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COVID-19: Top 10 Tatiana Manaois Songs That Can Help You Get Over During Coronavirus Pandemic Lockdown



Tatiana Manaois 2019 Best

Tatiana Manaois 2019 Best Art by ANE


First of, our heartfelt condolences to everyone out there that has one way or the other fallen victim of this pandemic, either by being tested positive or amongst those whose close persons got recorded ‘death issues‘. Please stay strong, this too shall pass. 🙂

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Hello!! Have you heard about the deadly virus called Coronavirus? No? See What It Is & How To Prevent It Here. Also Stay Connected & Get Latest Updates On Coronavirus Here. Please be safe! We LOVE You.

Out of many we here at All Naija Entertainment has compiled list of songs by Tatiana Manaois that can keep you comforted during this lockdown. We hope it helps you get over pain you’ve encountered during this pandemic. As you listen, please observe all the given protocols given by WHO. Please stay alive, we love you. ***kisses***

List compiled and reviewed by Okoro Daniel O.

1. Lift Your Head Up.

Lift Your Head Up is a song by Tatiana Manaois. It speaks about being strong and holding up tight. Check it out!

Download Lift Your Head Up by Tatiana Manaois Mp3

Get Lyrics Here

2. We Are Alive

Don’t you think being alive has been one of the most underrated blessing so far? Well, your answer is quite same as ours. Enjoy.

Download We Are Alive by Tatiana Manaois Mp3

Get Lyrics Here

3. Dry Your Eyes

Ain’t you tired of crying? Ever since you when you started crying, has it resulted to anything positive so far apart from worsening issues? Slugged your headset and fire on!

Download Dry Your Eyes Mp3

Get Lyrics Here

4. Life Is One Big Fight.

Life since the beginning of time has never been an easy book to write on, lotta ups and down are filled in. But still, rain, there’ll be sunshine, ain’t it? Yeah, at the end we gon’ be ALRIGHT!

Download Life Is One Big Fight Mp3

Get Lyrics Here

5. Live Forever.

Well, just LIVE FOREVER!

Download Live Forever Mp3

Get Lyrics Here

6. Then I Saw You.

Have you lost hope on “better days?” check this masterpiece out while remembering  your family, your loved one, et all…

Download Then I Saw You Mp3

Get Lyrics Here

7. Like You.

Yeah, the world population might be billions, but still THERE’S NOBODY LIKE YOU. We wanna remind you that you’re special. #StayHome and #StaySafe.

Download Like You Mp3

Get Lyrics Here

8. Yesterday Everyday Always.

“Don’t let nobody love you more than yourself!”.

Download Yesterday Everyday Always Mp3

Get Lyrics Here

9. Again and Again.

Spoiler alert: This song is an heartbreak song, so why was it listed among? Well, according to research, sometimes, heartbreak songs can move on when some things ain’t working just fine with us. Don’t get it twisted! Enjoy!

Download Again and Again Mp3 

Get Lyrics Here

10. Not Like You Care Anyway.

Hey, do you really care? Humm, is that a YES? Then share with a friend to #StayHome & #StaySafe.

Download Not Like You Care Anyway Mp3

Get Lyrics Here

You can also check out Top 10 best songs of Tatiana Manaois of 2018 and also Best Songs of Tatiana Manaois of 2019… Stay safe.

If you find this list helpful, please share with your loved ones out there. This too shall pass.

Remember to never stop washing your hands.

Do you agree with our picks, should we make another list from another artist? React in the comment section below… . .

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