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Episode 09.

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Benjamin:hello .
Florence: please excuse me..for a while honey..(exited quickly)
Emeka:what’s wrong with her?
Benjamin:maybe she’s just know..
Emeka:shy..Flo..has never been shy..
Benjamin:hmm..or maybe she’s uncomfortable with my presence..
Emeka:no..I don’t think so..
(Just then Florence interrupted)
Florence:guys..I already set the dining table..
Emeka:alright..honey..let’s go and eat ben..
Benjamin:no..I’ll just go..
Emeka:go where?you not going anywhere..
Florence:no..honey..maybe he has other things to handle..
Emeka: really Ben?
Benjamin:yeah..I want to go to somewhere very am so sorry..I’ll join you guys some other day..
Emeka:hmm..okay o..
Benjamin:alright..nice meeting you Flo..
Florence:same here..
Emeka:you don’t seem good..what’s the matter with you ?you look pale..and disturbed.. just fine..let’s go and eat something..
Emeka:are you sure? love..(grabs his arms around her neck as they walked to the dining room)

(Brain field high school)
(Back yard)
(Vera..oluchi and Juliana discussing).
Juliana:I can’t wait for this evening..
Vera:(carrying a she brought out sexy dresses)this one is for you Julie..
Juliana:ugh..thank you..!it’s this what we will be rocking to the party?
Vera:yeah girl..(gives oluchi the same kind of gown)have yours oluchi..
Oluchi:the gown is nice though..but why do we have to wear same dress..?
Vera:because of that girl..Theresa.. remember to her it’s an ushering job..but to’s a party..
(Just then theresa joined them)
Theresa: so why did you guys sent for very busy with study..
Vera:have you forgotten today’s the ushering job day?
Theresa:oh..oh..yeah..I almost is it now?I thought you guys said it’s in the night..
Vera:yeah but this is almost’s 6pm girl..that’s why we brought you the uniform to wear..for the job..(gives theresa a short pink dress)
Theresa:but..this is just too short..for a job..and where did you get the job did you even get the uniform in the first place..
Vera:well..there’s no explanation for’s not too late..will you still do the job or you want to back off… remember it’s your loss..
Vera:we will be putting on our school uniform when we want to go..then when we get to my friend place will change and go to the place for the job.. sounds good right..?
Theresa:I have no choice…

(Emeka’s mansion)
(Dining room)
(Florence and emeka eating )
Emeka:this is so tasty..
Florence:yeah.. very..(feeling sharp pain in her stomach as she stood up..and rushed to the bathroom)
Emeka:Flo.. Florence are you okay?
(The bathroom)
(Florence throwing up as she washed her face)
Emeka:babe..what’s wrong?
Florence:I don’t know..maybe it’s fever..
Emeka:you need to go see the doctor..
Florence:no..I don’t want to go to the hospital..
Emeka:but you don’t look too good..
Florence:I’m don’t need to worry too much..

*The night finally came for the ushering was around 10pm in the night..I wore my prep dress and backed my the bag was the short dress vera gave me..which felt uncomfortable..the time I went to vera and Juliana hostel..were we all headed out of the hostel..from the hostel to the teacher’s apartment..till we finally got to the gate gate man pointed his torch at us..
Gate man:where do you think you are going this hour? know na..
Juliana: please just let us go..please..abeg..
Vera:yeah..we don’t have enough time..
Gate man:to where?
Vera:for an ushering job.. we’ll be back before Dawn sef..please na..

Gate man :to where ?
Vera:for an ushering job.. we’ll be back before Dawn..sef..please na.. abeg let us go..
Gate man:(sighted theresa)you..too.. Tessy..I thought you are a good you have joined the gang..
Oluchi:oga..just answer we’ll buy you something when we are coming back..don’t worry we go settle you..
Gate man:I no want..I want the thing wey una wan go give people for outside..
Juliana:you say what?
Gate man :you know na..
Vera:okay..we will but let’s go out first..please..don’t worry we will do anything you want ehn..this job is very important oh..
Gate man:alright..I’ll open it..
Oluchi:oh thank you so much..

*Finally the gate man opened the the journey begins..vera and the girls and I went to her friends place to change into the pink short gown..and they had forced little make up on my face which I wasn’t very comfortable that black long thing they fixed in my eyes by force..I wonder if what am going for is an ushering job..oh well God help me..we took a cab to a very big mansion that night as I entered standing at the back of the girls..I felt very we entered..everywhere in the compound was quiet then I broke the silence..
Theresa:but I thought you guys said it was a party..where are the DJs..?
Vera:you talk ve come can’t go let’s just go in..when we get ll find out what we are in for..

*Vera, oluchi and Juliana entered the main house as I followed them at my back..i hope it’s not what am thinking..vera pressed the notify the owner to open the door..*
(Just then Micheal a tall dark guy..opened the door)
Micheal:baby..I was thought you wouldn’t make it..
Vera: darling..I missed you..(hugged Micheal)I got company too..(showing Micheal her friends..)
Micheal:oh no problem…come in..

(Living room)
(Young guys and ladies dancing to the hip hop music..three coded guys seated on a couch sipping their juice as Micheal interrupted with Vera..I.. oluchi..Juliana ) are your babes.
Lax:(one of the guy)isn’t this oluchi?
Oluchi:yeah..the one you spoked to the other day..’s so nice to see you again..
Theresa:(puzzled as she ran out of the living room)
Vera:(followed with Juliana)
(Theresa.. Juliana..and Vera arguing)
Theresa:you guys lied to could you..?you told me it was an ushering job..if it was this..I won’t have
Vera:but you need the money..girl..and see ehn..just relax because those dudes are very rich..all you need to do is to’s not a big deal.. actually..
Theresa:it is to me..I can’t do in there..I’ll rather stay out here..
Juliana: you can’t do are you acting like a bush girl..chai..
Theresa:call me whatever you want..I will never sleep with any man here..I’ll rather fail my test than sleep with those things you call me.n..
Vera:alright..we won’t force you to sleep with any man..but please just come in..please I for God sake..even if you don’t dance..just sit there..and watch us while we have fun..please Tessy..

*We went back to the living room..oluchi was sitting on lax laps Juliana quickly rushed to sit beside a guy called Felix..vera sat with her I sat down on an empty spaced couch..quietly until a guy dressed in black crazy jeans and dark blue crazy polo..interrupted.. holding a glass of wine..I guess his also one of Micheal’s friends..he sat beside he cleared his throat..I noticed he didn’t know how to talk to me..maybe he was scared because the way I showed out my uncomfortable attitude in the room was very obvious that Micheal stopped his party…the ladies and guys..went back to wherever they came from wishing Micheal a happy birthday..
Theresa:(faced another side)
Theresa:(ignored Nicholas..shifting to the last edge of the couch)
Vera:so wanna give you your birthday gift..
Micheal:so what’s it Sweetheart?
Vera:it’s in the room..
Micheal:oh..bad ass..I think I know what you up to.. do..(stands up)
Micheal:(holds vera round their waist as they went upstairs)
Lax:I think I too want to go upstairs..bae..
Oluchi:yeah..(both went upstairs) time to waste..
Felix:up to the room..(exits to the room upstairs)

*It was only I and the dude who were left down stairs..I just remained the dude finally broke the silence once..more..*
Nicholas:hey..I know you not comfortable..I know you don’t like this place one bit..but it’s don’t have to be nervous..I won’t touch you..
Theresa:you mean it?
Nicholas:yeah..I Nicholas..
Theresa:theresa Johnson..
*I faced the guy who seemed kinda cute..fair good looking guy..I was scared to be around him though this isn’t my first time talking to a guy..*

To be continued….

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