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Episode 05.

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Mrs Roselyn:hey..hey..come back here..mannerless girl..
Oluchi:good morning..o..!(sits down)hmm…(hissed)
Mrs Roselyn:see her head..!
(Just then Juliana walked in)
Juliana:good morning..(walked straight to her sit as she sat down beside oluchi)
Mrs Roselyn:look at them.. birds of thesame feathers..keep your greetings to your self.. nonsense…
Vera:(walked in)good morning ma..
Mrs Roselyn:here comes..the ring this the time you supposed to come for class..?just because cane was restricted in this school doesn’t mean I don’t have hands to beat you people..late comers..
Vera:(whispered)na you know..(sits near oluchi and Juliana)
Mrs Roselyn:what did you just say?(points at vera)
Vera:nothing ma..
Mrs Roselyn:it better be..(walked back to the main front of the class)open your past questions..I’ll pick a question and you ll on the board..sounds cool right?
Students:(chorused)yes mistress
*I was just staring at the drama going on in the class..those girls am sure will be the baddest girls in the class..and I’ll find a way to stay far away from them..*
Mrs Roselyn:are you guys in page 160?
Students:(chorused)yes mistress…
*Mary had the maths past question so we shared together..the school will bring my text books and past question the next day*
Juliana:abeg do..make we dey go..joor..(whispered as three of them laughed silently)
Mrs Roselyn:my serious student..number one..question..A woman looking out from the window of a building at a height of 30metre,observed that the angle of depression of the top of a flag pole was 44°.if the foot of the pole is 25metre..from the foot of the building and on the same horizontal ground,find ,correct to the nearest whole number ,the( I) angle of depression of the foot of the pole from the woman..(sighed)that’s the one we should answer for now.. because the period will soon be over.. so class who can solve that?

*My eyes were fixed on the questions..I tried to figure out ways to calculate just to get the answer as I started solving it in my book..*
Mrs Roselyn: anyone..want to answer or do you want me to start calling names?
Mary:I’ll try..mistress(stood up as she took the marker)30_25=tan _k°_1..uhmm..
Mrs Roselyn:you getting getting it.. anyone who wants to help..?

*And just then I raised a finger high..I didn’t even know how I raised up my finger..but I saw my self walking straight to the board..*
Theresa:I’ll try..(took the marker)
Mrs Roselyn:hmm..good..!
Oluchi:this one na new person sef..
Vera:look at her..face..
Juliana:am sure she’ll be the good girl type Sha..she looks very serious and how..we must get close to her in other to get good grades..**
Theresa:30÷25=tan k°÷1
25 tan k °=30
Tan k°=30÷25
Tan k°=1.200
Mrs Roselyn:oh my God..around of applause for this young lady..
Theresa:(smiling)ma am not done yet..
(School bell rings)
Mrs Roselyn:I know dear..the period is over..on our next class will continue from..there..look at all of you..shame on yourselves..cmon clap for this intelligent girl..
(Students clapping)
Mrs Roselyn:let’s call it a day..(exited)

*I was the teacher praises..that’s should ve seen the smile on my face while I walked back to my seats..with Mary*
Mary:nice must be a science student right?
Theresa:yes of course..I wasn’t even done with the sum..sef..what are we having next ?

Theresa:what are we having next?
Mary:recess..!let’s go out for starving..!

Days later..I started getting used to the school routines..I didn’t need any one help again..I already knew everywhere in the school..and I was known to be the most serious student in the school even with the few days I just spent there..I was popularly known as the all rounder because I was good in almost all subjects and all the teachers loved me for that..which made me very happy..I was the brightest student in brain field high school..and I even helped teacher’s in marking students scripts..everyone in the class started drawing closer to as Mary who was my number one padi…*
(Girls hostels backyard)
(Vera and Juliana discussing as oluchi interrupted looking very upset)
Vera:wetin do you?why you kan spoil face like this?you bring the stuff?
Oluchi:eh..don’t get me angry not that stupid mathematics teacher Martha..or whatever they call her useless name. happen na?
Oluchi:she insulted me and even told me I scored 15/100 in her welcome tests..
Vera:so that’s why you are crying..?ah dey fall my hand na..what of me that even didn’t do the test kor?abeg forget that shit..
Juliana:I dey tell bring the stuff?
Oluchi: sure..(gives Juliana and vera cigrattes)
Vera:how you take whine that foolish gate man to buy the stuff for you?
Oluchi:I promised him sex tonight..that old fool..(hissed)
Vera:wey lighter?
Juliana :(gives vera the lighter.. smokin)
Vera:(lights the cigarettes.. smoking)so girls..girls..guess what?
Juliana:what..babe? week Saturday is Micheal’s birthday…
Oluchi:wow.. really..I already forgot about it..
Vera:what do you mean so?
Juliana:are we sneaking out of school next week?
Vera:yeah girls.. know that isn’t easy at all..last week we tried week again..hmm..I don’t want to be caught o..
Vera:shut up there..fear..fear..abeg go sit down..nothing dey happen..
Oluchi:so Micheal is celebrating it right?’s his 20 years birthday..and I really need to be miss him so much..I can’t wait to just write this nonsense waec and go stay with him forever..
Oluchi: Awwwn..!!
Juliana:lover girl..!
Vera:abi na..!
I and Mary were passing through the teacher’s Mr Okoro the biology teacher interrupted us..
Mr Okoro:Tessy Johnson..
Mary:how can we help you sir?
Mr Okoro:I said theresa..madame busy body..I didn’t call please excuse us..
Mary:ah sorry o.. girlfriend..see you at the library..!
Theresa:so sir.. any problem?
Mr Okoro: not at dear..I just want you to be careful with the kind of friends you this school..(placed his hands near theresa breasts)
Theresa:(removed his hands)sir..
Mr Okoro:you are a very fine girl..and very brilliant..I really really like much..(drags Theresa by her waist)
Theresa:(pushed him off her as she slapped him)sorry are you okay?Don’t you ever..I mean see me see trouble o..
Mr teacher..?
Theresa:(hissed as she exited)

*Can you imagine..what kind of rubbish is that..I thought he was even a good master…I never knew his even the worse..ever since my stay in the school..I have noticed some signs in the way some male teacher treats me..but I never expected it from Mr Okoro..what nonsense..he better not try that with me again or else..he ll get more than a slap..I will tell him am an igbo girl..onyanra..*
(Just then Mr Amadi laughed out loud at Mr Okoro)
Mr Okoro:why..why are you laughing..?is it funny?
Mr Amadi:ah…ah..can’t I laugh you want to sleep with your student..?do you think all girls are like Vera and her girlfriends..they there.. you ll just get your self telling you..
Mr Okoro:I don’t know what you are talking better mind your business..
Mr Amadi:okay o..a word is enough for the wise..have said my own..!

To Be Continued…… . . 

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