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Episode 21.

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Oyin was surprised when Mmesoma raised her school’s skirt up and showed him the g-string pa-nt that barely concealed her cleanly shaved pu-ssy, he was hypnotize and shocked, he couldn’t fathom which.

Oyin: wh…at a…re yo…u doin…g? [he stutters]

Mmesoma: [places a finger on her lips] sshhh! [he walks seductively towards him across the chair] I want to fu-ck you!

Oyin: we… ma…ybe seen he…re [he stutters]

Mmesoma: [bends betwixt his legs and hides under the table, pulls down his zipper and dips her hand inside his brief and brings out his hard rod] awwwnnnn! nice di-ck.

She winked at him and started jer-king his already ha-rd di-ck slowly, Oyin bit his lower lip in surrender. Just in time a female student entered the staffroom, luckily the table has a blockade around it except a place to stretch your legs.

Martha: corper wire wire.. we get you now oh.

Oyin: ummhhh [Mmesoma licks his di-ck cap] aaahhh!

Martha: sir, wetin happen? you dey okay?

Oyin: I a…m [stutters as Mmesoma starts su-cking and bopping her head on his s—t] asshhhh! a…m coming! [hits the desk with his both hands]

Martha: na wa oh! madness get types sha…

Martha shook her head and got out of the staffroom, Mmesoma giggled and brought out his di-ck from her mouth and got out from under the table. Oyin wanted to drag up his zip but she stopped him and raised her skirt up.

Oyin: what are you doing?

Mmesoma: I nodey write jamb na [she aligns his di-ck to her opening after shifting her g-string pa-nt, she sits slowly on his ha-rd rod until it is buries dip inside her pu-ssy] aaahhh! [she mo-ans eyes close biting her lower lip]

Oyin: gossshh! [grabs the chair’s handles with both hands] you ar…e so ti-ght [beads of sweats forming on his forehead]

Mmesoma: [starts bouncing on his ha-rd di-ck] aahhh! aaahhh!! yes! yessss! [mo-aning with reckless abandon]

Oyin: [her mo-aning scares him, the thrills of being caught makes the se-xual passion crazier] aahhh! ooohhh! [he groans in excitement]

Mmesoma picked up pace bouncing faster on his di-ck, she got hold of his both hands and directed it to squeeze her bre-asts.
He took the two soft oranges and groped roughly, she breathed heavily as bounced faster this time.

Oyin: aaahhhhh [cries out in excitement] ammm cummmmiiiiiinnnnnggg…

Mmesoma: yes!! y…es!!! am clo…see

Anike stared at Steven who was grinning sheepishly, he shook his head and pinched his hand thinking it was a dream.
Steven quickly jumped up and punched the air.

Steven: yes! [he screams]

And then ran out of the laboratory.
Anike turned to Aisha who couldn’t help but laughed at his friend naivety, he must surely have a lot of stories to tell to his friends. That he has experienced BJ, Anike turned again to Aisha who stared back at him, he quickly tugged his di-ck back and pulled up his zip then walked away.

After school closed that day, Oyin was sitting under a mango tree thinking. His chin rested on his right hand, he is deeply troubled. He didn’t even noticed when Aisha came out of the Corper’s Lodge and walked to were he is.

Aisha: kosi!

Oyin: [he escapes his dilemma in a shock] oh! [he mumbles seeing Aisha]

Aisha: wetin happen? why you dey think like this?

Oyin: plenty things happen, one be say I regret why I serve for this kind school. The principal say my carry those students wey know only se-x go debate.

Aisha: [laughs] those students are brilliant oh.

Oyin: [flashes her a look] wetin you mean?

Aisha: I gave them test some days ago, they shocked me.

Oyin: you mean wetin you dey talk?

Aisha: you never give them test? [Oyin shakes his head] them no go fail you, just put them in their best behaviour.

Oyin: thank you, I don die for fear as I dey like this. Where you wan go?

Aisha: I wan go inside village to buy wetin I go cook.

Oyin: make I kukuma follow you.

Oyin got up from the chair and followed her as they headed to the school gate.

The next day in school, a car pulled over in front of the principal’s office were Mmesoma with Theo and Chinonso were standing, while the principal came out of his office with Oyin when he heard the car sound.

Chinonso: Akpaman, choii! This your shevenko head ehnn! [hails the driver when he comes out of the car]

Akpan: you never go abroad?

Principal: Akpan!

Akpan: sir, good afternoon sir.

Principal: leave Nonso and ona talk, abeg carry this people go the place.

He went to the car driver’s seat and entered, Oyin took the passenger seat at the front while Mmesoma and Theo with Chinonso took the back seats.

Chinonso: how marriage life na.

Akpan: no near there, you never hear?

Chinonso: say wetin?

Akpan: your school mother Betty don enter Oversea last year.

Chinonso: tell me say na lie.

Akpan: na lie, mumu.

To Be Continued……… . .

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