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Episode 07.

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Mary:so tell us about the practical..sir..
Mr Okoro:I can’t..until you pay the twenty thousand naira..first..
Mary:but sir..we can’t just go to the calling room and tell our parents to send us money just for a practical we barely no something about..
Mr Okoro:then you ll fail..that’s next week Monday..I want the money for the all won’t be allowed to enter my class..back to our lesson for the day.. reproduction..*

*I didn’t enjoy throughout the was just too boring for me..for the first time..I lost interest in a subject..maybe because of the way Mr Okoro has been acting recently and to top it all how will I get the money for the practical..ugh..I don’t even know where to get the money from..God help me..I kept on thinking on until I heard the bell for lunch time..I and Mary stood up as oluchi.. vera and juliana interrupted
Vera:hi girls..
Vera:what’s wrong with your friend Mary?
Theresa:don’t worry about her
Oluchi:so..would like to sit with you for lunch..if you don’t mind..?’s cool
Juliana:alright girls..let’s starving..

We all exited to the dining hall as we were served our food..I felt a little bit prejudiced with not sitting next to Mary..on our usual spot but nevertheless..I think I need to go a day off from Mary..she’s just too over serious..with what she does.. where as vera and her friends..or would I new friends..are very funny..and cool..
Juliana:that stupid on Earth how we gonna get twenty thousand naira ehn?
Vera:it’s easy..
Theresa:its not easy..for me..
Vera:well..there’s an ushering job on Sunday..and they LL pay us..fifteen thousand naira per night..I think we should go for it..
Theresa:ushering job..?but how?

*Just then the lunch bell rang for lunch over as I stood up from my seat..and headed back to the hostel..on my way I sighted my know na..Mary *
Theresa:why the hmm?don’t tell me you are jealous because I didn’t sit with you at the dining hall..
Mary:why would I be?just be careful with those girls..that’s all I can say..
Theresa:so when are we gonna get the money for the practical..?
Mary:I’ll call my should do same..I have to go now.. principal martha sent for me..see you later..
Theresa:alright girl..

*Hmm how on earth will I get the money for this sudden practical that’s coming up.. Mary’s case is settled at least she’s from a wealthy background..what about me?my parents haven’t even eaten enough and I want to ask for money from them..hmm uncle emeka..oh jeez..I don’t even have his phone God..and even though I do..I don’t think he’ll be able to give quickly..because it’s too sudden..what will I do ? Different thoughts kept running into my mind until I remembered the ushering job..vera was talking about..yes.. the ushering least even if I give mr okoro fifteen thousand naira.. he’ll hold done for the remaining five thousand naira..or what should I do?and how am I even sure they LL pay me the money completely..?

(Girls hostels)
(Vera..Juliana and oluchi discussing)
Oluchi:come which one be the ushering job wey you dey talk about ?
Vera: Micheal’s on Sunday and so..I’ll collect some money from mikky..and so would you guys..
Juliana:but that’s not an ushering job..
Vera:well Micheal is going to be inviting his male know what I mean na.. you mean..we will sleep with his friends..?
Vera:bam..!!yes of course and you ll even be might eventually fall for you girls..
Juliana:then why did you call it an ushering job and why were you telling theresa?
Vera:I just want to decieve the least if she sleeps with one dude there..ogbeni.. she’ll be paid..I can see she’s really it’s best if we help her..out..
Oluchi:if..that’s what you want..I dey on your side..
Juliana:hmm..well..I hope it all goes well..because I don’t want wahala in my life..o..
(Just then a knock on the door)
Juliana:come in..
Theresa:(walked in)hey girls..
Vera:hey Tessy..
Oluchi:how far na..?
Theresa:am girls..what’s the ushering job you were talking about..vera and when is it?
Vera:this Sunday..
Theresa:Sunday? much do they pay?!are you in?
Theresa:hmm..I don’t trust you guys..are sure it’s an ushering job?
Juliana:Biko if you don’t trust us..pack ya self out..abeg..I no get time..’s just a wedding and we’ll be there to serve though it’s in the night..and I know you need the money so well..and’s compulsory for you science students..or do you want to fail biology?
Theresa:God forbid..
Vera:then what’s there ehn?So you don’t trust’s not by force can think about it..if you want.. there’s still’s.. Thursday..
Theresa:I don’t think I have anything to think about..

To be continued….

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