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Episode 18.

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Oyin came out of the principal office and stood arms- akimbo in front of the principal’s office.
He shook his head tiredly and glanced at the paper on his right hand and reminiscened on the names the principal mentioned.

Oyin: unbelievable! [he exclaims]

He strode out of the principal’s office pavement, his gait gave way to the burden he is bearing in his mind.

Chinonso and Charles were still in the backyard discussing.

Charles: hiaa! who be Cynthia nkor?

Chinonso: na my sister too, shey you no know that my brother from the nearby village, the one from my mother family.

Charles: you sabi lie oh! you mean Cynthia wey ona two dey enter school toilet dey do you know.

Chinonso: I no know, I don tell you Cythia na my sister.

Cynthia: [walks in on them without them knowing] which Cynthia ona dey talk about?

Charles: Nonso talk say you be em… [Nonso rushes and closes his mouth]

Cynthia: [rolls her eyes] I no get time for ona drama, Chinonso come teach me this mathematics I no understand am… Your useless classmates no gree make the man teach am well.

Chinonso: yes, baby.

Cynthia and Chinonso walked away leaving Charles who was busy laughing, he shook his head and walked away.

Moyosore started riding Michael’s di*ck faster, moving up and down on his long curvy har*d di*ck. Every eyes turned to them staring at them in the class, the teacher was busy writing something on the board.

Michael: [moves his both hands forward and grabs her bre*asts] yes! Assshhh! [he groans]

Moyosore: aaahhh! Ooohhh! [muffling mo*ans escaping her lips]

Michael: am c…loooossseee! [he mumbles on her shoulder]

Moyosore: [starts bumping faster] cu*m insid….e m…e aaahh…


Michael: aahh! ahhh!! aaahhhh!!! [moa*ns loudly as he shoots his cu*m deep inside her]

Moyosore: [he pu*ssy walls tightens and her o—-m hits her] aaaaahhhhh! [she screams scratching the desk]

Mr. Biggy: [turns] children of devil, who is making that kind of noise?ehnn… Michael and Moyosore the ant never still die?

Moyosore: [gets off from his laps] is dead oh…

Michael: [tucks his di*ck back inside the trouser and zips his zipper] yes oh, the ant was so stubborn.

Moyosore: [picks up her pant on the floor and wears it slowly slowly, dragging it to her waist] sir, I get question? [raising her hand]

Mr. Biggy: which question be that?

Moyosore: wetin this gravitation wan help us for Nigeria, because our politicians have proven this theory wrong. Any of them wey don go up no go gree come down [every one starts laughing]

Corper Oyin walked into SSS2 to give the topic to Mmesoma, immediately he entered the class all of them rushed to their desks and settled.

Class prefect: [hits the desk before him] greet class!

Class: good afternoon corper wire wire… wire me aaaahh! wire me ooohhh!

Oyin: [sighs in defeats] little devils! [he barks and all of them chuckles] Mmesoma! please follow me [he storms out of the class]

Mmesoma: [giggles] na my turn [just in time for him to over hear her before he walks out of the class.

Aisha was so tired after running after the student who escaped, she went to the laboratory and sat. she hates everything about this school, how can a student spank her a*ss in the classroom and yet she couldn’t do anything about it. The teachers she even told were not making any effort to reprimand him, she gulped down the bottle water in her hand and leaned on the wall breathing softly.

Two male students stepped inside the laboratory and saw her, her solitude was disrupted definitely as she shot them dagger stares but they were all unmoved.


Anike: [licking his lips] aunty, we go like me you give us some private lesson?

Aisha: are you out of your minds, but you should just thataway! [she hisses in irritation]

Steve: you no wan comply, forget about marriage and future for this country.

Both of them walked away playing the recorded video, when Aisha heard her own voice. The hairs on her skin stood.

Aisha: ahh! ahhh! Make ona come back.

Both of them zipped down their zipper and brought out their flaccid di*cks.

Steve: serve our p—k with all your strength! [grinning]

To Be Continued….. . . .

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