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Episode 22.

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Chinonso: if na truth you dey talk, I dey see myself for America so oh!

Theo: dreamer [chirps in]

Akpan: no be small dreamer, take that one dey hold your side.

Chinonso: abi na…

Mmesoma: ona two no even send the debate, I no read for am oh.

Oyin: [he turns immediately and stares at Mmesoma] are you serious?

Mmesoma: no [chaps on her gum, Oyin inhales sharply]

Akpan drove the car inside the City Federal school, he looked for a parking lot and pulled over. Four of them came down except Akpan.

Akpan: I wan dey here, make ona dey go.

Oyin led the way, it was a boarding school for just boys alone. Few teachers were standing on a porch of a hall in front of them, as they approached.
A bell was rang and students started appearing from every corners.

Mmesoma: fine boys full this school, make them just register me for just one week ni.

Chinonso: so that you give them belle, abi?

Theo: na wetin dey your mind, instead of to think of how we go win.

Some minutes later, Mmesoma and Theo with Chinonso were all sitted on a podium facing their opponents, three boys.
At the space betwixt the debaters is a table with drinks and few refreshment. Oyin was amongst the chair man and time keeper with some sub-ordinates.

After the opening remark a boy from Federal City school was called upon to present his speech.

Dede: good day mr. Chair, good day accurate time keeper and co-debaters, am here to oppose the motion that mixed school is better than non-mixed school. It has been a far cry that our society is suffering from the ills perpetrated by those in mixed school, how? It is a point to be cited that girls from these kinds of schools barely reached the age of adolescent before partaking in sexual pleasure. It has been a major problem to curtain the level of drop-outs in school due to mixed school, what more should I say? the spread of this deadly virus by these students since they don’t know proper se-x education is a thing we should avoid. Especially the high rates of unwanted pregnancy in the society….


Time keeper: time up [rings the bell]

Chinonso got up and walked to the podium, did the normal salutation and faced the audience.

Chinonso: my opponent here made mentions of ills ’caused by mixed school which are all hasty generalization, lets considered the point he made turning the table. Does it mean that since their are mainly boys in this school all of them will turn out to be gays? [the audience echoes no] and the otherwise, the school mainly for girls all of them will turn out to be lesbians. This alone can wipe away a generation, so the argument of my opponent isn’t a reasoned out one… Considering a society were the women are left out home and didn’t partake in the government, or the day to day running of the society. That society will become another worse Nigeria, it would have benefit all of us to put a strife betwixt this superior sex and weaker sex to allow them thrive better.

Time keeper: time up!

Another debater from City Federal school stepped forward and made the usual salutation.

Chidi: it has been a regrettable mistake to put a yam and a goat in a cage and you expect the other shouldn’t feast, what will you learn and understand if you are staring at your crush be side you or the next two desks away from you? absolutely nothing, you will spend your time of reading writing love letters running after your female classmates.

Time keeper: time up!

Theo got up gingerly and made his way to the podium, after the normal salutation.

Theo: do you know the feelings of giving impression to your crush or the girl you are dying for? [everyone chuckles] that feelings made the university accumulate both gender, our mentors here will not deny the fact they all went to the university were both male and female attend, you could see the stiff competition, were the feminist will fight tooth and nails not to be dominated by the males, while the male will try to show-off their dominance academically…

Time keeper: time up!

Another debater stepped forward from Federal City school and observed the protocol.


Ishmael: considering the university, we all know they are legitimate adults by the age of eighteen, they are well experienced and have been thoroughly educated on living a life of amoral …. So isn’t sagacious to compare a mere secondary school filled with adolescent with a reputable institution plied by adults.

Time keeper: time up!

Mmesoma walked up from her desk and stood before the audience, observed the protocol.

Mmesoma: if we keep on the sex boundary betwixt this two genders, how I will going to get the best out of them? were the Europeans stupid for allowing a competition betwixt both genders? Lets… Consider Nigeria were female are not really considered, what has been the fate of the country? Nigeria have been led by men till now what have they achieved? Have you seen a memorable function partook by only one gender? when it comes to the societal benefits, both gender should been given a chance to strife together.

Time keeper: time up!

To Be Continued….. . . . .

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