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Episode 20.

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Back to were Anita and Abigail are under the mango tree, Abigail stared at Anita script once again.. Wondering if she has not given the teacher se*x to have such score.

Abigail: how you take score eighteen over twenty for this difficult mathematics test? [eyes her suspiciously]

Anita: no reason go that side, here… we nodey bribe teacher to score us, if you do… you will be dealt with by the students.

Abigail: babe, na the first time you speak English oh.

Anita: wetin you mean say I no sabi speak good English?

Abigail: no na, come teach me maths na.

Anita: make we go library, na only there them nodey make noise.

Both of them got up from under the mango tree and walked away, as they were going two boys ran to them and spanked their buttocks and ran away.

Abigail: ona dey mad oh! who gave birth to these idiots?

Anita: [chuckling] iffa give ona two yansh, ona go fit fu*ck? [the two of them have gone before she says it]

Abigail: [eyes her] na wetin you suppose talk, those mumu children just abuse our yansh.

Anita: I know na, you will get use to it. naso them dey do na, we girls also do same and run away, is a game in this school.

Abigail: I hate such rubbish oh, make them no try am with me.. I go cut their hands.

Anita: aunty slaughter, we aff heard you oh.

The both of them walked to the school library talking and laughing.


Oyin sat impatiently alone in the staffroom stomping his feet on the marbled floor, the staff room have experienced some re-structuring when the school won a prize for the Village in State level, the community were very pleased with the teachers so they did a thoroughly renovation to the building living by it past glory. Theo and Mmesoma entered the staffroom, with Chinonso whistling behind them.

Oyin: Sp!

Theo: sir.

Oyin: three of us will be going out for debate tomorrow, please am depending on three of you not to put me to shame.

Chinonso: [shrugs] na wetin ona come me here for? we don pass this level na, I think say na governor cup.

Oyin: [chuckles] when we win this level, we go enter governor cup.

Theo: count on us, we no go fall your di*ck. Wetin be the topic.

Oyin: mixed school and none mixed school, which of them is better? we are arguing for mixed school.

Mmesoma: no problem sir, we go prepare for am.

Chinonso: no wam na, make tomorrow reach first. I wan bounce, Theo we get talk.

Theo: sir, we fit go?

Oyin: you all can go [Theo and Nonso leaves but Mmesoma stays] what do the problem?

Mmesoma: [she raises her skirt up] the problem is covered with my pa-nt.

Back to the laboratory were Aisha and the two students are, they have pulled down their boxer and school trouser to their kneels.

Steven: [Aisha twirls her tongue on his di*ck cap] aaahhh! [he mo*ans]

Anike: su-ck my own too.

Anike has the smaller di-ck in length, what his di-ck failed to make up in length. Made it up in weight, it was thick and short. Short and mighty, while Steven’s own is long but slim.

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Anike: [Aisha takes his di-ck in her mouth and starts su-cking while jer-king Steven] aaahhh! ooohh!! [he mo-ans and starts rubbing her]

Steven: I dey cummmmmmmmmmm aaahh aahh! [he starts releasing breathing heavily]

Anike: wetin happen? you never fu-ck before?

Steven: yes, if no be this school I for never even know wetin be fu-ck sef, aunty thank you. [smiling foolishly]

To Be Continued……. . . .

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