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Episode 04.

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Hmmm life..I and uncle emeka got down..aunty florence was busy chatting with her phone inside the car that she didn’t even noticed when we left the car to the principal’s office..who was a female..
(Principal Martha)
(Emeka.. Martha and theresa discussing)
Martha: we’ll have to test her since she’s new here and it’s final year as know it’s not easy to be in senior secondary school and most of the last class were they’ll be preparing for the senior waec..
Emeka:no problem..I put Theresa..under your care..please look out for her like your daughter..please..
Martha:sure..Mr emeka..and if she’s very very serious like you claimed she is.. she’ll be awarded a study abroad.. have to go so late for work..Tessy..
Theresa:yes uncle..
Emeka:be a good girl o..!
Theresa:sure uncle..
Emeka:okay..God be with you..alright Mrs Martha..
Martha:alright..take care..sir..
Emeka:bye..behave your self Tessy..
Theresa:sure..uncle emeka..
Martha:so..Theresa..Johnson right?
Theresa:yes ma..
Martha:am Martha okonkwo..nice meeting you..
Theresa:same here ma..
Martha:I’ll take you to your hostel..but need to go change to your let’s go..
Theresa:(stands up)
Martha: follow me..!(exited with Theresa)
(Back of the Girls hostels)
(Mr Okoro..and a young girl aged 17..dressed in the uniform too.. smiling and holding hands with Mr Okoro)
Vera:(seventeen years old girl)you and that thing so you like am reach..?
Mr Okoro:(trembling as he took off his shirts quickly..and brought out his dick from his already unzipped trousers)let’s just get to business my ice cream..the last time we did it..I couldn’t sleep..I was just thinking about you..
Vera: really..?well you know your part be say I go again..after ll give me good grades in my biology test..
Mr Okoro:sure let’s just get to business.. already..!(grabbed his d*ck..hard as she..romances his body)
Mr Okoro:(kissing he dragged her skirt up)sexy..!
(Just then two girls also aged 17 stood behind with their phone videoing Mr they both finally broke the silence)
Oluchi:I talk am..!(still recording)
Mr Okoro:(removed his hands from vera immediately)w..ha..t..are you two doing here? told me this place was safe na..
Vera:cmon..shut up..there..fool..
Juliana:see you want to ve sex again after what you did to us last term..abi?
Mr Okoro:but I already apologized na..
Oluchi:(stopped recording)will you shut up?
Vera:no..come and know see sey I be like ashawo for ya eyes..idiot..
Mr Okoro:(quickly wears his trousers)I’ll.. report you the school ll see.. can go..after you get us expelled.. we’ll also play our showing them this video of you trying to play the bad boy.. now let’s see which is worse..a whole school grown up man like you..want to have sex with me..chai..he goat..go and report know see him mouth..onyanra…(mad man)let’s go..girls..
*They all shaked them selves as they exited*
Mr Okoro:chaii..this girls won’t put me into trouble..o!
*After testing my really looked good on I emerged to the classroom..where I saw other girls of my age seated..on their separate desk and table..all eyes fixed on the board listening to a female teacher teaching.. obviously she was their mathematics teacher.. because I sighted some sums on the white board…I entered the class as all eyes were on me..I could hear some students whispering at the back as I didn’t even care..I took the empty front seat beside another girl of my age…
Mary:(the girl sitting beside me) Mary somadina…
Theresa:(smiled)theresa Johnson..
*The whispering of the students..the teacher could not take anymore as she turned to face the students..her eyes finally met mine*
Mrs Roselyn:hmm I knew the reason behind your there’s a new student..(smiling as she walked straight to me)
Theresa:(stood up)Good morning ma..
Mrs Roselyn:good morning dear..what’s your name?am Roselyn the mathematics teacher..
Theresa:Theresa Johnson..
Mrs Roselyn:wow..what a lovely name for a beautiful girl like you..welcome to brain field high know what final year means right?I hope you are the serious type..if you need anything you can come to me..okay?
Theresa:okay thanks ma..
Mrs Roselyn:you may now take your sit..and copy the notes from Mary…Mary you can also put her through..
Mary:okay mistress..
Mrs Roselyn:alright..class..Class work..or writing on the board solving mathematics..?
*Some students raised their hands for class work on their notes while majority raised their hands up for..writing on the board..Mary had given me her note so I copied all they ve written for today mathematics..just then a girl walked in*
Oluchi:(walked straight to her sit)
Mrs Roselyn:hey..hey come back here
To be continued………

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