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Episode 18.

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Hello!! Have you heard about the deadly virus called Coronavirus? No? See What It Is & How To Prevent It Here. Also Stay Connected & Get Latest Updates On Coronavirus Here. Please be safe! We LOVE You. dare you talk to me like that..?you should also do same miss advisor..after all am more better than you..
Vera:are you talking to that?
Juliana:yes..what are you going to do.. vera?
Oluchi:okay..okay girls..please stop fighting..
Vera:this..(raised her hands as she slapped Juliana hard on her face)
*Juliana tried to hit her back but oluchi quickly stood in the middle of the two girls..trying to separate them from fighting as Juliana walked out of them in anger..*
(Principal office)
(Martha reading out some documents discussing with Amadi)
Amadi:yes..those questions are very I wish theresa Johnson was still here..
Martha:yes me..too..she’s very good at this particular subject..but she deserves what she got..where’s..Mr Okoro?
Amadi:huh…that one..?am sure he’ll be busy with his girls by now..
Martha:please be more specific..what girls..
Amadi:ah..nothing..o..I just dey guess .
Martha:well it better be..because for the past few months things has changed in my school..and am starting to think of firing all the teachers in this school and employing new educated ones.. don’t..o..aren’t we educated?
Martha:I never said you weren’t..I need to see Mr!(stood up)
Amadi:where are you going to?
Martha:to fetch self..please help me with the calculations because Roselyn is also no where to be found..jeez..this school is turning into a big mess..each day..!(exited)
(Teachers apartment)
(Okoro’s room)
(Okoro reading some of the text books as he heard a knock on the door..he opens to see Vera..and oluchi)
Mr Okoro:girls..what are you doing here?
Vera:why do you ve such a very bad memory.. Okoro…didn’t we agreed to meet earlier here we are..
Mr’s do it..
(Door opens a bit with out them realising)
Oluchi:(sits on okoro’s lap massaging his d*ck)
Vera:(kissing Okoro)
Okoro:chaii..I missed you two know how to kiss more read..
Vera:(still kissing)
(Just then Martha walked they didn’t notice her they continued kissing and playing sex…on Mr Okoro..she cleared her throat..)
Martha:so this is what you ve turned my school to be?
Mr Okoro:(shocked as he pushed the two girls away from him)’s not what you think..
Vera:ma..he raped me..he raped
Martha:will you two shut your nasty mouths..look at this two this is how you do when am not around? don’t expel just want good grades..
Martha: really..? then why do you ve brains..huh?why..? aren’t that brain for you to read and store something in it..?this is unbelievable..three of you..March out from this place before I do something
Vera:ma please..
Martha:I said..get out…**
(Principal office)
(Vera..oluchi..and Mr Okoro pleading..with Amadi..and Roselyn..seated in one corner..Mrs Martha talking to them) are automatically fired..
Mr Okoro:ah..please ma..don’t do this to
Martha:oh are this is how you teach your students in the school eh…n..
(Just then Juliana walked in)
Vera:here she is.. ave been expelled from this school..infact the four of you..should just go . didn’t do don’t even know what’s going on here..
Vera: c’mon..shut..up..isn’t it you that wanted to even put pepper in Mrs Roselyn pants so she can give us good grades..
Juliana:aren’t you the one that told me that we should deal with her?
Martha:I said get out of my school..I’ll call your parents to come pick you up.. have had enough of bad eggs in my school……!!!(place her hands on her head.. crying)

*It was a very hot afternoon..but I couldn’t just stay at I headed to the market as usual to sell some pure waters..aunty stella had stepped out earlier to do her business..and so as Mary who went to also hawk pure water..I also did same since there was nothing to do at home..and I can’t stay stomach was very big…my baby must be a beautiful baby boy…I told my self while hawking the pure water..not minding my state..cos I was actually used to it already..
Theresa:pure..water..come and buy..your pure water.. cold and hot..ten..ten..naira..
Taxi driver:pure water..
Theresa:(runs to him)how much own?
Taxi driver:give me..five…
Theresa:(gives the man five pure water)
*As I was putting the cold pure water inside the nylons for the man..I started feeling my can’t be can’t put to bed here..I need to go to the hospital…but how..while still in my thoughts..I didn’t even know when I almost fell flat on the floor..women..from no where gathered to help the taxi driver..and few women took me to the nearest….

To Be Continued….. . . .

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