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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 16)

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Episode 16.

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“Nothing affects a person’s character more than the company he keeps.”

‘How dare you f–k with my girl?’ Ken yelled as he landed punches on Jones.
‘Get off me,’ Jones yelled but his plea fell on deaf ears as Ken continued to punch him.
Ken was not only older than Jones but stronger. He was beating him mercilessly, I was afraid he was gonna kill him if no one intervened.
‘Help them,’ I screamed to the group of people surrounding them, they seemed to be enjoying the fight because they were cheering for Ken.

‘Ken,’ someone grabbed his hand but he shoved them off him and continued to beat Jones.
I was scared but since I was a little tipsy I couldn’t do much to help.
I quickly rushed into the house and went to look for Ivy and Harry. I found them in one of the rooms, having sex.
‘You guys have to come and see what’s going on outside,’ I screamed
‘Oh lord, Tiya we are busy.’
‘Ken is gonna kill someone,’ I screamed
‘Ken!’ Harry said before he pulled away from Ivy. I closed my eyes as he searched for his clothes and put them on.
‘What happened?’ Ivy asked
‘He found me kissing another guy.’
‘Holy shit, Ken is temperamental he could kill him.’
We rushed out of the room as soon as they both got dressed.
‘Ken! Ken!’ The guys were chanting when we got back outside
Harry ran through the crowd and grabbed Ken off Jones.
‘Let me go, I am gonna kill him,’ Ken yelled
‘You want to kill him and go back to jail?’ Harry asked
I froze, ‘What did he mean go back to jail? Had Ken been arrested before? And if so, what crime had he committed?’
‘He was f—–g with my girl,’ he spat
‘Its fine dude, let it go, he is not worth it.’
Jones was rolling on the ground with blood oozing from his nose, he had badly been beaten. I took a quick glance at him before someone helped him up and took him into the house.

‘I think we should go home,’ Ivy said once the crowd had scattered and gone back to what they had been doing before the fight.
‘Yes, we should go home,’ Ken responded
‘I am sorry,’ I said
‘Just shut the f–k off he said.’
We were getting ready to leave when the gate burst open and some armed police men rushed into the place, the next thing I knew everything broke into havoc.
Before I knew it we were being escorted out to the gate and into the police van. Some people managed to escape but most of us where either too shocked or drunk to react.


‘How are you going to get out of here?’ I cried
I was sitting on the floor in a cell at Long acres with Ivy and some other girls from the party.
‘This is your entire fault,’ the other girl spat at me.
And she was right it was my fault, why did I even accept to go to that stupid party in the first place.
‘Couldn’t you have closed your legs for just a minute,’ she angrily asked
I choose not to respond
‘I am talking to you?’ she yelled
‘Febby just let it go,’ Ivy intervened, ‘There’s no need to point fingers. What’s done is done. My father will bail us out in the morning.’
‘And now we are supposed to be spending a night in this filthy cell?’ Febby asked
‘Yes,’ Ivy snapped, ‘Deal with her.’
I was glad Ivy was taking my side even though it was truly my fault that we were in this situation.
I looked towards the far end and noticed that the other ladies were curled up together and sleeping.
My emotions were running wild, how could they sleep with everything that was going on? I couldn’t sleep in such conditions. The alcohol was beginning to take its toll on me I was fighting off nausea and a headache.

My heart was also racing, I was afraid of what my father would do if he found out I have been arrested. I pray Ivy’s father will bail us all out because I am not ready to be disowned.

I felt sicker to my stomach when I thought of my brother, he had warned me, he has asked me to stay home but I had insisted on going over to Ivy’s place. What would he think if he found out I had gone to a party and gotten drunk? What would he think if he found out I had lied about spending the weekend at Ivy’s house because I wanted us to study together? What would he do if he found out I had been making out with a guy at the party? Lord what would he do if he found out I had been arrested?


There is no way I will let Ganizani know about this, I don’t want him thinking he has failed as a brother because God knows he has been doing a great job at raising Thoko and I since mother died.
Oh speaking of my mother, she must be turning furiously in her grave she raised me better than this. How in God’s name did in find myself in this mess.

Ivy must have been reading my mind, she grabbed my hand and gave it a light squeeze, ‘My father will get us out of here in the morning,’ she said
‘You are not mad at me?’ I asked
She smiled, ‘I was at first but not anymore, I shouldn’t have left you by yourself you must have been bored that’s why you found solace in Jones’s hands.’
I shake my head.
‘And Ken?’
‘He is gonna be fine.’
I closed my eyes and waited for morning, I couldn’t wait to get out of this filthy place. This was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.

To Be Continued…. . . .

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