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Davido’s 2017 Is Potential Movie (Y’all Didn’t Notice)

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Davido had his biggest year ever, in 2017. With hits back-to-back. At least, five bonafide hits came from OBO last year (2017).

Written by Quasar Miami

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Though the music were made differently, with (probably) different things in mind. For example, FIA’s heavy citing of Caroline Danjuma (which David denied, anyway) and Fall’s Ronaldo shout-out. They’re all different pieces, and on each one, the DMW boss tries to make the drama more interesting for the soap opera. First it was “30 billion,” then “Banana,” then Pere, then Caroline save your drama.

BUT, what if the songs together could make a concept album with the theme progressing as each song goes? What if we can join the dots ?

Let’s see..



Davido and his G’s were driving along the Island, when they saw a very beautiful lady. (Are you thinking what I’m thinking?) As God will have it, she happened to be an old friend to one of his friends. “Gimme that gyal,” he screamed. After much persuasion, his friend hooked him up, arranged a date. Not after citing that she’s a medical doctor and doesn’t have time, tho.

The date, Davido and the lady (Obianuju) started the conversation, talked about a lotta sh*ts. Then OBO tipped in some love speeches. Obianuju, who thought it was supposed to be just a friendly lunch, shunned him. Davido no take am easy. “I’m serious,” he started “If I tell you say I love you, you’ve got my money, my body. Adeleke’s my dad. N30bn for the account” She must have replied “I ain’t a gol’ digger… “No do, no do, no do gra gra for me.”

The scene didn’t end without him mentioning that he likes her mini skirt. Davido is a naughty boy ehn.

II. Fall

Obviously, the girl gree for him. For a month, it was heaven on earth, for both of ’em. Obianuju even took two weeks leave at work. winks That continued, until Davido went on a “business trip” for his dad’s company. She called his number, and a lady answered “Havin’ a good time wi’ my boyfriend, kindly fuck off, bitch.”

Davido was back in town, went straight to Obi’s house. “Get out of my house. So that’s how you go about having relationships with many girl, promising all marriage at the same time?” She had said amidst tears. What d’you expect? Davido starts begging. First remind her of Money and Banana. Then, “If I offend you, biko sorry oh baby, take heart oh”

“I don’t wanna be a player no more!”

III. Pere (feat. Young Thug, Rae Sremmurd)

The girl left. So painful. Ouch, sorry bro. You too, take heart. “Man cannor comman die,” he called his nigg’s to goan chill out at a club.

Thug has already arranged for some Olosho to be brought in. And, once they came, Davido picked his choice. She was lap-dancing for him, and she whispered “Wa a fe ku la le yi.” Me? OBO? Davido? You dey mad. If I give you one pere…


Had a good time. The next day, preparing to go to the studio, when an Ex whom he dated, many years back, came searching for him. On seeing him, na so she come kneel down ke? She dey beg. Those days she wanted him to do wire wire were days of ignorance. And, she wanted him back now?

Lmao. You for dey for me, when the boy dey hunger.

V. Like Dat

Omor, make I think about my life. Sh*t don happen, but they say I ta like rodo. To God be the glory. Make person party.

Hennessy ti wo body like that..

Everything is connected. Do you know garri and cold water, is connected? That was what I took before writing this.

DISCLAIMER: Take this too serious, at your own risk. Also NOTE: This article was dated back to January 2018.

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