asked, fear evident in her eyes.
‘Just go back to sleep,’ I said
‘I am scared,’ she said
‘Please sleep baby,’ I pleaded, I didn’t want her to witness any of this drama.
She looked at me and closed her eyes.
‘Where is Ganizani when I need him the most?’
‘Father sent him to buy bread,’ Thoko said, I didn’t even realized I had asked that question out loud.
‘If you don’t open this door, I will break it,’ he furiously said
I prayed someone would stop father before he broke the door, I was tired of his beatings.
Before I could think of my next move, the door was suddenly kicked open and he came charging at me with a belt in his hand.
‘Where the hell did you go? I will kill you today if you don’t tell me the truth,’ he said
‘Father, don’t hurt her,’ Thoko began to cry
I ran to the other side of the bedroom as he tried to strike his belt at me, my heart was racing fast. He charged at me and managed to whip me this time around, I screamed.
When he tried to whip me again, I ran toward the door and he chased me into the living room.
‘I will kill you when I catch you,’ he screamed
Auntie Stella tried to catch me but I pushed her and she stumbled backwards. Not knowing what to do, I ran out of the house and out into the street.
‘Don’t come back here if you know what’s good for you,’ I heard father shout.
‘Can my day get any worse?’ I sighed as the events of the day flashed right before my eyes. ‘I must have done something terribly wrong in my previous life for me to me have such a tragic life.

To be continued……

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