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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 24)

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Episode 24.

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“It is easy to be a good parent to a good child but what makes a good parent is dealing and being there for a difficult child that is real good parenting.”


“B—h,’ Stella exclaimed, “Have you been drinking?’ she asked
‘Shit,’ my heart slammed hard against my chest, ‘How did she know?’
‘You were drinking?’ she asked again
I kept quiet, couldn’t say a thing for a quick minute, ‘No I wasn’t,’ I finally said
‘You have been drinking, my God I wouldn’t be surprised to find out you have been having sex. You little b—h,’ she exclaimed
‘You don’t know shit about me, you hear me?’ I yelled ‘Why are you even in my business?’
‘Wait till your father gets home, I can’t wait to tell him you have been drinking,’ she said with a smirk
I frowned, ‘If it helps you sleep better at night then please tell him,’ I said
‘Pathetic old w—e,’ I spat.
She angrily walked out of the kitchen followed by her stupid cousin. I quickly found a mop and cleaned my mess before heading towards my room. I was a little tipsy I just wanted to sleep.
As soon as my door shut behind me, I kicked my shoes off and flung myself on the bed. In less than a minute, a knock sounded on the door- ‘come in.’
The door opened and Ganizani entered.
‘Have you been drinking?’ he asked
‘Who told you those lies?’ I quickly responded
‘I want the truth.’
‘Leave me alone.’
‘I overheard your argument with Auntie Stella.’
‘She is just being dramatic.’
‘I want the truth Tiya.’
I kept quiet. He got a bit closer to me and dipped his head to mine then pulled away. Then he looked at me seemingly disgusted and then walked out without saying anything.
Thoko walked into the room a minute later and she sat on the other bed.
‘Hey,’ I said
‘Hey sis,’ she answered smilingly
‘How was school?’
‘Do you have homework?’ I asked
‘Yes but Ganizani has already helped me with that. Where did you go? You weren’t home when you knocked off.’
‘I went to see a friend.’


I walked out of Tiya’s room with a heavy heart. My heart was thumping hard and my hands were shaky. My mind was spinning, spiraling through a jumble of thoughts.
My little sister had started drinking? How did I not notice this? When had she started drinking? Why was she messing her life like this? Mother raised us better than this. Speaking of mother, she must be turning in her grave I have disappointed her- she left Tiya in my hands, she asked me to take care of my siblings and now this? What do I do? How do I help my sister? She is becoming more rebellious each day & father’s beatings aren’t helping at all, I think she has gotten so used to the beatings.
Desperate, I knelt down, bowed my head, joined my hands and prayed.
“Lord if there is any force using my sister I break it right now in Jesus name. Lord I am begging you, do not let my sister walk in the ways of the wicked, speak to her heart and let her know what’s right & wrong. Amen!
When I stood up, I noticed tears running down my face, I quickly wiped them. I hadn’t even realized I was crying, well that’s how much this situation hurt.
I sat on my bed and started studying, I had to study hard. My goal was to finish school find a job and move out of this house with Tiya and Thoko.



I was fast asleep when the room burst open, at first I thought I was dreaming. Then someone roughly shook me and I awoke, startled. I must have slept after that whole episode with Ganizani.
Out of nowhere he slapped me so hard across my face. I knew Stella must have told him about the little episode in the kitchen. I sat up and he slapped me again so hard that I fell to the other side of the bed.
‘You are pathetic, what do you want me to do with you? And I thought you would learn a lesson but you didn’t. How dare you drink beer in my house?’ he asked, he looked visibly angry and was clenching his fist.
He pinned me down and drove his fist into my face, my nose started to bleed.
‘Dad!’ Thoko started crying and only then did I realise she had been sleeping on the other bed.
The punch to my face really hurt but I didn’t cry as usual. I didn’t feel anything, it’s like I have become numb to the pain. I do feel the urge to cry but the tears just won’t shed. Maybe I have grown too cold to express grief.
Ganizani rushes into the room and pulls my father away, a few minutes later. We lock eyes and I can see the pain in his eyes. He quickly looked away.
‘Dad this is no way to help her,’ he said, ‘can’t you see, you are driving her away?’ he asked
‘Don’t you tell me how to be a parent to my child,’ he growled.
Then he looked at me, ‘Starting from tomorrow you will be walking to and from school. Ganizani and Thoko, I will be driving you to school.’
With that said he marched out.
Ganizani sighed in relief when he walked out.
‘See what you have brought upon yourself.’
‘Not now,’ I said as I tried to stand up. ‘This issue of father beating me was sort of becoming normal for me- story of my life.’
Ganizani helped me out and I walked towards the bathroom.
‘I want to be alone, I said slamming the door in his face.


The days continued, into weeks and months- two months to be precise. I had spent my 14th birthday without my mother for the first time and it really hurt. I didn’t have any huge celebration at home dad didn’t even get me anything, not even those cheap cakes from Shoprite. To say I was hurt is an understatement; mum would always get me cake and some presents every year.
I was really lonely and I felt empty, being in this house was miserable. No one could imagine the terror I had been through at the hands of Stella, everyday. Beatings and insults marked my everyday life- I couldn’t wait to write my exams so I could leave this house. I had no idea where I would go but I was definitely leaving.


“Sit,’ he barked, I looked at him crossing my arms on my chest. I wasn’t scared of this man anymore.
I pulled the chair backwards and sat down.
‘How far with our deal?’ he asked
‘99% successful, where is my money?’
‘Is that why you are frowning?’ he asked
‘Money has never been a problem.’
‘Then give me,’ I extended my hand to his.
He laughed, ‘I will give you the money but first we need to talk, I have a new plan and I think this one will be hundred percent successful if implanted correctly.’
‘All ears.’
He moved closer and whispered in my ears.
‘That can be arranged.’
‘Good,’ he extended his hand and I shook it.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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