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Olamide’s Science Student : Why Artists Need More Than The Music To Make Impacts

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Olamide Baddo

Science student got it’s ban.
It wasn’t fair for a song meant to promote cultural awareness among youths who indulge in “mixing of chemicals” to get high. That’s that.

When the song dropped, everybody was like “Olamide is promoting drug abuse.” ‘Cause from the lyrics, that was what it was. BUT, it was deeper, deeper than that – he said. Maybe after such rumours reached Olamide, he quickly cautioned people (with his Social Media) on what impact he was trying to drive with the song. It was supposed to be a win-win. Olamide is at a stage in his career, when he needs to get serious with the music, and do impactful things. Besides, “shaku shaku” is there and needs some push, so if “Science Student” could do that magic, why not ? So, it was killing two birds with one stone, basically.
But, it’s not even enough to drive the pop culture.

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Youths don’t do yahoo yahoo ‘cos their favourite artist says “Mo n chache,” in a new song of his. No! They do it ‘cos they want to. Why do they want to? Hushpuppi or Investor BJ or Baddy Oosha’s lifestyle. That impacts than more than some lyrics, created to entertain.

In the same vein, tryin’ to mock the drug mixing habit of youths to make them change, is garbage. It won’t make a big impact. What then makes the change? Ever heard of Kick The Cup?

In the U.S, many and many rappers (new wave Trap artists mainly) who indulge in taking Lean and Xanax, just started giving it up. Lil Peep’s must have increased the awareness, too. Lil Xan doesn’t need to jump on a song saying “Lean is bad for your health, bitch.” Nah! That song will probably sell, but it won’t make impact. But, coming on Instagram, admitting it in interviews and letting his new-found soberness resonate around his lifestyle, will move his Lean-addicted fans.
Likewise, I expect Nigerian artists to come against the use of hard drugs, not by only saying it on their songs – this can help, too – but by changing their lifestyle. You can’t be a pharisee. Change begins with me, or what’s it called ?

Yes that’s it. Olamide’s song about “won ti po chemical po” might get banned, but his Tweet about it won’t get deleted by NBC. And, everything about his lifestyle echo that “say no to drug abuse” will move the culture, in a good direction.

The question is, though, what if he never meant those lyrics?

NB: This article was dated back to 2018. Written by Quasar Miami

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