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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 18)

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Episode 18.

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The car drive back home was silent it was just me and Ivy’s father. Ivy had refused to come with us.
Even though I was seating in front next to him, I was quiet uncomfortable, the thought of what I witnessed in that house gave me goose bumps. What sort relationship did Ivy have with her father?
A thousand thoughts ran through my mind but none of the reasons I thought of made sense.

Once we reached my house, I quickly got out of the car.
‘Why are you leaving so quickly without even saying bye?’ he asked behind me.
Still walking, I said, ‘I am tired, I need to rest I have school tomorrow.’

I felt him grab my hand I was shocked at how quick he was.
‘Are you okay?’ he asked
‘Yes,’ I responded
He gave me an emotionless expression,’ did you and my daughter fight?’ he asked
‘Are you sure?’
I nodded my head, ‘Yes.’
‘Can I go in now?’ I asked
‘Wait,’ he said before he went back to his car and came back with some money which he handed to me.
‘What is this for?’ I enquired
‘For your upkeep,’ he said smilingly
‘I am sorry, I cannot accept this,’ I said
He took my hand and placed the money in it, ‘I mean no harm, you are like a daughter to me and I want you to have this.’
‘No buts,’ he cut me short
‘Cool,’ I stuffed the money in my pocket, ‘I better get going,’ I said
‘Good night.’
I walked to the gate and pushed it open, I turned round to close it and found him staring, I gave him a quick wave and goodbye before finally shutting the gate.
I found Celine and Auntie Stella in the kitchen cooking.
’See what the cat drugged in,’ Auntie Stella said
I rolled my eyes and clicked my tongue before I walked past them to my room.
‘Tiya!’ Thoko excitedly called out, she stopped what she was doing and ran to me. I dropped my bag down then I lifted her into my arms and hugged her tightly.
‘I missed you,’ she said
‘And I missed you even more.’
‘What did you get me?’
‘I didn’t get you anything I didn’t have enough time to go to the mall.’
She frowned, ’I will take you out for ice cream tomorrow after school.’
‘You promise?’
‘I cross my heart and hope to die.’
She giggled
I put her down and kicked my shoes off my feet then I removed my phone and sat on the bed. The door swung open a minute later and Ganizani walked in.
‘You have a phone?’ that was the first question he asked.
‘Don’t you knock?’ I asked placing the phone under my pillow
‘Give that phone to me,’ he said
‘Just give it to me.’
‘Does father know you have a phone?’ he asked, he had a serious look on his face.
‘You wouldn’t dare.’
‘Hand over the phone to me.’
‘Tiya!’ he screamed, his voice was louder and higher.
‘Just leave me alone.’
‘Where did you even get that phone?’
‘Ivy got it for me.’
‘You must return it, you are only 13.’
‘I will be 14 soon.’
‘You should return that phone Tiya, my word is final.’
I stood up angrily, ‘You are not my father, you have no right to order me around,’ I yelled
‘Whatever you have been smoking is not good for you.’
My heart started beating so fast when he said something about smoking did he know I had smoked at the party?I felt like he could see through me.
‘What’s wrong?’ he asked “you look so disturbed.’
‘I am fine.’
‘You are too young to have a phone Tiya I want you to give it back to Ivy tomorrow.’
‘And if I don’t?’
‘You will leave me with no choice but to report you to your father.’
‘Do your worst,’ I hissed
‘Don’t say I didn’t warn you,’ he said before marching out of the room.

I felt bad for arguing with my brother but I wasn’t going to allow him to treat me like a baby, he was just a child like me so why was he f—–g giving me orders?

I turned my head and found Thoko staring at me, I had even forgotten she was in the room, I didn’t Intend for her to witness this argument.
I opened my arms wide, ‘Come here,’ I said
She shook her head and walked out without saying anything to me.
‘Could my day get any worse?’
I stayed locked up in my room for the rest of the evening, Auntie Stella came to call me out for supper around 20 hours.
‘I am not hungry,’ I said
‘Suit yourself,’ she walked out and slammed the door behind her back.
‘Mtchew,’ I clicked my tongue, I doubt I will ever get used to being around this woman.


I was lying in bed, responding to some messages when he walked into the room. He had just come back from dropping Tiya home. I put my phone down, ‘You are back?’ I asked
He unzipped his trousers and took it off, tossing it onto the floor before he climbed onto the bed and lay back on the sheets beside me.
He looked tense, ‘Can I get you a glass of whiskey?’ I asked
He didn’t immediately answer, instead he yawned as he sunk into the bed’s softness. ‘Did you and Tiya argue?’ he asked
‘No,’ I shook my head, ‘Why?’ I sat up and leaned on my elbow facing him, my eyes raised
‘She was moody.’
‘Maybe she woke up on the wrong side of the bed.’
‘You are sure she doesn’t suspect anything?’ he asked
‘She is naïve, she doesn’t suspect a thing. I think the whole jail thing got to her head.’
‘She needs time,’ he said
‘But do we have the time?’
‘Yes, we have time.’
We settled into an uncomfortable silence, he was lying on his back, he had his right arm around me and I had my head lying on his shoulder.
A knock at the door later woke us from our trance, I am sure it is that stupid maid.
‘Yes Alice,’ dad answered
‘Dinner is served,’ she said
‘Thank you.
I stood up, got dressed and walked out of the room.
Alice eyed me suspiciously when I walked into the living room.
‘What?’ I asked
‘Nothing,’ she said and faced the other side.
‘Alice ma setting sinifuna ai,’ I said
‘If not for my father you would be out of this house,’ I said
‘Father indeed,’ she clicked her tongue
I was about to lash out at her when dad walked into the room.
‘What’s going on?’ he asked
‘Nothing,’ I lied
We sat at the table and Alice dished up for us. Then we started eating while making plans for my upcoming 17th birthday. I wasn’t just excited about being a year older I was excited about what this new age represented.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock the next day, I prepared Thoko and myself for school then joined my brother for breakfast.
‘Morning,’ I greeted when I walked into the kitchen but he didn’t respond.
I rolled my eyes and poured myself a cup of coffee, I wasn’t going to plead for him, if he wanted to be quiet all week then so be it, he would come around when he saw it fit.
After breakfast, we walked down the road to the bus station then we got on a bus that dropped us in front of the school.
I stepped out and went straight to my class since neither Thoko nor Ganizani wanted to talk to me. I wasn’t ready to speak to Ivy so instead of sitting with her, I swapped desks with someone else.
She walked into the classroom and her eyes instantly found mine when she noticed what I had done, she didn’t say anything but quietly walked to the back of the room and sat down.
She sent me a text on my phone a minute later, ‘We need to talk.’
I gave her the blue ticks.
‘What’s going on?’ she sent another text I still gave her the blue ticks.
‘Leave me alone,’ I finally responded
‘Can we talk?’
‘I am busy.’
‘After class.’
‘Will see.’
The teacher walked in afterwards and I immediately put my phone into my bag. The rest of the day went by so fast by the time we were knocking off, I was drained.
I quickly packed my books and left the classroom before Ivy noticed. I seriously wasn’t ready to talk to her, I was afraid I would confront her about her father and I would end up finding out things that i wasn’t ready to take in.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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