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Episode 08.

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He quicky got his hand inside Kate’s skirt and sneaked his finger deep inside her pa*nt, he rubbed his finger on her cli*t and her breathes and ber skin heated up.
He was pressing his whole weight on her body, as she struggled effortlessly to get him off her body as she leaned uncomfortable on the wall, the bench shook and released her from his hold.
She quickly got up the bench and Charles sat back.

Kate: [breathing heavily] wetin bring this nonsense na?

Charles: [glares at her] why you dey form like this? I know say you don we*t oh! come make we finish wetin we don start.

Kate: [shows him front of her palm] waka, I nofit f*uck you. Na your friend di*ck I want, no be your own. I dey go house.

She tried to pick up her school bag but Charles stood up and fell her to the ground, he climbed on her body.

Kate: [she tries lifting him up from her body, her both hands places on his chest] commot for my body.

Charles: you go like am [he gets holds of her hands and crashes his lips on her lips] ummhh…

Kate: [he locks her both hands above her head and uses the other hand to raise her skirt up] stop na! [she struggles beneath him]

Charles: [uses his other hand and pulls his zip down and it catches flesh of his har*d di*ck] aaaahhh! I don die! [he groans with exasperation]

Kate: wetin happen? [chuckling]

Charles: I don go zip my di*ck [he gets up slowly and releases his di*ck flesh from where it entangles on the zip, it surprises him that Kate didn’t make any effort to run] open your legs wide.

Kate: no! leave me hand [she tries getting up but he pushes her down and skillfully shifts her pa*nt aside, she is soak up with her we*t. he penetrates two fingers in her we*t pu*ssy] aaahh! commot na!!

Charles: [barks] shut up [he immediately rubs his di*ck on her pu*ssy libia and a quick thru*st he feeds her up] aaahh! Aahhh! [he groans as he slowly start moving his waist up and down slamming in and out of her we*t puss*y]

Gina with Mmesoma, and Theo hand around Tina’s waist were walking towards the gate with their bags, Theo came to school with just a book folded to his back pocket.

Mmesoma: make we meet for school around 4pm, everybody on your bumshorts.

Gina: you wan make the corper ma*sturbate? [chuckling]

Tina: baby, I will come to your house oh.

Theo: na my father still see me as virgin, no come oh! my father don warn me say the first girl wey go enter my compound, go receive gun shot [all of them starts laughing]

A car pulled over and Mmesoma got inside the car after saying goodbyes to her friends, Gina and Tina with Theo hailed the old gateman with chewing stick and left the school premises through the gate.

Kate crossed her legs around Charles waist, his trouser pulled down from his waist. and the muscles on his black ass tightened and relaxed in every slurping thr*usts he made… Kpakpa!

Kate: assshh aaaahhh! [she moans her mouth wide opens and holds his back]

Charles: aaahhh! aaahhh! [he feels sweet sensation runs down his spine and crawls to his balls] i wan cu*m oohh! [he gro*ans out in pleasure]

Kate: cu*m inside me [his spe*rm shoots deep inside her p*ussy, her pu*ssy walls tightens around his har*d d*ick] aaaaahhhhh! [she squirts scratching his back with her fixed nails]

Both of them started catching their breathes after the sweet sensation washed over their bodies, they started laughing all of a sudden and Charles got up her body pulling his school trouser up to his waist.
Kate got up and pulled down her pant from her waist, and dropped it inside her schoolbag. her school shirt have been stained by sand, she brushed off the sands and smoothened her skirt.

Charles: I no know say you don bad like this oh.

Kate: [laughing] those by force se*x dey turn me on pass the normal one.

Both of them hurried away talking, the school will be soon deserted and they will be the only ones returning from school.

After Oyin was done arranging his room to his taste, he came out of the room and locked the door. He looked towards the kitchen and saw Aisha preparing something, he wondered when she left the lodge to buy something. He remembered when she sent a student to buy foodstuffs on her behalf.

Oyin: [his voice high] our lady, what are you preparing?

Aisha: [raises her voice above the pestle noise] soup oh!

Oyin: add my stomach.

He teases her and left the lodge, he went towards the classrooms, he was surprised to hear music sounds and wondered what was happening. He walked towards the classrooms and saw three girls twerking.

When Mmesoma saw his face on the window, he signaled the other girls with her and they turned their buttocks to him.

To Be Continued….. . .

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