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Episode 09.

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Oyin walked majestically inside the class with air of authority, Tina stopped dancing and hid her face shyly, she wore a skirt that is not glued to her body. And just a tank top that shows her stomach and flawless skin, mere looking at her Oyin body’s harden.
He sat on a desk and admired the beautiful creature before him, she is truly beautiful he admitted.

Tina: good evening, sir. [she greets humbly]

Oyin: [her submissiveness drives him crazy] where are your friends?

Tina: [exclaims] oh! they couldn’t make it today.

Oyin: come and sit with me [Tina humbly sits beside him playing with her fingers shyly] you are beautiful girl, I like you.

Tina: [blushes profusely hiding her face in her palms, Oyin removes her palm from her face] I like you too [she gives him a quick kiss on his lips and hides her face]

Oyin was drove to the edge as he gave all precautions to the wind and held her by the neck and pressed his lips on her’s, Tina allowed his tongue to suckle and hoover in her mouth. she moa*ned into his mouth and Oyin lifted her body on his, she s——-d him and started grinding on his bulge.

He couldn’t get enough of her as his hands roamed on her bare back giving her hungry kisses that made Tina we*t her pant, she lifted her legs up by standing and zipped down his d*ick.
His hard d*ick stood like pole in betwixt his zipper.
Tina got down from his body and buried her face on the desk lifting her skirt up, revealing her flawless ass cheeks covered by g-string pa*nt. Oyin went mad with excitement as he felt the two soft a*ss cheeks in his palms.

Mmesoma and Gina were behind a mango tree waiting patiently for Oyin who had gone inside the classroom, they saw him entering but he didn’t see them and he thought the school was empty.
Mmesoma was holding an Iphone and has already prepared it to view them.

Gina: come make we dey go, em be like say Tina don do am.

Mmesoma: you sure? [Gina nods]

Both of them walked steadily towards the class, both of them heard Tina moa*ning loudly and quicken their feet.
They ducked on a window to get a clear view, Tina’s face was buried to the desk when Mmesoma started videoing.

Mmesoma: [her a*ss shoots up and her g-string p*ant resting on her left a*ss cheek] aaahhh! yes!! f*uck me!! Osshhh!!!

Oyin: [ his body drenches with sweats panting heavily as he moves his waist backwards and forwards] ahhh! ahhh!!! Am gonna spa*nk your a*ss baby!! [he spanks her a*ss and loves the way it vibrates, he continues spanking and thru*sting in and out]

Tina: [Oyin digs his hand on her waist as he reaches the point of no return] aaahhh! Ossshhh!! I love the way you sp*ank my a*ss baby!!! [Oyin starts thru*sting in and out of her we*t hole faster]

Oyin: [breathing heavily and panting, sensational urge washes all over his body and his body tightens as he feels his release shooting up his balls] aaahhhh! Ammmmm cummmmiiiijnnnnngggg!!! ah! ah!! ahh! [he moa*ns loudly his eyes close]

The fence beside the corp’s quarter have been fallen by wind and no one cared about it, there is a mango tree in that area, George and Philip were there talking.

George: you sure say you give Junior the stuff?

Philip: I make sure say em put am for the drink em buy for her.

George: you sure say she no go know say them don open am.

Philip: see you, you no trust me again. na today I dey open and close bottle cover?

George: I no wan just waste my time here, the other corper don commot since. make em no return until we don do this thing finish oh.

Back at the lodge Aisha was busy preparing her lesson note when a knock landed on her door.

Aisha: am coming! [she gets up and opens the door to see Junior] oh! what took you so long? [she receives the drink]

Junior: my bicycle spoilt that is why.

Aisha: thank you.

Junior: aunty, you said you will teach me mathematics, remember the scholarship exam I want to write.

Aisha: sorry, come inside. but you will have to wait till I finish eating.

She allowed Junior inside her room and closed the door, she kept the bottle on the carpet and went to the kitchen to take food.
She came back and sat down on the carpet, while Junior started going through his mathematics text book looking at her closely.

The window was opened wide and Aisha opened the drink cover without suspecting it have been tempered with and gulped down.

The game have just started.

To Be Continued….. . . .

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