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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 15)

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Episode 15.

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“You can’t keep dancing with the devil and wonder why you are still in hell.’


I had just stepped out of the bathroom when mum walked into my room, she was elegantly dressed.
‘Going somewhere?’ I asked
She nodded her head, ‘your father and I are going out for dinner,’ she said
I rolled my eyes,’ The fact that he is your husband doesn’t make him my father.’
‘Celine, we have been through this already.’
‘And I have told you a number of times that I will never accept that man as my father.’
‘Fine,’ she turned to leave.
‘Enjoy your dinner,’ I said
‘You are welcome,’ I laughed

I don’t care about my mother and her new husband in fact if it were up to me I would be at my father’s house with his new girl friend. I haven’t officially met her but dad gave her my line, we have been texting and talking for the past few days and I must say I like her.

I am only staying in this house because of Ganizani, even thought my efforts to get to him have been futile , I will not give up hope, I will make sure he is mine.
Speaking of Ganizani, I haven’t seen him today I need to check up on him.
I walk out of my room with my towel still wrapped around my waist before I head to his room.
I know at his door and before he responds I push it open and step in.

He is sitting on the floor with his head bowed to the floor it seems he is in deep thoughts. I clear my throat to make him notice me, he looks up at me. His eyes are puffy and red, I am sure he has been crying.
‘Can I help you?’ he asks
‘Are you okay?’
‘What do you want Celine.’
‘I want to help you.’
‘I don’t want your help you and your mother are just the same- a pair of lunatics.’
His words sting, when will he see me for me? Why can’t he stop comparing me to my mother? I am not her I am not the one who married his father. I genuinely like him.
‘Ganizani, I am not my mother so please don’t compare me to her,’ I said
‘I don’t care what you are I don’t want you in my room.’
‘I like you.’
‘I hate you,’ he snaps, ‘I hate you more than I have ever hated anyone, leave.’
‘I will not leave.’
He angrily rises to his feet, ‘I am not playing around, leave or else…,’
‘Or else what?’ I snap back at him interrupting his sentence.
‘I will deal with you in a way you will not like.’
I laugh, ‘I am up for the challenge.’
He walked up to me and just before he grabbed my arm, I quickly dropped my towel.
‘What the hell is wrong with you?’ he yells
‘This could be all yours if you just accept to be mine,’ I smile
‘Get out,’ he yelled
He grabbed my arm roughly and pushed me out of the room.
‘Learn to respect yourself you are too old for such.’
He walked back into his room and locked it up.
‘Open up,’ I knocked hard on his door but he didn’t adhere to my screams. Frustrated I quickly marched back to my room.




‘Why did I even come here?’ I asked myself out loud putting on a confused expression as I scanned the room for Ivy but she was nowhere to be seen.
This party was nothing like I had seen before, the house was a mess, there were bottles of beer all over the floor and some people were lying on the floor drunk. I thought it was wild that young people were getting drunk like that and making out. This was a whole different level.
The music was still loudly playing in the background.

I turned and headed towards the door and almost bumped into a couple who were making out against the wall, they were almost naked and had their tongues down each other’s throats.

I hadn’t bargained for all this, I wanted to leave but how would I go when I didn’t have any money with me.

I walked outside and made my way to the lawn chairs at the back of the yard. I was glad this place wasn’t as crowded as the inside, it was quiet and cool I felt more relaxed.

I don’t even know Ken has run off too, I thought he would be by my side all night guess I was wrong. I took a long swig of my beer and set the cup on the floor.
‘Hello,’ someone said shortly after before they sat down.
I looked up and glanced at the person who had taken a seat next to me.
‘Bored?’ he asked
I shook my head.
‘Same here.’
I laughed
‘Jones,’ he extended his hand to me
‘Oh, that’s a first,’ he said
I laughed again, ‘I get that most of the times it’s not a common name.’
‘To give thanks right?’
‘Can I get you another drink?’ he asked
He disappeared and came back later with two bottles of beer. He handed me one and kept the other for himself.
‘Thanks,’ I said
We sat quietly for a couple of minutes until spoke, ‘So you came here by yourself?’
‘I came with my friend Ivy.’
‘Oh, Ivy?’
‘Yes, you know her?’
‘Who doesn’t know Ivy?’
I chuckled, ‘guess she is famous.’
‘You can say that again.’
Jones and I talked about random stuff for a few minutes, he was actually fun to be with or maybe it was just the alcohol talking.
‘Do you smoke?’ he asked as he broke open a packet of cigarettes.
‘No,’ I shook my head
He smiled and then lit it up.
‘You wanna try?’ he asked as he took a drag and blew it out.
‘It’s fun, just try it’s not as bad as it looks.’
‘Okay,’ I took it from him and took one long drag then I started coughing horribly, I was even on the verge of puking.
‘Are you okay?’ he asked rubbing mu back.
‘I guess this stuff isn’t for me.’
He laughed out loud, ‘You should try again.’
‘Maybe I shouldn’t.’
‘Come on don’t be boring.’
He handed it back to me I took another drag off the cigarette and blew into the air. It was better this time around I didn’t cough like the last time.
‘See,’ he said
‘I guess it isn’t as bad as I thought it was.’
‘Told you so.’
After a few minutes, he took one hard drag before he tossed it off the ground.
‘So you have a boyfriend?’ he asked
An awkward silence settled between us again before he moved closer to me and planted a kiss on my lips, under normal circumstances I would have pushed him off me but I didn’t. I kissed him back deeply, his hands were cupping either side of my face, ‘You are really beautiful,’ he said


He then carried me from the chair and we lay on the ground, he rolled on top of me and continued kissing me. I inched my body closer to him pressing the weight of my body onto his.
He had his hands sliding under my thighs and gently caressing them.
I don’t know what was happening to me but I couldn’t think straight, I just let him roam his hands all over me.
‘What the f–k is going on here?’ I heard Ken’s voice.
He pulled Jones off me and punched him.
‘Why are you f—–g with my girl,’ where the last words I heard before a fight ensued between them.

To be continued…..

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