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4 Ways to Build a Strong Promotional Outreaching Without Flaw as an Upcoming Artist

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Few weeks ago, Desiigner pulled up a show – one of the bests ever seen, in a while. *chuckles* The G.O.O.D Music signed “rapper” – what is the meaning of rap, in 2018 ? – requested for 50K retweets, in exchange for a new song from him. Of which sounds plausible, owing to the fact that, he has over 1.1m followers on the micro-blogging site.

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But, after about three days, the retweets were still less than 2,000. Any, social expert will tell you, if your tweet or post didn’t pick up in the first three days, there’s no hope, yaaknow. That post will be buried in the Myriad of posts on the platform.

In short, the campaign failed. No, it didn’t fail, it was a failure. But, not utterly ‘cos it could still be a lesson for artists – upcoming especially. And, here are some lessons;

1. Build Your Fanbase

Organically Coming out from nowhere, and blowing overnight can be a great stuff, but on the long, do you think it’ll pay off ? Your career will be built on “lies,” people who are following you ‘cos everyone else is, and not because you’re a great (Even when you’re a great art!) And, then when your moment is gone – it’ll always go – you have no base to fall back on.

That was happened to Desiigner. No mixtapes, no failed EP’s, no flood of singles, or YouTube freestyles, and the guy just came, with “Panda” and boom, No. 1 everywhere. How does that happen, uh ? While this may sound cool, and impressive, it’s gonn’ hurt the artist, because there is no base, no cult of people following him from day zero. No matter how many years he used, do you think he’ll be as great as Lil Wayne ? Build your fanbase.

Connect with those two people always commenting on your posts. Drop stuffs, be consistent, do exclusives, and build your fanbase, all the way up. J Cole’s leaning on his core fanbase, andnot, Erm… What’s the name of his Label sef ?

2. Don’t Buy Followers

OK, yeah, you can buy likes, and all that. BUT, you think I will be impressed when I see your followers are some Australian bots, with no profile ? Uh? Or, it’ll make me a fan ? I understand, you may feel, it’s gonn’ make you credible, like, if I see 150k followers, I’ll be like “Oh, this nigg get base, don’t let me left out,” shey? OK, but, when it’s to say 100 retweets to drop my sophomore album, don’t be surprised when you get 2. Thank you! But, I’m not saying Desiigner bought followers oh. Just saying my own oh ?

3. Don’t Over Estimate The Worth Of A Social Media Follower

A follower is very precious to your career. But, not all social media follower is actually following you. Some don’t even know you exist. It was that last week I knew I was actually following Desiigner on Twitter. Wow. That means half a million people following the guy are ghosts ? While a follow from Ronaldo can make a Nigerian pop star jump down from the ceiling, don’t let random follows from 1,000 people over-joy you.

4. Build Your Fanbase

(Yes, Again!!!) I can’t say this Enough. Build your f**kin fan base. Don’t ask for 1K, retweets until you’ve done that.

NB: This article was dated back to 2018. Written by Quasar Miami

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