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Episode 16.

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Philip: everytime devil devil, shey na devil carry you come this school? na the devil make you dey do initial gra gra for this college, abi?

Mr. Mark: make ona no vex, anything wey ona go talk. I go do am.

Theo: [clears his throat and gives him a long sheet of paper] failure to abide by those rules and regulations, your po*rn video go make headlines for po*rn sites.

Mr. Mark: [stares at the paper with wide eyes] all these? I no go be teacher again na. This thing don turn me to puppet.

Gabriel: which teacher wey dey bang em student like registered po*rnstar? [three of them laughs]

Mr. Mark: please, no problem. delete the video.

Philip: see mumu [three of them laughs] every students in this school have the video, they are watching you doing aaahh! Ooohhhh! and your cucumber!!

Theo: pay us like five thousand naira so that we no go leak am to any po*rn site.

Mr. Mark didn’t dare object, he took out the remaining naira notes from his pocket and gave to Theo.

Theo: [spits on his palms and starts counting] em no complete, how far the remaining?

Mr. Mark: na wetin I get abeg… make ona manage am.

Philip: okay, tell your wife say make em enter xvideos make em watch how you dey do am.

Three of them made to leave but he went after them pleading that he will give them the balance tomorrow.

Oyin stormed the staff room frowning, the four teachers sitted their were not surprised by his long face. They suspected he have been roped during the devotion time, he didn’t bother about screaming and flogging students who poking fun in the devotion ground.

Mr. Steve: this one your face is like this, your wife die? [his eyes lits up in humour]

Mrs. Steph: Oyin, we hope all is well… This one you are looking like lion that escaped death.

Mr Friday: I wonder oh!

Mrs Priscilla: lets hear from him.

Oyin stared at them, he tried to open his mouth and speak but nothing came. He brood over what he wanted to say and shrugged.


Oyin: nothing… Just having a bad day.

Anny: [enters the staff room chewing gum loudly] corper wire wire, principal say my call you [she walks away rudely]

The other teachers were expecting stunned Oyin to call her back and discipline her usually, but he sighed in resignation and got up from the chair he was sitting.
Suddenly he heard them laughing wondering what was funny.

Mr. Biggy was in class 1 teaching them Physics, he is the only Physics teacher in the school. Government have refused to employ teachers rather retiring them is preferable to them.

Mr. Biggy: hope you all know what gravitation is now? [someone raises his hand up] if na motion you wan ask, go ask your papa for house biko.

The hand was dropped and another came up, Mr. Biggy urged him to ask.

Ameka: sir, you say when something go up em go surely come down, ’cause of gravitational force exerted on Earth [Mr. Biggy nod in confirmation] why em be say di*ck wey don stand don stand? why gravitational no force, or gravitation dey inside toto? na my question be that [everyone starts giggling]

Mr. Biggy: when you reach house, ask your papa why em no fall from palm tree die? [everyone starts laughing]

Mr. Biggy turned to the blackboard to explain what he wrote there, the desk were arranged like this – a girl and a boy to a desk.
Michael and Moyosore were both occupying the last desk at the extreme roll.

Moyosore placed her palm on his g—n and zipped down his zipper, brought out his flaccid di*ck and started jer*king alive slowly, Michael focused his face on the blackboard and raised her skirt up, she wasn’t wearing any pan*t. she spreads her legs wide to give him more access, he started fingering her pu*ssy slowly slowly as she covered her mouth with her palm, he increased his pace.

Moyosore: ummmhh.. [muffling moa*ns]

she pulled out his hand and Michael licked them clean, Moyosore bent down and took his di*ck in her mouth.
Mr. Biggy turned and saw that one of his student is missing.

Mr. Biggy: Michael, where is your seatmate?

Michael: umhh… she dey pick… asshhh… her pe…n.

Biggy: this is serious [Moyosore stops su*cking and starts licking the cap of his di*ck with her tongue] why you turn stammerer?


Michael: ummmhh! to…da…y.

Mr. Biggy shook his head and turned to the blackboard, Moyosore raised her head up grinning.
she stood up and crossed her leg over Michael’s both legs. she s——-d him and he held his har*d di*ck aligning it to her opening, she sat slowly slowly taking in his hard di*ck deep inside her.
Mr. Biggy turned and saw Moyosore sitting on Michael with her eyes shut and biting her lower lips.

Mr. Biggy: Michael, why is your wife sitting on your laps?

Michael: an ant was biting her.

Moyosore: true sir, is so painful… I cannot sit there.

Mr. Biggy: hiiiaa! kill the ant na.

Michael: sir, I don kill am oh… but the ant belong to that specie of ant that dies ten minutes after them don kill, the one Charles Darwin was talking about in his book natural selection.

To Be Continued…… . . .

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