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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 27)

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Episode 27.

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“But the wicked are like troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace, saith my God to the wicked.” Isaiah 57:20, 48:22, 5:20-25.


I was in a room with red lights and candles. There was a girl sitting in a fetal position near the corner against the wall opposite the door. She had a black pot in her hands. Her eyes were fixed in a daze, her body seemed glued to the stool.
I looked at her intently wondering if she was still alive or maybe she was dead but what was she doing in this place?
In the center of the room was a huge bed, a chair in the corner and an upright fridge on the other side.
Mr. Bwalya got down on his knees and started chanting strange things he was swaying, bending forward and backward while turning his head from right to left.
Suddenly out of nowhere, an old man with a long beard appeared, he was wearing a white robe with a black cross designed on it. On his feet was a pair of black slippers.
Bwalya got back on his knees bowed in front of the strange man then he clapped his hands together and said some strange words. After a few minutes he stood up and walked to me.
‘You have to undress,’ he said in a deep and dark voice that sent chills down my spine.
I hesitated but then I remembered why I was here, I had brought myself here and there was no going back. I undressed slowly and when I was naked, he tied my hands and put me down on some flat surface. The strange man then approached me he kicked off his slippers and removed his robe.
As he stood naked before me, fear kicked in, I wondered what he was about to do to me.
‘You don’t scream and you don’t talk,’ Mr. Bwalya warned
The man got on top of me, spread my legs and in one t—-t entered me. I wanted to scream but I couldn’t, maybe I was afraid of what would happen to me if I did. I had watched too many horror movies and I knew what could happen if you disobeyed instructions in such cases.
His thrusts were very fast and ruthless he was going into me like a wild animal. He was going so fast I didn’t have time to catch my breath.
A moment later, he started wriggling around on top of me and I noticed his body fast changing into a snake. Before I could process anything, a big black snake lay on top of me in place of that old man.
I was overwhelmed by fear I could feel my heart beating so fast against my chest. Mr. Bwalya who seemed to be amused by what was happening picked a small cloth on the floor and dipped it into the pot that the small girl was carrying then he walked to me and squeezed the liquid on my breasts.
As he was busy squeezing that liquid on me, I felt something slither between my legs, purposely touching my opening. I gazed downwards to find a snake rubbing itself against me.
I opened my mouth to scream & that’s when I felt an excruciating pain inside and throughout my body. Just then the snake shoved its head hard and sank into the deepest part of my womanhood.
I felt no pleasure only shame, anger and pain.
At last I felt my body losing control, I felt so weak and out of breath, my eyes finally became blurry and darkness narrowed my vision.


I awakened to a loud hissing sound around the room I slowly opened my eyes to find myself in a room that wasn’t mine. When I tried to stand up from the bed, I realized I couldn’t because my legs and hands were still tied. I looked on the side of the bed and almost screamed when I saw five snakes.
I think they must have known I was awake because they quickly wrapped themselves around my arms and legs. Fear began to rise in me as I tried to struggle of the snakes grasps.
I opened my mouth to scream but my voice was barely audible. The door creaked open a minute later and Mr. Bwalya walked in.
‘What is going on here?’ I asked , surprised that my voice was now audible.
‘You wanted to know what business I am in, well I am taking you through the process, at this stage you have reached there is no going back.’
I kept quiet.
He clicked his fingers and the snakes slowly started moving away from me. Then he untied me and gave me my clothes back. I could feel his gaze on my naked body as I got dressed.
‘You have a nice body,’ he said
I chose not to respond as i swept my gaze across the room and noticed the same little girl on the corner.
‘Don’t mind her,’ he said
‘You have successfully passed stage one of the initiation process stage two will be in a week’s time.’
‘What you have seen in here you cannot tell a single soul or you die.’
I scratched my head, this business sure had many rules, with my big mouth I hope I will be able to abide by them all.
‘After the next stage you will finally be a full member and everything you wish for will be at your disposal- Money, wealth, power- you name it.’
I smiled, I have always wanted to have a lot of money, I have always wanted to live large maybe everything I had done was gonna be worth it when the money began to pour in.
‘And one last thing,’ he began
I turned to look at him.
‘You should not have sex with your husband until you pass through the next stage of the initiation.’
‘How is that even possible?’
‘You will know what to do but please don’t have sex with your husband,’
He walked me out of the room locking it behind his back, I got my bag from his study and he walked me out of the house. He had apparently locked the door and asked his maid to wait outside, we found her sitting on the verandah, she gave me a look that didn’t sit well with me but I just ignored it.
I got to my car and he opened the door for me, ‘It was nice doing business with you,’ he smiled
He leaned in and kissed my forehead, ‘Take care of your sweet self darling.’
‘You too.’
He shut the door for me and I started the car, driving out of the compound immediately.


To be continued………..

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