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Episode 11.

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Theresa:yes ma..sure…
Martha:you may now return to class..
Theresa:okay ma..

*I got out of the principal office very excited..about the upcoming competition..I need to be more than serious..because this week is our mathematics test..*

(Emeka’s mansion)
(Emeka and Florence room)
(Florence and emeka discussing)
Florence:am so glad you got the contract..don’t you think it’s high time you go visit your niece? will love to look like you not okay..
Florence:and who said so?am perfectly need to go see..her o..(stands up)
Emeka:where are you going to?
Florence:I want to go visit a friend..of mine..
Emeka:male or female
Florence:female..of’s chioma’s birthday today and she wants me to be there..
Emeka:so you going there dressed like this?
Florence:is something wrong with dizzy as she fainted)
Emeka:Flo..Florence..(rushed to carry her as he laid her on the bed..****)

*(Girls hostels)*
(Mary and theresa discussing)
Mary:oh that’s so wonderful girl…am so very happy for you..
Theresa:yes..o..right now..I need to burn the candles.. are you going to win any prize?
Theresa:well..I didn’t ask Mrs Martha about been feeling very strange lately..I don’t know..but anyways am just too happy..
Mary:hmm then go see the school doctor..
Theresa:abeg..I can’ just stressed out..
Mary:if you say so..

*(Back yard of the school)*
(Vera..oluchi..and Juliana discussing)
Vera:that Micheal thing na correct cucumber.. chai..the guy wan finish me..
Juliana:no talk go there..o..Felix..thing one in a town..
Oluchi:so what about Theresa sef?did she also sleep with uhmm.. Nicholas..?
Vera:who cares?am not sure she did anything with him..and out of all the the richest..of all..he is the son of the senator in Abuja..
Oluchi: really?why you no tell him I for just take..
Vera:well Micheal told me after sex last there was no time my friend..
Oluchi:and that dude is so handsome .
Vera:forget..we will still meet guys like them after this stupid waec.. the way..this week is our second maths tests..are you guys.. ready?
Vera:ready for where?am sure theresa will put me through since we are sitting close to each other..
Oluchi:if I were you..I won’t put my mind on you think she’ll still want to be our friend after we lied to her?
Vera:•thats true..o..!

(Emeka’s mansion)
(Emeka and Florence room)
(Dr Maxwell checking on Florence opened her eyes gradually)
Florence:(coughs a bit)sorry..who are you?
Dr Maxwell:am doctor Maxwell..but you can fainted few seconds ago..and good thing you are awake..because you are three weeks
Dr Maxwell:yes you are..aren’t you happy?
Florence:I am..(forcing a smile on her face)
(Just then emeka interrupted) are awake..(sat down beside Florence)doctor what happened to my wife?
Dr Maxwell:nothing..sir..something great has happened..your wife is three weeks pregnant..
Emeka:wow.. really?
Dr Maxwell:yes..
Emeka:oh my God..thank you Jesus..
Dr Maxwell: you both..I’ll excuse you for now..madame..please ve some rests..I’ll prescribe the drugs you ll take for you..(exit)
Florence:at last we are having a baby..
Emeka:is that child for me..yes or no..
Florence:what..what kinda question is that..?of course it’s yours..
Emeka:hmm..but how..?doctors have testified that I can’t have children because of my low come?
Florence:miracles do happen na..don’t you believe in God..?
Emeka:I’s just surprising..
Florence:yeah..that’s how God miraculous ways..
Emeka:hmm..I need to go see right back..
Florence:why aren’t you happy..?after all these years of am are not happy..
Emeka:well who knows if the kid is really for me..
Florence:(faking her cry)I can’t believe you actually saying this kind of of all think I’ll cheat on you..?after ten years of marriage life? so sorry..(hugged Florence)
Florence:you need to trust need to..(crying)
Emeka:I do..and am glad we having a baby..
Florence:I love you..
Emeka:I love you more..flo..I need to go now..
Florence:to where?
Emeka:to the shop..I need to go check on the right back..please relax..don’t stress yourself.. okay?
Florence:(sighed)ugh..God..whywhy..God..?why does it have to be Ben that got me pregnant..damn..gosh. I need to do something..I can’t bear this child..ugh..what if emeka later finds out..I don’t want to loose my marriage..oh God..please help me..*

*Days later…****
(Brain field school)
(In the class room..students writing their tests..vera..streching her neck to theresa’s book.. theresa..closing her books..)*

To be continued………

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