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Episode 03.

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Emeka: cmon..shut your mouth.. tessy..better remove ya eyes from my niece o..
Gate man:no na..I just dey mi..!(opened the boot as he collected the luggages from the boot..)
Emeka:let’s go in..(exits with Theresa)

*Wow the city is so full of life..I talked to my self while I entered the guest room..I took my bathe..and just sat inside the room quietly as I grabbed one of the novels in my keep my self busy.. though I would ve gone to the sitting room but I didn’t like the expression..emeka’s wife gave to me when I arrived..aunty Florence abi wetin Dem call her sef…I don’t even have her time.. she gave me this*don’t snatch my husband look*and it was just so annoying..maybe I shouldn’t have come to Lagos..I started lamenting while reading*


(Emeka’s room)
(Emeka and Florence laying on the bed)
Florence:(facing the other side of the bed..)
Emeka:(moved closer to Florence as he wrapped his hands around Florence’s waists)
Florence:(removed his hands as she shifted farther to the end side of the bed)do..nt…touch me..!
Emeka:my love..what is it?why are you acting so strange?last night you were telling me you missed me so much..what happened to that sweet voice of yours..while talking to me through the phone.. never told me your niece was coming to Lagos..and to even live in this house too..I don’t like it o..I don’ all..what is it na?if it’s not your’s your brother or sister..can’t I live in this house in peace..?
Emeka:Flo..honey..calm down na..please that’s the reason you are upset..
Florence:of least you should ve informed me..but you didn’ just brought her here..telling me she’s going to be schooling in the city from now on my matrimonial home..
Emeka:relax love..(moved closer as he pecked her round her cheeks)give me that thing tonight vex..Biko..
Florence:i..I..don’t like it o..I don’t like it..(faced emeka)
Emeka:(kissed florence)I missed you..
Florence:(hissed)have..forgiven you..but don’t ever try that kind of thing again o..
Emeka:sure my are you giving me that thing or what?
Florence: you and that thing no dey ever tire..(laid on emeka)
Emeka:eish.. bombshell (grabbed her full buttocks with his hands)
Florence:(riding on emeka’s dick slowly)

The following morning was a brand new day and also the first day of school..I cant wait to see how was like even though it was just girls boarding would be just like a mini university..I had woken up very early..I arranged the house and even prepared something delicious for breakfast..I dressed up in a long I packed my well plaited hair which mama made me for me before coming to the city..I already back my bag pack..seated in the dining room..eating as I saw aunty florence and uncle emeka emerge from their room holding hands together..I could see happiness in aunty Florence face this morning.. I’m sure uncle emeka has scored some goals throughout the night..but I really wonder why they haven’t still had a child up till now..hmm only God knows..I spoke to my I finally woked up from my thoughts..I greeted them..
Theresa:Good morning aunty florence..good morning uncle emeka..
Emeka:good dear..I can see you already woke up so early..for school..(sits as he saw two plates covered on the table)
Florence:good morning..(sits as she opened a plate to see yam and fried eggs)who made this?
Theresa:I..aunty sure you are going to love it..
Theresa:you are welcome..

*Thank God..o.. she’s happy with me preparing the dish for her and my uncle..Few minutes later we were all done..with our delicious meals as I packed the plates to the kitchen..uncle emeka went upstairs to dress up for work..he was a business man and aunty Florence worked in the bank as well so they went to dress up while I waited for them in the living room..some minutes later they joined me as we all both headed to the car*
(Inside the car)
(Florence and emeka discussing while my eyes were stocked on my romantic novel)
Florence:uhm..theresa I packed in some beverages..and goodies inside your luggages and also your manage it..well and be a good girl o..
Theresa:sure aunty florence..thank you..very much..
Emeka:and any visiting day..I’ll come to your school to give you pocket money.. though you ll be well treated there..but it’s good to ve your own well..please don’t fall my hand o..
Theresa:of course uncle emeka..I’ll marry my book..
Florence:that’s my girl..*

The name of the boarding /day school was *Brain field high school*Finally we got to the school as uncle emeka droves into the school compound..through the window I sighted some girls dressed in milk colored shirt and red striped skirt with a red beret on their hair..hmm Life.

To be continued………

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