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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 28)

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Episode 28.

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‘Thank you for driving me home,’ I told Ken, as usual he had picked me up from school.
He smiled slightly, ‘I like you, I am sure you know that by now, I can do anything for you baby girl.’
‘Thank you,’ I said quietly
‘You are welcome.’
He reached out to my hand, taking my hand in his and he curled his large fingers around mine, settling our hands between them. There was just something about him that made me feel comfortable, I was spell bound by him. Then he brought our interlocked hands up to his mouth and placed a kiss on my knuckles.
I felt a slight tingling sensation in my tummy as if I had butterflies, this was a strange feeling but I liked it.
‘So I am having a mini brail with the guys at home this weekend, you wanna come?’ he asked
I sighed, ‘Is Ivy gonna be there?’
‘Then I would have to pass on that one.’
‘You know me and her aren’t in good terms anymore.’
‘Come on babe,’ he said
I giggled. He just called me babe? Does this mean we are now dating?
‘Well, my father won’t even allow me to come for the brail in the first place.’
‘You could come up with something, say you are going for tuitions, I will bring you back home in time.’
‘I will think about it.’
‘I will see what I can do.’
‘Please be there babe, I want to officially introduce you to my friends as my girlfriend.’
‘Girl friend?’ My heart skipped a bit
‘Yes, you are my girlfriend.’
‘You are my beautiful girlfriend and I love you,’ he said before he leaned forward and kissed me on the softly on the lips, I fought the urge not to wrap my hands around him as I tried to keep my cool. He leaned back and smiled at me,’ You make me happy.’
I chuckled,’ You make me happy too.’
He kissed me again the same way as before and then he remained close to me I could feel his breath on my face. I would do anything to have this moment forever, this felt like home for me.
I loved how Ken cared for me I loved how he listened to me without judging me. I loved how he treated me like an adult and how he made me feel wanted.
‘You need to get going,’ he said after a while.
‘Yes,’ I frowned.
‘I will see you tomorrow,’ he said
‘Sure babe.’
‘Wait, I have a suggestion,’ he said.
‘Why don’t you miss your tuitions tomorrow so I can spend more time with you?’
I bit my lower lip, thinking about he had just said, dodging classes wasn’t something I was accustomed to but missing one lesson wouldn’t hurt right?
‘Let’s do this.’
I laughed, ‘I will see you tomorrow then.’
I got of the car and walked home. I got into the house and went straight to my room I was feeling very happy I didn’t want anyone disturbing my happiness.
I changed out of my uniform and put on some comfy clothes. Afterwards I went to look for Thoko in Ganizani’s room. I knocked on his bedroom door but there was no answer. I peeped in but there was no one there. Where could they be? I wondered.
I turned and headed for my room, as I walked down the passage to my room, I didn’t see Auntie Stella coming in front of me, I bumped into her the phone in her hands fell down.
‘OMG! I am sorry I didn’t see you,’ I said truthfully
‘You bastard!’ she screamed as she bent down to pick the phone, luckily the scream wasn’t broken.
‘I am really sorry,’ I said
‘You piece of trash, you are so bent of making my life miserable in this house.’
‘It was an accident.’
‘Oh please, I know your little tricks, you can’t fool me,’ she hissed.
‘Suit yourself then.’
With that said I marched off to my room and left her standing there. There is definitely something wrong with this woman, she is so bitter, even when I said sorry she keeps barking. I shouldn’t have apologized.
I threw myself on my bed, pulled out my phone then I started playing a game.
Thoko walked into the bedroom around 18, she had escorted Ganizani to the barbershop. We had supper without dad that evening, apparently he was working late.
We were all gathered around the dinner table and it was very quiet. The only thing that could be heard was the bubbling of the food. And within twenty minutes & we all quietly left the table.
Later that night I couldn’t sleep at all, I couldn’t stop thinking about Ken and how he made me feel. I must have slept amidst my thoughts.
I woke up to my alarm snapping my eyes open I reached across my bed to turn it off. Then I jumped out of bed and went to take a bath. After taking a bath, I woke Thoko up and bathed her too. By 7 Am sharp, we were both ready for school, we grabbed our bags and walked out of the bedroom.
As usual, Ganizani had prepared breakfast for us, we sat down and ate. Dad walked into the dining room just as we finished eating.
‘Morning,’ we greeted at the same time
‘Morning,’ he responded, sounding uninterested.
He pulled out some money from his pocket and handed it to Ganizani, ‘For your transport,’ he said
‘Thank you.’
I looked at him hoping he would give some money but he ignored me.
‘What a useless man,’ I mumbled under my breath
He shook his head and went to the kitchen.
‘Come on, let’s go,’ Ganizani said and we all stood up and walked out of the house.


The day seemed to drag the lessons were boring I hardly got anything from what the teacher explained. I couldn’t wait to leave. When the first dismissal bell rang, I followed Mrs. Kandeya to her office and asked if I could leave because I was unwell, luckily she bought my act and allowed me to leave.
I made sure Thoko and Ganizani had left before leaving too, when I walked out of the gate, Ken was waiting for me in his car. I opened the door and stepped in.
‘Hey babe,’ I leaned in and kissed his lips.
‘I could get used to this,’ he said
I smiled, ‘How was your day?’
‘Great and yours?’
‘Boring,’ I yawned
He laughed, ‘Babe you have exams soon you should be paying attention in class.’
‘I do.’
‘Oh please.’
He started the car and drove off.
We arrived at his house a few minutes later, stepping out of the car he held my hand and we walked in. The house was clean and quiet we went straight to his room and sat on his bed.
‘Can I get you a drink?’ he asked
He walked out of the room and came back a minute later with a bottle of whiskey and two glasses, he poured in both glasses and handed one to me. I took a sip it didn’t burn as much as it did the first time.
‘Can we watch a movie?’ he asked
He turned on his television and flipped through the channels before he settled for a Black American Movie.


After watching the movie for a little while, he turned slowly and kissed me. I wrapped my arm around his neck, parting my lips to welcome his mouth. The built up passion didn’t take long ignite into a full blown fire. After we kissed for what seemed like forever, Ken got himself undressed and then started on me. Afterwards he got me undressed and stood before me for a moment gazing down at me.
I chose to keep quiet, what does one say in such a situation?
My heart was beating fast at this point because this was the first time I was lying naked in a man’s bed. But because I have watched several movies, I somehow knew what was gonna happen next.
He quickly crawled on top of me and just before he could t—-t into me, Ken started screaming, before I could process what was happening, his hands started shaking and his eyes stared up ahead looking at nothing.
‘What is wrong?’ I asked
He didn’t respond but instead started drifting towards the wall as he convulsed on his back. I tried to grab him but it didn’t work, he brought his head into contact with the wall, his mouth stretched open and he fell to the ground with a loud thud.
‘Ken!’ I screamed before I got down next to him. He wasn’t moving. I tried to shake him but nothing. My heart started beating fast, what if he is dead? I wondered.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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