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Episode 16.

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The moment she stood up and stared at me, her two moderate melons on her chest and her flawless s*xy laps, with enticing flesh send hot blood rushing to my amu.
My d*ck rose instantly in my boxer like never before, it nearly stood firm in the jean trouser if the fabric wasn’t actually strong to hold it still.

I walked nervously not even knowing were to stay in the room, I was confused on what to do. Whether I should make a move and she will scream rape rape, boom! I will be in prison. Or to go and yansh down jare in the sofa in the room, I did the latter oh! I go yansh down for the sofa waiting for her command.
Aisha: I thought you won’t, I was even preparing to leave. Are you free?
Me: am free? Very very free. Am free to do anything you ask me to, even if you want me to go to soldier’s camp and beat all of them there…..
Aisha: *laughing* stop! Stop!! Is not yet time to face a soldier man *wetin this one dey talk?* are you free from HIV?
Me: yes na, am very much free. I can even go home and get the test result for you to see.
Aisha: *laughing* no need for that *konji na bastard oh! I just dey jose myself anyhow* hope you can give me very hot.

She walked seductively towards me, raised me up with my both hands. She unbuckle my belt and yanked down my trouser with my brief down to my kneel, I was just watching like zombie.
My d*ck no disappoint, it rose like an injured lion raging with lots of veins.
Aisha: umh… Just the way I love it *she wrapped her hands around it and j*rked it slowly* how many inches is this?
Me: measure kwa! I never measure am before. But I can use it properly.
She removed the towel and I was greeted with her rounded clean bre*asts with neatly shaved p*ssy, there was no stretch mark at all. I tried pulling off my shirt the thing go hang for my neck, she was the one who helped me out.
I was busy removing my trouser and brief with my shoe while she walked to the bed and settled on it, I no even know how I take do am oh! But I was in between her spread legs eating her clean shaved puna.
The thing red die, I used my tongue to tickle her cl*t and she w*t everywhere. I added two fingers in her p*ssy, I was s*cking her cl*t while f*ngering her.

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Aisha: awwnn! You are s*cking great baby, harder please! *she hiss in excitement*
My d*ck was aching already to go in, I removed my tongue and grabbed my h*rd d*ck. Pressed it to the sweet in the middle, I thr*sted in slowly and everything was in.
I was about moving, when she crossed her legs around my waist and held me with her hands.
Aisha: *she speak hausa first, her eyes have already turned white* don’t move, which kind man destruction weapon be that?
Me: I will move small small, don’t worry.
That is when I noticed the ring on her finger as she dropped her hands on the bed sheet and grabbed it, I started moving my waist slowly in missionary style stimulating her cl*t. As I started firing, her voice went up.
She was using her nails to scratch my body, we were both sweaty.
I shot the first c*m inside her as she demanded, she was already tired when I pulled out of her. I rolled off her and we were both panting, my d*ck rose again ready for round two.
Aisha: what! Kosi! *she start speaking hausa* you want to kill me?
I be wan answer her, her phone come start to ring. She picked the call with her face giving away to fear.
Caller: Aisha my darling wife, where are you am back? *with thick boko haram voice, my mind cut*
Aisha: aah! Alhaji, am home. *the rest conversation was hausa*
Immediately she got off the call, she started dressing up quickly to leave the room.
Me: why are you in hurry? We are not through yet. *i point my er*ct d*ck* how about a quickie.
Aisha: *she look at me like a mad man, maybe I dey mad oh… But na konji ’cause am* Alhaji will kill you, he is a general in army.

Nobody tell my h*rd d*ck to fall, like say na who wants to be a millionaire by being the first to dress up. Before Aisha was done dressing, I dey outside dey fine way to go my house.
I got to my yard and met Philips with his friend discussing outside the yard.
Philips: nothing wey you go do wey go make me vex, now.. So no just waste your time.
Philip’s friend: chai!! I no know say your sister Ayo sweet like that, I been think say as she slim no come get big yansh and br*asts, she no go sweet for bed.
Philip: I no understand wetin bring my sister here, and I no understand how my sister take sweet for the matter.
Philip’s friend: the knacking that day no be here, the way she dey moan ehnn…. *a punch landed on his face*
Within a minute both of them were rolling on the floor. Mad people everywhere.


To Be Continued…. . .

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