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[STORY] LIFE, ABOVE ALL (Episode 08)

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Episode 08.

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‘I cannot accept it,’ I said softly putting it back in the box before I closed it and held it up to her, ‘This is looks expensive.’

It was a Tecno Phantom 8 plus, champagne Gold in colour.
‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ she moved my hand aside
‘I don’t think my father will be comfortable with me having a phone.’
‘He doesn’t have to know, you can always hide it, just accept it.’

I gazed at her for a moment before I decided to accept the phone. It was just a harmless present after all.

‘Fine, I will accept it,’ I said
He lips twisted into a smile, ‘That’s my girl,’ she said.

She removed the phone from the box and inserted a new Sim & memory card. Then she showed me how to use it.
‘Thank you so much,’ I said excitedly
‘You are welcome Tiya.’
‘I better get going before it gets dark, I don’t want to have issues with my evil step mother.’
‘Come let’s go,’ she said, ‘I will ask the driver to drop you off.’
We left her room and walked down the hall to the living room, it was empty this time around.
‘I am sure father has gone,’ she said
‘He doesn’t sleep here?’ I asked
She shrugged, ‘He sleeps here sometimes.’
We walked out of the house and got into the car. The driver immediately drove off.
‘Have you even asked your father about Friday?’ she asked
‘I haven’t.’
‘You should, it’s gonna be fun.’
‘My father is difficult man I am even scared to bring it up.’
‘Try and ask him tonight and if says no, I will ask my father to talk to him.’

Within forty minutes, the car pulled up in front of my gate. I grabbed my bag and stepped out.
‘I will see you tomorrow,’ I said
‘Bye girl, I will text you soon.’
I pushed through the gate and walked towards the door. I walked into the living and found father and auntie Stella, she had her head on his chest and he had his arms encircled around her in a tight embrace.

I was tempted to walk passed them but for peace sake, I got down on my knees and greeted father.
‘Good evening,’ I said
‘Evening how are you?’ Father asked
‘I am fine.’
‘How was school?’ Auntie Stella asked
I rolled my eyes, ‘School was fine.’
Father glanced at his watch, ‘And this is the time you get home from school?’ he asked
‘I Passed by my friend’s house after school, we were working on the homework they gave us,’ I lied.
I sighed in relief before I stood up and hurriedly went to my room. Thoko was drawing when I walked in.
‘Hey baby,’ I bent down and kissed her forehead.
‘Hey big sis,’ she said
‘How are you?’
‘Fine, how was school?’
I yawned loudly, ‘school was hectic.’
She went back to her drawing as I changed my uniforms. Then I removed my phone from my bag and sat on the bed. A quick glance at the phone made me smile.


‘You bought a phone?’ Thoko asked
‘A friend got it for me,’ I said
I gave it to her to take a look and I could see she was fascinated.
‘You love it?’
‘Yes,’ she nodded her head.
‘Just don’t tell dad or anyone else about the phone okay.’
I responded to messages from Ivy for a few minutes before I heard Ganizani’s voice, he was calling Tiya and i. I quickly hide the phone under the pillow and we walked out.
‘Dinner time,’ he said
‘You had a good day at school?’ he asked hitting my arm playfully
I rolled my eyes at him, ‘Yep.

We all gathered around the dining table, quietly eating our food. I was slowly trying to build up the courage to talk to dad.
Finally I took a deep breath and opened my mouth.
‘My friend has invited me to spend a night at her place on Saturday so we can study together,’ I finally managed to say.

Father raised his head and looked at me.

‘Can I go?’ I asked
Father was quiet for a few minutes.
‘You can’t go,’ he said
I looked at him with, ‘But father, this is the—,’
‘I said no,’ he cut me off looking up at me with cold dark eyes. ‘You are not going and that’s final.’
I pursued my lips and gave him a cold stare, was this man even my biological father?

If there was a possibility of swapping fathers, I swear I would swap mine with Ivy’s that man is so cool, he doesn’t dictate to his daughter like mine does.

‘Excuse me,’ I stood up.
I pushed my chair taking my plate to the kitchen before heading for my room. I needed to vent.
I grabbed my phone and texted Ivy.
‘He said I can’t come.’
She replied almost immediately, ‘Don’t worry father will sort that out.’


After supper I helped Ganizani clear the table, we carried the plates into the kitchen and placed them on the sink.
‘Can I help you clean the plates?’ I asked
‘I am good,’ he said
‘Can I wait up for you while you wash them?’
‘No,’ he shook his head without even looking at me.
I sighed and went to my room, I really wanted to get Ganizani’s attention but all my efforts to get him to talk to me where proving futile.

I like Ganizani a lot, he is my all time crush, he is actually the reason I agreed to move in with mum and her new husband.

Despite him being younger than me Ganizani is more than dreamy, he is perfect. I have a boyfriend but he isn’t as hot as Ganizani.


Back in the days before his mother died, Ganizani and I were actually good friends. These days he treat me like a stranger I guess he feels betrayed by mother’s actions.

I must try and get him to like me again, I don’t know but I will find a way.

‘Baby,’ mum startles me from my reverie as she walks into my room.
‘I am going to sleep,’ she says
‘Are you okay?’ she asks
‘Listen, I know it’s hard for you to adjust to this life, I know you would rather be with your father but—-,’
‘I am fine mum,’ I cut her short.
‘You are sure?’
‘Yes, I can see dad on weekends, there’s no pressure.’
‘How are the studies coming along?’
I shrugged, ‘So so.’
‘You need to study hard and pass your exams it’s the only way you will be accepted into college.’
‘I know.’
I wrote my grade twelve last year but I failed in most subjects so I am rewriting them this year.
‘I found someone who can help you pass,’ she said
‘He is a teacher at one of these private schools around here.’
‘I will ask him to come over tomorrow so he can see you.’
‘I have to go and sleep now.’
‘Goodnight mum.’
‘Goodnight hun,’ she opened the door and walked out slamming it behind her back.
I quickly changed into a blue short night dress, when I was sure everyone had gone to sleep, I sneaked out and headed towards Ganizani’s room.

To Be Continued….. . . 

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