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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 14)

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Episode 14.

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‘You can go in now,’ Ivy said when she stepped out of the bathroom.
I stripped off my clothes.
‘Be quick, the boys should be here soon.’
I wrapped a towel around my body and headed towards the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom and closed the door behind me.
I stepped under the shower and washed myself.

Approximately ten minutes later, I emerged from the bathroom and sat on the bed. Ivy wasn’t in the room. I dried myself with a towel before I applied body lotion and moisturizing cream on my entire body.
The door creaked open about five minutes later and Ivy walked into the room with a plastic in her hands, sitting it on the bed, she opened it up and to my amazement, she laid out some dresses on the bed.
‘And these?’ I asked, eyeing her suspiciously.
‘I ordered these for us a few days ago, we need to look good for this party,’ she said
‘Oh please,’ she hit me playfully.
I rolled my eyes.
‘Start getting dressed, bae is coming soon.’
I quickly got dressed before I stomped over to the full figure mirror leaning against the wall to take a look.
The dress was shorter than anything I had ever worn, it barely reached mid-thigh. I knew if I turned around and bent over, my panties would show.
‘You like it?’ Ivy asked
I scratched my head. I loved the dress a lot other than the fact that it was too short for my liking.
‘Isn’t this a little too short?’ I asked
‘What do you mean a little too short?’
‘This dress is too revealing, if I try and bend my panties will show.’
She laughed out loud.
‘Men like that.’
‘Are we going for a party or we are going to get men’s attention?’ she asked
‘I am not comfortable, maybe I should just stay here.’
‘Don’t be such a baby,’ she rolled her eyes
‘I am serious.’
‘Suit yourself,’ she clicked her tongue and pushed me off the mirror.
Her dress was yellow and though it was a short as mine, hers was extreme because it was backless too.
She pulled out a pair of pumps and slipped them onto her feet before she applied some make up and styled her hair.
‘So are you are ready to act like a grown up?’ she asked
I sighed heavily.
‘Listen to me Tiya, life is too short to act all too holy, you need to loosen up, go out there and have fun. Even the Bible clearly says we should enjoy our youth.’
I choose not to respond because I was having mixed feelings about all this.
‘If you don’t want to join us, we can drop you home on our way,’ she began, ‘No hard feelings but I doubt you and I will still be friends afterwards.’
‘I like you a lot Tiya but if you are not for this lifestyle then we can’t be friends.’
I shook my head, I didn’t have a lot of friends and I wasn’t ready to lose her.
‘It hasn’t gotten to this,’ I said
‘Help me with my makeup and hair,’ I finally said
She smiled at me.
I sat on the stool in front of the mirror and she fixed my hair and eyebrows then she applied some make up on my face.
‘How does that look?’ she asked
‘Perfect,’ I said
I looked really beautiful and way older than my age.
‘You look pretty.’
‘Thank you. You don’t look bad yourself.’
Her phone vibrated before she could respond. She grabbed it and answered.
‘Yes, we will be out soon,’ she said.
‘Okay,’ she said before ending the call
‘I think we are all set, the guys are outside.’
We grabbed our phones and walked out.
‘Alice I am going out, don’t expect me back tonight,’ she told the maid.
‘Okay, take care of yourself.’
‘I will.’
She opened the door and we stepped out.
‘Why do you call her Alice?’ I asked as we walked towards the gate
‘What should I call her?’
‘Ba Alice weh.’
She laughed, ‘She is a servant she doesn’t deserve any respect from me.’
‘Don’t start,’ she cut me short before I could even finish what was about to say.
Harry had his car parked in front of their gate both him and Ken were standing next to the car.
Ivy walked over to Harry,’ Hello,’ she kissed him.
‘You missed e this much?’ he asked
‘Too much babe.’
He laughed, ‘I am all yours for the night.’
Ken pulled me towards him and wrapped his hands around me, ‘I missed you,’ he said before he kissed me.
‘I missed you too,’ I shyly said
Harry and I exchanged greetings before we got into the car and he started driving.
‘You look beautiful,’ Ken whispered
‘Thank you.’
‘I love your dress,’ he licked his lower lips before looking at my thighs.
I shifted uncomfortably on my seat.
He grabbed my hand and held it in his, ‘you need to loosen up you don’t have to feel shy around me.’
It wasn’t long after that when I felt his hand resting on my bare knee I naively took it a friendly gesture. I turned to the other side and intently stared out of the window.
A minute later he began to caress my thigh, he slid his hand a little up and rested it on private part.
My breath ragged and left my chest as much as I tried I couldn’t pull in enough air.
I nervously looked at him but didn’t say a thing.
‘Breath,’ he said
I drew out a sharp breath.
He withdrew his hand, ‘You are beautiful,’ he said
‘You have said that before.’
‘And I won’t get tired of saying it.’
I managed a smile before I continued to gaze out of the window. The silence lingered as he drove for a few more minutes before he stopped in front a black gate. Pulling out his phone, Harry punched in some numbers and a second later, the gate slid open.
We drove in and he pulled up in front of a big house, they were already a lot of cars parked outside and I could hear the music playing inside.
‘What is this place?’ I enquired.
‘This is house belongs to a friend’s parents (His name is Penjani), his parents are out of the country, this is where we have most of our parties from,’ Ken said
Harry held Ivy’s waist and pulled her in for a quick kiss.
‘Aw Babe,’ she smiled


‘Come on, let’s go and get this party started,’ she screamed
‘Excited are we?’ Ken asked chuckling at Ivy.
She nodded.


Ken grabbed my hand and led me towards the house, the music got louder as we walked into the house. It was more beautiful inside than it was outside.
The smell of beer and sweat filled my nose, they were people dancing, some were making out on the couch while others where just getting drunk.
‘Girl, have fun, bae and I will be dancing over there,’ Ivy shouted out over the music
She gave me a –you should have fun signal before Harry dragged her out to the dance floor.

To Be Continued…. . .

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