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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 09)




Episode 09.

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“When you dance with the devil, the devil doesn’t change. The devil changes you.” Amanda Hocking


I was stepping out of the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around my waist when a knock came at my bedroom door. Before I could answer, the door swung open, I looked incredulously at it.
Celine walked in she was wearing a short blue revealing dress.
Shock, then confusion settled on my face as I looked at her.

She shut the door behind her and walked towards me.
‘What do you want here?’ I asked
She didn’t respond. She pursued her lips slightly while staring at my bare chest.
‘Celine what in God’s name do you want in my room?’ I asked her harshly.
‘I am bored,’ she finally said
‘Can I lie in your bed tonight?’ she asked
‘Uh?’ I gave her a questioning look did she just ask to sleep in my bed?
I furrowed my brow, ‘Are you out of your mind?’
‘We used to be friends you know, why do you treat me like a stranger?’
‘You and your mother are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites I want nothing to do with you.’
‘I like you a lot Ganizani I can’t stop thinking about you.’
‘Please Celine leave my room. If someone sent you tell them you didn’t find me.’
‘Give me a chance,’ she said as she took a step closer to me.
‘Leave,’ I said taking a few tentative steps back.
‘Celine leave my room before I call your mother.’
She shook her head.
‘I am not messing with you, get out of my room.’
‘But I want you,’ she bit her lower lip.
‘I said leave,’ I yelled, my voice higher and louder.
‘You want me to leave?’
‘Fine,’ she snapped, ‘I will leave but this not over.’
‘Just get out you harlot, like mother like daughter,’ I clicked my tongue.


He just called me a harlot, I blinked away the tears that were threatening to fall from my eyes before I walked to the door and left closing it behind my back then I heard it lock.
I was angry beyond words, Ganizani had just rejected me as if that wasn’t enough he had called me a harlot.
He hadn’t even spared a minute to look at me well I will get at him. My time will come and when it does, I will laugh last.
I went downstairs and got myself some water. Afterwards I walked back upstairs, as I walked past his door to my room, I was tempted to knock but I just shook my head and proceeded to my room.
I will definitely get him soon he won’t be able to resist me for long.


As soon as she left, I locked my room then I dried myself and changed into my pyjamas.
I got down on my knees and said a short prayer before I sat at my table so I could start studying for my Chemistry test.

I still can’t believe Celine walked up to me and said all those useless things, where did she even get the guts to do so.

I must be careful with her before she puts me in trouble. At this moment my priority is to work hard at school so I can get a job and move my sisters out of this house.
I really miss mother, life was so much easier when she was alive. I wish I could see her even just for a minute.
But like she said, I will look up to my creator when life gets tough so he can give me the strength to carry on


I spent almost the whole night chatting on WhatsApp. Ivy had even added me to some of her groups where people where chatting nonstop. By the time I put the phone down it was almost three in the morning.

I slide under the covers, closed my eyes and instantly dozed off.

The next morning, I awoke to a loud knock at the door. I sat upright not quiet fully awake & the person at the door knocked loudly again. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes, I climbed out of the bed and headed to the door.
‘You are still sleeping? Ganizani yelled
I stood there trying to wake up and focus my eyes. Then realization hit me, I had over slept.
‘Oh shit, what’s the time?’ I asked
‘7 hours.’
‘Shit,’ I hit my head.
‘Did you stay up all night?’ he asked
‘I was studying,’ I lied
‘You shouldn’t be staying up all night, you should be resting.’
‘I bet she is still in bed.’
‘Let me get ready while you prepare yourself.’
I opened the door wider and asked him in, he woke Thoko up and left the room with her while I rushed towards the bathroom.
I took a quick bath and got dressed, I was ready by 7: 30 and so was Thoko.
We quickly had our breakfast and left for school.

The day was dragging, I couldn’t stop yawning & my head was aching. I just wanted to go home and sleep.

I sighed in relief when it was finally time to leave.

‘My boyfriend is on his way,’ Ivy said as we walked out of the classroom.
‘I am really tired, can I just go home?’
‘Come on.’
I looked at her and yawned, ‘I am tired, you guys made me stay up till three.’
She laughed, ‘Welcome to my world, you will get used to it.’
‘What time is this your lover boy coming?’
‘Almost here.’
Before long a car pulled up in front of us.
‘That’s him,’ she said excitedly, she held my hand and we walked to the car.
She got in the front seat while I got in the back with another guy.
‘Hey baby,’ Ivy leaned in and kissed the man next to her then she turned her head and greeted the one I was sitting with.
‘Tiya this is my boyfriend Harry and that’s his cousin Kennedy,’ she said.
I nodded
‘Guys this is my friend Tiya.’

‘Nice to meet you Tiya,’ they said in unison
‘The pleasure is mine,’ I said even though I was uncomfortable, her boyfriend looked older than I had expected him to be.

‘You guys wanna chill for a bit before you go home?’ Harry asked
I was about to say no when Ivy quickly responded, ‘Sure.’

The drive to wherever we were going was silent, I was busy on my phone but I could feel the other guy’s eyes on me.
After about twenty minutes, the car pulled up in front of a big house and we all stepped out.

I stood still and stared at the house, Ivy held my hand, ‘Come.’
Harry unlocked the door and walked in, we followed behind closely.
‘Don’t mind the mess baby,’ he said
The living room was a mess there were bottles of beer and boxes of pizza on the floor.
‘I will just clean up,’ said Ivy, ‘Tiya feel at home.’
I sat on the couch and ken sat next to me.
‘You are too quiet.’
I cleared my throat, ‘I am fine.’
‘Tiya, what does your name mean.’
‘It’s Tiyamike in full and it means ‘to give thanks.’
‘Oh, lovely name.’
‘So how old are you?’
’15,’ I lied.

Ivy had told me to say 15 if they asked about my age.
Ivy finished tidying up the room and she sat on the other couch with her boyfriend, they were all over each other I couldn’t deal.

‘We need to leave it’s getting late,’ I told Ivy after a while.
We stood up and walked outside.
They drove me home first.

Ivy and I got to chat later that night and she told me Harry was 24 while his cousin was 23.
I didn’t ask her any questions but I wondered why a guy like him could want with a 16 year old girl. Did he genuinely love her?

The days ran into each other, I tried to study but the interesting group chats kept distracting me.
I kept telling myself I would study the next day, by the end of the week I had not touched any of my books.
It was a Friday and I had just finished packing my clothes, I was going to spend the weekend at Ivy’s house.
I don’t know what story her father cooked up but father eventually allowed me to spend the weekend at Ivy’s.

Well I am excited, I hope this weekend will be more than I expect.

‘When are you coming back?’ Thoko asked.
She was sad.
‘On Sunday,’ I said
‘You are sure?’
‘Mother left and never came back.’
I stopped what I was doing and sat on the bed next to her, I could see the sadness in her eyes.
‘I am never gonna leave you okay?’
‘Yes, I cross my heart and hope to die.’
She giggled, ‘I will take you out for Ice cream when I get back on Sunday.
My phone vibrated just then and I grabbed it.
‘I am outside,’ Ivy’s text read.
‘Will be out in a bit.’

To be continued…… . .

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