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10 Ways to Advance Music Industry in 2018

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2018 is just a month (and a few days) old, so I can still call this a new year. We’re in a new year and the festivites have faded for the activities to show face. New songs are in already, a new trend (shaku shaku), and the year’s a promising one. Giving that you all, the mainstream, are gonn’ hear many raps (most with meaningless lyrical content, anyway), and the whole anti-melody shaku shaku rap, is set to take over the pop culture. A win-win, for the street, and hip-hop. That said. BUT, you as a fan, as part of the commu-fuckin’-nity, can help move the culture (hip-hop) forward, this year. Like a yoruba adage, “igi kan ò kí n d’ágbóse,” which translates to a tree doesn’t make a forest. So, it takes a collective effort to grow. There are some little things, each ome of us, can do to move the culture, and these are the stuffs that really make the difference. Let’s get at it, real quick.

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1. Listen to new rappers.

Support ’em. I bet, you always wan’ be that guy that knows a rapper, when he had 42 followers, and now he’s a superstar. Besides, these new talents are what the industry need, but due to over-saturation, might not get. But, if we find them, we’ll surely see ’em. Support them. I don’t have a million followers, so me tweeting Phyno’s new single, is just off. One, I’m not gon’ get appreciated -he won’t know. Two, I’m tweeting it to people who’ve probably already heard it. BUT, when you share a new kid’s song, and play it to people who may care, you never know, you might be supporting the nex’ big thing! Show love to upcoming arts(talented ones.) Support them. They don’t have the platform, but just that one tweet can take shii’s to a whole new level.


WO!, see, look here, ALL NAIJA ENTERTAINMENT is the biggest hiphop-oriented outlet you’ll find in Africa (And, I don’t mean to be bold!) If you don’t know, let me tell you. In March, we’ll be one year, and just check, look back and see what I meant when I said that first line. With many other exciting features set to come in place, HipHopHead is poised for greater heights. Move the culture.

3. Buy album, and get music from the right places

You can’t afford to be ripping your “best rapper” off his money, by opting for pirated copies of a top-notch album, created in sweats, and sleepness nights. What of the money invested on the project ? Buy albums, buy, buy, you won’t die. And, even if $9.99 on iTunes is a big one, you can always stream music at some places that could still fetch the artists money. Yes, your Spotify stream might not be able to pay your artist more than $0.004, that amount when accumulated is something. Instead of downloading it free, why not MTN music plus, which is very very cheap. Or Boomplay, and YouTube, that can actually fetch some revenue for those artists? Do, have a re-think.

4. Join the conversations

Don’t just watch M.I take shots at rappers, ’cause you’re a fan. Join the conversation. Your favourite rapper just said M.I is whack, Talk About It (and, yes, pun intended.) That instagram post of yours can escalate the matter, and turn it to a big discussion. Don’t just be a dummy, here. Knock knock. Who’s at the door? It’s me. You who? It’s 2018!

5. Checkout the old school

Some SWAT Roots, or RuggedMan collection for the night can really make you appreciate the art, and how far it has got to, and the creativity infused into it, at this. It will also make you know why this was this, and that was that. When I heard Vector’s old raps, it made me see stuffs differently. Check ’em out, so next time you won’t say Eedris Abdulkareem is the father of Nigerian hip-hop.

6. Pray for Dremo

As hillarious as this can get, it just carries the truth on it’s back like a baby. Dremo’s in the Mainstream – whatever this means in 2018 – and arguably rap’s next prince. Seriously, guy got flow. And, when he put pen on paper and stand before a mic, at Adey’s studio, what you hear is (12) BANG! But switching these days once you start “blowing” is just like the status quo. Sometimes this doesn’t mean such a rapper will start rapping, it may just mean he’ll get unnecessary, and start singing nonsense. From don’t let Dagrin down to la-la-la-ku-ku-la-la. Pray for that guy!

7. Don’t argue

M.I’s G.O.A.T status No comments. I don’t wan’ argue.

8. Go to OLIC L

Olamide’s one of Naija’s best of all time, but you people didn’t go to his concert. Still you dance “awon omo science student,” crazily on the street. Ehen ? Baba even set ticket fee at N1k for poor fans (like me.) BUT, still they didn’t go (like me.) But, the next day you are arguing, Olamide’s bigger than VEC (like me.) It’s not good.

9. Listen to Nasty C, a little more And, this goes to all Nigerians, pop or hip-hop. Wait, I heard y’all were looking at Nasty killing his vibe at Davido’s concert, last year? Chai. One of Africa’s hottests in Africa, in 2017. Still you don’t know his songs. Why? No data to download, or ALL NAIJA ENTERTAINMENT didn’t post it? Hey guys, that thing must change, this year. Ahn ahn, it’s not fair oh. That guy dey grind na.

10. Follow me on IG (@quasARMiami) Kikiki. I’m about the youngest – not seen another – hip hop writer in Nigeria oh? And Even tho I love Modenine, I use to hear Panda, and xxxtentacion. And Jaden Smith. I swear, I’m new school! Follow me. It’s simple oh. BTW, who else is waiting for Boogey’s album like me ?

NB: This article was dated back to 2018. Written by Quasar Miami

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