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Episode 19.

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To the nearest hospital for me to be attended to quickly..the pains I was feeling were very I realised the pains my mother went through before giving birth to me…

****FEW Hours later..*

*I was laying down..on the bed I sighted aunty stella walked in..a friend of aunty stella had seen me..and gave a call to Stella..*
Stella:my dearest..your baby very very handsome..gosh..
Theresa:(tears trickled down my cheeks)
Stella:he takes after dear..what’s wrong..?you look worried..
Theresa:(sighs)it’s nothing..

*When I thought I was a virgin..I never knew I was slept with..but with who..things started to run into my I stood up from the hospital bed..and booted out of the hospital the following day without taking my child..I know it’s not right..but he can’t be me…when he grows up..what will I tell him about his father…when I don’t even know who impregnated me..*
(Stella’s house)
(Stella room)
(Stella.. Theresa..and Mary discussing)
Mary: you should not ve done that shouldn’ need to go back to that hospital and take that kid..he needs you..
Theresa:that kid ruined my life..Mary..
Stella:don’t you dare say such it the child’s fault that you had to get expelled from school..? there’s nothing that can make me go back to that hospital…I rather stay here..while he stay there.. he’ll be better taken care of there..
Mary:and what makes you so sure of yourself..theresa..hmm..have said my have hears..let them hear..

*Days had passed by..and I started feeling remorseful about my kid..I couldn’t help but thought of the pains I passed through before giving birth to him..and most of all.. he’s cute smile..and how I heard his baby voice cried out..loud..while the nurse pets him..tears rolled down my cheeks as I went back to the hospital where..I was admitted…the main building for the hospital..was no longer I asked a passer by..
Theresa:sorry..isn’t this where…is located..?
Passer-by:yeah..but it has been demolished..the hospital is not here anymore..
Theresa:no..!!!sorry do you know it’s new location now?
Passer-by:am sorry..I don’t..
Theresa:thanks anyways..
* poor baby..only God knows where he is he safe..jeez..I made a very big mistake of my life and now..I just can’t even try to*

*(Nicholas Mansion)*
(Nicholas and Micheal discussing)
Micheal:ah..that liquor bad..o
Nicholas:yeah..mehn… Micheal:e be like the one wey we buy for my twentieth birthday..
Nicholas:yeah..those girls..
Micheal:those girls na bad girls.. baddest..
Nicholas:not my theresa..she’s just so sweet..I just love her too much.. can you love that kinda chick..?
Nicholas:hey..she’s not a in love with her..yeah..believe it or not..and that’s why am still single..I just hope I see her..someday… I’ll never forget that night..theresa johnson (smiling)

(Stella’s apartment)
(Mary and Theresa Room)
(Theresa..and Mary gisting)
Mary:guess what?
Mary:G.C.E..forms are out .
Theresa:oh my God.. really?
Mary:yes..girl..I got the forms for us..sef..(brought out the forms)
Theresa:wow..this is good..’s time for us to do what we do best really..have been waiting for this you still ve your maths textbook?
Theresa: of just too happy..I can’t finally make it to the university..
Mary:same here..

*A Year has passed now..and we already did our G.C.E..and JAMB get admission..I know we will get admission someday..I told myself..while sweeping the living room.. I convinced aunty stella to stop her dirty business and with the help of God..she stopped all her prostitution we opened a shop..for her to start beverages sales..while..Mary..went to train herself..on making of hairs..I learnt how to sew beautiful was actually my thing..right from the start..back to the present day..I was mopping the floor of the living room..before I take my shower and leave shop..cause the sewing madame is a bit strict and is a no..nonsense woman..while still mopping…I heard a familiar scream rushing into the living room which I was mopping.. obviously it was Mary holding two papers..
Theresa:ah..ah..what’s it?
Mary:we did it..Tessy..we did it..
Theresa:I don’t understand.. what?
Mary:we bought gain admission to the university of Abuja with scholarship..
Theresa:what..’s it..(gives theresa a form)
Theresa:(reads it as she screamed out for joy) hallelujah…oh Jesus..we couldn’t ve done it without..thank you Jesus..
Mary:infact short of words..

*That day covered all the saddest moments of my life..aunty stella was damn so happy for both of us..when I thought all our efforts..were in vain..God has always been God..*

To Be Continued…. . . .

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