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Episode 23 (Last Episode).

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Mmesoma walked to her seat, Oyin was surprised all these while his mouth was opened in admiration, he never believed it would be a tough challenge betwixt the school.

The chairman got up and took the centre change.

Chairman: wow! [he voices out] I am impressed by the debaters, I and the panel of judges will look into the result.

Some hour later Oyin got out of the hall smiling while Mmesoma and Theo, with Chinonso followed him from behind.

Mmesoma: that boy fine oh.

Chinonso: you don start again?

Theo: leave the girl na, em be like say she want make we forget say we carry am come.

They walked to the car were Akpan has already wandered to dreamland on the driver seat, Theo bent and knocked on the side mirror of the driver seat.

Akpan: ummhh… Ummhh.. [cleaning his face with his palm]

Oyin: lets go.

All of them got into the car and Akpan ignited the engine and they drove off.

Later in the evening Oyin sat under the mango tree outside of the corper’s lodge, he was busy licking a mango seed.
He sat on a chair with his shirt flung on his shoulder, Aisha walked to him.

Aisha: corper corper!!

Oyin: yes oh! all these children get something for their head tru tru.

Aisha: you don prepare your exam questions?

Oyin: no, chaaii!! [he exclaims] we go see later [he gets up and hurries away]

Aisha: see your mango [points at the mangoes on a plate on a bench]

Oyin: help me lick am.

The next day during morning devotion, Mr. Smart walked to the podium and faced the students. He is the sports master of the school.

Mr. Mark: good morning, students.

Students: morning, sir!

Mr. Mark: hope you are aware that we have match today.

Students: sir, yes sir!!!

Mr. Mark: make ona behave oh! na just friendly match, I use God take beg ona, biko nu! will you all behave?

Students: sir, yes sir!!

After the sports master got down from the podium, the principal and a new face to the students climbed the podium.

Principal: we have a very important personality amongst us today, you all should give him your undivided attention. He is coming from the ministry of education, he came with a very important message.

Mr. Timi: good morning, students.

Students: morning oh!

Mr. Timi: [chuckles] we are here to announce to you that this school will cease to be mixed school after your exams for this term.

Students: nooooo! [shouts]

Mr. Timi: your sins have gotten to the ears of the education board, we won’t allow such to continue… I heard you guys even changed the school’s name. What do you people call it?

Students: kpakpa grammar school [shouts]

Mr. Timi: ehnn.. You say? what does it mean?

Students: sir, you won’t understand.

Do you think such school exist in history?

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