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Episode 15.

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Emeka:(checking her contacts)hmm..B..(sees Benjamin)isn’t this Ben’s can’t be..oh my Ben is right about flo..?
Florence:(interrupted with emeka phone)I told are very didn’t search’s your phone..can I have mine back?
Emeka:sure..(collects the phone from flo as he dropped her phone on the couch..stands up)
Florence:are you okay? fine..I need to drop by to see someone..
Florence:okay..please be back soon..
Emeka:I will love..don’t miss me too much..dear.
Florence: sure..
Emeka:thanks for looking for my are the best..!(exited)
(Benjamin’s apartment)
(Benjamin room)
(Benjamin playing PS4 as he heard a knock on his door)
Benjamin:hey.. buddy..I didn’t expect to see you here after sending me out of your shop earlier today..what’s wrong ?
Benjamin:talk to me..look.. despite the fact that I and your wife had sexual’s not my fault..I never knew she was married to you..and if it’s about ready to give up the feelings I ve for her since you are her what’s
Emeka:I saw your number..on Florence phone..
Benjamin:told you bro..that something else..
Emeka:I know but please don’t insult her..I still love her..and it just hurts that she could cheat on me..with other men..what if she already slept with other guys?what if that baby isn’t even yours…
Benjamin:of course it’s mine..she dared me to tell you..and I did..I don’t get dared..I hate getting dared to do something..
Emeka:hmm..this isn’t enough to prove that you are the owner of the kid..
Benjamin:unless..we do this..just watch..!(grabbed his phone as he dialled Florence number)shh..!!I’ll put it in speaker..
Emeka:what..what..are you trying to do?
Benjamin:I’ll tell her to come here and you ll see she ll come quickly..when she comes then you attack her..
Emeka:I doubt if she ll come..she’s very busy and needs to cook for me..
Benjamin:hmm..just wait and see..
Florence:(picks the call)
Florence:you again..what is it with you.. haven’t I told you not to call this number?what’s your problem with me..?can’t you just leave me alone..? I want to see you for just one last time..please baby..
Florence:well am very busy..with chores at home and I don’t think I can make sorry..and you know am pregnant..or do you want me to loose your baby?is that it?
Benjamin:please let me see you and our baby for just one last time..and I’ll never disturb you again..
Florence:hmm.. Ben..this baby isn’t yours anymore.. we had an agreement for you to sleep with me so I could get pregnant for my husband so just don’t call this child yours..anymore..
Benjamin:are you coming or not? very busy oh..but since emeka isn’t at home..I’ll come..
Benjamin:oh thanks baby..I love you so much..honey..I love you..
Florence: lemme me hear abeg..(hangs up)
Benjamin: you see..?
Emeka:oh my God..this is unbelievable..
Benjamin:I told you think I’ll actually lie to you about this?
Emeka:ahh..why flo..why did you do dis to me?


Emeka:why flo..why did you do this to me..shit..!!!

*Few hours later*
(Benjamin room)
Benjamin:(heard a knock on the door)hide..hide..I think it’s flo..
Emeka:but why should I?
Benjamin:just hide for like five minutes to see what’s going to happen then you interrupt us..
Emeka:hmm alright..(hids at the curtain side)
Benjamin:(opened the door)
Florence:(entered)what took you so long to open the door?do you ve a visitor?are you cheating on me? would you say such a thing bae..cmon in first..
Florence:(placed her arms around his neck)you know you lucky my husband isn’t at home if not I won’t be here..and again..I really missed much..
Benjamin:oh really?how much?
Florence:I’ll show you..(kissed Benjamin as emeka comes out from the curtain clapping his hands)
Emeka:(clapping)clap for this is what you do when am not at home right..?
Florence:baby..(pushed Ben away from her front)baby..what..are you doing here?
Emeka:I should be asking you that same question flo..
Florence: baby..I can explain..
Emeka:I don’t think I need any explanation from’s all clear to’s over..!(exits)
Florence:I’ll be back for you you traitor..(exited)

(Brain field high school)
(School hospital)
(Dr Cletus office)
(Outside the office)
Mary:are you sure you want to do this?
Theresa:am ready to get rid of this thing even if it’s means I ve to die..
Mary:hey..don’t you say that again..I’ll advise you one last time..abortion really isn’t the best option..
Theresa:then what’s the best option Mary..?I should be a mother in school..?
Mary:alright..since this is your can do whatever you do..let’s get in..
(Inside the doctor’s office)
Dr Cletus:you both are here again..don’t you ever have classes to attend to?
Theresa:sir please mind the way you talk to us..I allowed you to speak to me rudely the other day because I was depressed but not today..we are here for an abortion pill..
Dr Cletus:and you think I’ll give you..that’s not right..
Mary:that’s our only way out in this..please doctor..we really need to use it..
Dr’s very dangerous and it can costs your life..
Theresa:I know about that..just give me please .
Dr Cletus:it’s not my will to do this but I’ll do it..I’ll give you the drugs..

*At last..I’ll get rid of this tiny thing growing inside of me..I really want to ve children..children are the most precious gifts God could give us..but not in this way..when am about to make my mom and uncle emeka proud.. speaking of uncle emeka..he hasn’t even come to visit me like he had promised..hmm..this life..I and Mary took the drugs and went back to..the hostels..*

*(Emeka’s mansion)*
(Emeka and Florence room)
Emeka:(packing his luggages)
Florence:(barged in)love..please let me’s not what you need to listen to me..
Emeka:listen to what?to more lies flo..? after everything I sacrificed for you..this is how you choose to repay me.. need to understand what am going through..for ten years of marriage..emeka..ten good years and no kids..I can’t bear it anymore that’s why I..I..slept with your best friend..Ben..and I know you ll hate me more for this..but I had no other choice..I can’t live my whole life without any you know how much I want you to be the father of my kids..?but when it’s not happening..what can I do?I need to see this house breaking things..(sobbing)please..try to understand how am feeling please..
Emeka:you cheated flo..even though you and Ben only had sex just to get us a loved him..or you think I didn’t hear what you were even about to kiss his luggage..wants to leave)
Florence:please..please don’t go..please..where aee you going to?I should be the one leaving..
Emeka:you ve no where here to stay am leaving this house for’s big enough to invite all your concumbines..!(exits)


*(Brain field high school)*
(Girls hostels)
(Mary and theresa on their separate beds)
Mary:drink it
Theresa:am scared..
Theresa:(takes the pills as she uses water to digests it)I hope it doesn’t hurt .
Mary:I won’t lie to does may not be able to sleep through out the night..nothing in this life comes easy.. girl..
Theresa:you right..(laid on the bed..feeling pains in her stomach already)

*And truly Mary’s words were right..I couldn’t get enough sleep through out the night..I tried as much as I could to hide my pains..but I couldn’t hide it for much I groaned in pains..and also screamed out loud..when it’s was early in the morning..I rolled round the bed..grabbing my I started bleeding.. shedding tears uncontrollable…it attracted other girls in the hostel.. Mary also woked up due to the screams..

To be continued…..

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