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Episodes 03.

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David was scared on hearing the doctor’s report, he pleaded with the doctor to allow him to see his wife, the doctor allowed him to see her on the condition that he won’t disturb her, he agreed and was directed to his wife’s bed. Juliana was so weak that she couldn’t speak or move, her beauty were gone, David held her hand and sobbed

God, please heal her, she is all I have, please Lord, don’t make me lose her again, David prayed silently and wept
He spent 30mints with his wife before the doctors asked him to leave, he left the room to the reception, he was so sad, he sat down and buried his head in his hand,

Should I transfer her to another hospital? What should I do? David thought within himself. He was lost in his thought until his phone ringing tone brought him back to life.
He checked to see who was calling before he picking the call.
‘Hello Fred’..
‘Hello David, what happened? I called your office and I was told you were not around’..

‘Yes, am at the hospital’

‘Doing what?’ Fred asked

‘It Juliana, she is very sick. David answered almost crying.

‘What! What happened to her?’

‘I don’t know, the doctor can’t figure it out, and the last report the doctor gave me was that she might not survive it.. I don’t know what to do Fred’, David cries as he speaks

‘Stop that, you shouldn’t be crying, you are a man, have you prayed about this?’

‘Prayed? No, I didn’t even think of that?’

‘You mean you are just sitting down there crying without taking this matter to God?
Common man, you are not a kid, you of all people knows that everything needs prayers Good things needs prayers not to talk of bad things. I want you to pray and I will also join you. Thank God you can hear the audible voice of God, so talk to your father in prayer’..

That’s true Fred, I know I have the gift to hear God’s voice, but if this really needs prayers, God would have spoken to me about it..

David, God will only speak if you ask him, He said “Ask and it shall be given” you have to asked, before He speaks or gives, a closed mouth is a closed destiny, open your mouth to him David

‘Humm.. That’s true, thank so much Fred’..

‘You are welcome, I need to get back to work, I will call you later.%.

‘Alright, take care’.
Yea, he hanged up

Why did I not think of praying all this while? I was so carried away with my problem and forgot that I have a problem solver, I was so consumed with my worries and forgot I have a Father who could take away the challenges am going through away. God, please have mercy on me for neglecting you and relying on human help. God please forgive me, I need to act fast.. David stood up and left the hospital,

He went to church straight from the hospital, it was 10mins drive, the Church was empty as it was weekday, and they were not holding any program.. He went straight to the alter, knelt down and started praying, he thanked God for his life and the life of Juliana, he asked for forgiveness and started praying for his wife

God, have mercy on me, don’t let me lose Juliana like I lose Esther, please Lord heal her and bring her back to me, there is nothing you cannot do, you said it in your word that “any one that call upon your name shall be saved” I am calling upon your name on behave of the wife you gave to me as my companion and helpmate, please Lord save her life don’t let her die in this sickness.
David prayed for two hours until God speaks to him.

David, that is your inheritance.. What your wife is going through is your inheritance.

Inheritance? How? David asked.

In every family.. There is always an inheritance passed from one generation to another, some might be battles, mercy, bad covenant, good covenant, glory, forwardness, backwardness, e t.c.. It doesn’t matter if you are my child or not, if you received bad inheritance from your parent, and you didn’t pray against it as my child, it will manifest negatively in your life. Look at Abraham, he was my friend, my favourite, someone I made a convenant with, but he had a problem, delay in childbearing, he had his first son in his old age, after giving birth to Isaac, this problem was transfered to Isaac too, Isaac had delay too, check this out in my word “and Isaac intreated the Lord for his wife, because she was barren” Gen 25:21a. Isaac later gave birth to Jacob and Esau because of the prayers he made. Jacob’s wife Rachel, the one he truly loved, the one he worked 14yrs to pay her price, also had delayed before she gave birth, Jacob other wives gave birth without delay, the problem only affected the wife Jacob loves most because the other wives were just like an addition to him, he never loved them.

David, that was how this problem that started with Abraham was inherited from one generation to another, and was stopped during Joseph generation.

Hummmm.. David bowed his head and marveled on what God was revealing to him.

My son, that is for Abraham, what about David in the Bible, he was the man after my own heart, the one who knows how to praise me like no other, the one I made a great covenant of mercy with, David inherited two things for his children, firstly he inherited my mercy for his children, 2Samuel 7:15:16, and secondly covetousness David covet the wife of Uriah, Bathsheda and I placed a curse on him you can find that in my word “Now therefore the sword shall never depart from thine house; because thou hast despised me, and hast taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be thy wife” 2Samuel 12:10-11. This was another inheritance from David to his unborn generation.
Amnon, one of David’s son covet his half sister Tamar, the sister of Absalom, and raped her, Amnon was killed because of this by Absalom, Tamar’s brother, 2Samuel 13.
Solomon covet the women I warned them not to marry, the strange women, women of moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Zidonians, Hittitite, 1king11:1-2, because of this I took the kingdom away from him and gave it to his servant, 1king 11:9-13.

My son, David’s children inherited covetousness from David their forefather and women became the reason God was angry with them, because it was David’s encounter with a woman that brought about the curse in the first place.

There are also good inheritance, but am giving you instances of bad ones, because they are related what you inherit from your fathers.

‘David, how many wives do your father have?’
‘Three sir.’.
‘How many are alive?’
‘Just one,’
‘Where are the remaining?’
‘They are dead’..
Exactly.. Your mother was the first wife.. Go and ask your father how he lost the two wives..
What about your grandfather and great grandfather?

I didn’t meet them alive..

Go and ask your father, then you will know the root of your problem..

David stoop up from where he was kneeling down like lightening.. He rushed to his car and zoomed off to his father’s house

Good afternoon dad.

Good afternoon, why have you come here when you are suppose to be with your wife? We were about coming to the hospital to meet you, abi? He said asking his wife.

That’s true, David’s step mum confirmed it

Dad, I came to see you for something very important,

Hope no problem?

No, sir

Okay sit down..

Dad, can we go to your room? David said avoiding the look on his step mum face

Yes, David’s father led the way while he followed.

Sit down.. His father offered him a seat when they got to his room.

Thank you dad,
They sat down opposite each other.

Dad, I want to ask you some questions which has to do with my life.

Alright son, am listening.

Dad, how many wives does my great grandfather, who happened to be your grandfather, had during his time?

His father smiled, ah.. Baba! Baba was a great man during his time, ladies always flocked around him, I could remember vividly, ladies always begged him to marry them….

Dad! David shouted! Am sorry for shouting, I don’t just have the patience of listening to your story now, please dad I just want a simple answer, David said trying to remain calm.

Am sorry my son, I thought I should start from the beginning.. He had 7 wives, during those days man could marry many women.

OK dad, do they all grow old with him?

No? He lost 5 during his young age as I was told, and he lost 1 during his old age and he left 1 on earth.. His father explained

What about your daddy, my own grandfather? David asked folding his hands

My father, married 4 wives..

Do they all grow old with him too?

No, he lost all before he dead..

David scratched his head with his both hands and he looked sobber..

David, what is the problem? His father asked

Dad, I know you had 3 wives, my mother was the first, the second one, and my present step mother.

Yes, you are right.

Dad, How did they die?

David! Why this questions? Answering these questions is like opening a heal wound.. I don’t want to remember those bad days..

Please dad, please. This is really very important to me now and to save the life of my second wife that am about to loose anytime from now.

Humm.. His father sighed..
Your mother was my first wife, we got married and she got pregnant that same year we married, during her delivery, some difficulties occurred, the doctor tried their best to save both of you, but it was an impossible task, she cried and went through a lot of pains for many days before she finally gave up the ghost, but luckily for me, you were saved.. His after said as he wiped tears from his faces.

David was carried away and didn’t realized his father was crying.

I remarry again after two years of mourning my wife, she also got pregnant, on our way to hospital for delivery, she lost her life with the baby.. That was how I was struck again with sadness and loneliness..

I decided not to remarry again, but to focused on you alone, when you went to school, and I was getting old, I decided to look for a companion to look after me, that was when I married your step mother, she was in her menopause when I married her, you also know the rest of the story, she lost her husband too, I know she can’t give birth for me, but at lest she will keep my company..
That is the story my son.. His father wept after he narrated.

It okay dad, am sorry for bringing back bad memories, David hugged his father as he also sobbed silently.. Thank you dad for telling me all these..
He stoop up and picked his car key
Dad I have to go now..
Won’t you eat? His father asked, but David had already rushed out before he finished.

My father was a victim of bad inheritance, I also fall a victim by inheriting this battle from him.. God, you are indeed the secret revealer you know the hidden things that no man knows! But how will I save myself from this inheritances, what will I do? How will I break the yoke? I can’t continue this way? There must be a way out of this. Juliana must not die! God what should I do? David thought within himself as he drove back to the church.

To be continued… . . . .

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